With this injured expression, I like a stubborn child to cut and kill all the way, escape all the way, youth. In June this year, it was she and her senior high school entrance exam.   She likes to be quiet, like drowning in the countryside, raising flowers and grass and raising puppies.   She was tired of life in the city and her heart was in fear..   She loves a small wooden house, front yard, fence and green vine spreading. In the back yard, birds, animals and insects are singing, and the dog is clever and repose.   Grab a hoe and pick it. She smiled, sweated and tumbled.   Early in the morning, the sun was shining, the dark brown tree branches were finely scattered and the reflection was messy, and the river was sparkling..       I suddenly realized how lonely and sad she was over the years. The so-called strong, because none of these years can let her rely on crying shoulders.   That late autumn, she came to a middle school in the depths of the mountain to teach, a school building with air leakage all around, and was determined to stay and finish her dream..   The palace courtyard is crowing with singing and dancing. Pavilion, pavilion, building, single path. A woman, why sad.       The dream was full of flowers, the old man was drifting away, the cabin was dark, and she passed away safely. Qingshanjiao, a wisp of smoke curling up, buried the softest warmth in her heart.   No cry, no noise, just come out strong, then smile or silence.     Reading books, making questions and taking notes are often tired and exhausted, but they can feel gratified at the bottom of their hearts and pursue rising in their busy lives.   From the bottom of my heart, I accumulated myself, began to reject, began to distrust and began to close down.