Hometown Dreaming ( V ) )

Although his father did not study, he had already tried every means to cultivate his children into readers. So he bought inkstones, pens, ink and paper to let us practice calligraphy. Later, when he heard that someone specially fired square bricks to practice writing, the effect was good, he bought gifts to ask the brick kiln to fire blue bricks for us.. Because the brick used to practice calligraphy is a generous brick, and the brick kiln only burns small bricks for construction, it must be specially made by the brick kiln master.. The brick burner was finally moved by his father’s sincerity and made two square bricks for us..   When I was a child, I was always short of food. At that time, my family still lived in the yard of the oil mill. People who squeezed oil from other places branded oil cakes and always gave us a few pieces, while my mother was always reluctant to eat and left them for me.. Sometimes if people who squeeze oil are stingy and smell the smell of oil cakes, I always watch eagerly at the door and look eagerly at the oil mill, but those people are still indifferent and just greedily devour themselves.. Every time at this moment, my mother is always silent, but her eyes are full of tears.   For a long time, the sheep I raised were always ill for no reason. They were all well and suddenly had problems. We were all worried because the pigs, sheep, chickens and so on raised at home were the main sources of the economy. Therefore, once they were ill, the whole family was as anxious as ants on hot bricks.. But a lot of times, to no avail. If the sheep is ill and the medicine feeding and injection are not effective, there is no way but to kill it and a sheepskin can be used.. My father said in a low voice as he peeled sheep: ” cast a good mother and a good Lao Tzu in the next life.”! ‘ because of the family, could not bear to move the knife. My brother and I were holding the leg of the sheep and choked up and couldn’t speak. The feeling of its shape, mournful.   We had a dog guarding our yard before the gate was installed. This is a frail old dog, but we still like it very much, and we are reluctant to kill it or send it to others.. Once he came back from the ground, the old dog was not only low but also low. He didn’t know who had cut his leg for some reason.. We are all very angry and hate the unknown villain, so hateful. The mother cried, ” The one who broke his conscience did it.”? In the countryside, there is a phenomenon that if people secretly have conflicts with each other, they may not retaliate well in the Ming Dynasty, they will secretly spread anger, such as giving you poultry and wheat fields. But I still can’t remember who I will offend according to my parents’ behavior?   There was a severe drought in one year. Murakami arranged the time strictly according to the average number of people per mu when watering. The land in Henan of my family broke down, and even the drought was on the verge of catching fire.. My parents were worried, and when they saw that the wheat seedlings were listless, they set up their cars to pull water.. But I was very reluctant to think that a drop in the bucket would not help. But my parents said I wouldn’t do it by myself, as long as I tried my best, it would be better than not. But had to bitterly to help them. Who knows what happened to our parents? Later, our output was better than that of others. It was only regret that the fire of hope was extinguished at that time and that he was not willing to help his parents pull water..