I miss the round trip of my life

[ Original ]Buddha’s Word: Looking back in the past 500 years is only a passing experience in this life. I don’t know how many times we have passed each other in exchange for today’s meeting. Perhaps it was purely an accident, let alone how long it will take for us to meet each other again..   In May of 2010, the weather was still cloudy and sunny, showing us from time to time that the dry and cold air filled the whole sky of the new campus.. A month before graduation, our pace is moving through the gloomy mud, each step is lazy but not easy, and everyone is no longer young. On the third day of the May Day, the sunshine spreading on the palm of the hand slightly lightens the loneliness of waking up alone, and once again rings the alarm of parting. Imagine what you can do before you graduate. The most regrettable thing a friend has no intention of mentioning has no result all night. Instead, those who have experienced it are hard and painful, thinking what else can I do besides adding beauty. & shy; On the last day of April, I simply packed up and bought the tickets. After the first class in the afternoon, I set foot on the train to Beijing carrying bags the size of schoolbags.. The car was started at 7: 30, and near dusk, the neon lights outside the window were already bright, the most beautiful night scene I have seen for more than 20 years.. I didn’t think about whether the person I want to see will be different from my imagination, what kind of person it will be, or even other things. I didn’t think about it because these are not important. I don’t need to care about them. I just want to add some beauty before graduation and be harmonious together. Naturally, I can stay for a few more days and go away if I don’t feel harmonious.. As for the value of this journey is not worth it, is it enough to have these memories? I don’t know, because it is an unknown quantity. The car was driving very fast. It was no exaggeration to describe it with lightning speed. I don’t know how many ticket gates it passed, from rolling up and down to the endless, the scenery outside the car window was only visible in a flash, and the villages and cities in the distance appeared again and again. After a long night of sleep, I woke up and fell asleep again, the 6th, 5th and 3rd rings… The bus stop at Liuliqiao is here. The weather in May was relaxed and cool. It seemed a little cold just after getting off the bus. The oncoming breeze blew away the heat in the car, and the exhaustion of the body slowed down a lot at the same time.. About seven o’clock, I feel more and more comfortable physically and mentally. I bumped out of the station entrance and lingered at the station entrance waiting for you while enjoying this city dubbed as the capital. It really came. I felt like a dream, a city where I couldn’t play lanterns with my Baganzi in my dream, and a person who couldn’t play with my Baganzi in my dream, but it was particularly true at the moment.. At 9: 00, it’s no worse than what you said in your message. When you arrive, I secretly admire your time concept for being so accurate.. There are more and more people at the station entrance. They didn’t even call the phone. When I looked down at the phone, you came to me and made a good defense. You know we had only one video before, although there was a lot of talk.. Remember that you said you were afraid of the cold, if not, your dark grey blue jeans, light sweater and black suit, a pair of casual brown hane shoes in front of you didn’t feel how many neither fish nor fowl you were in the crowd, but on the contrary you looked very comfortable.. Maybe the weather is fresh, maybe it is your taste in front of me. I didn’t have any rejection here when I first arrived in Beijing, and my heart was both comforting and excited.. At that moment, I knew that I was right. Your eyes were not big or beautiful, you were not handsome or capable, but you were in my eyes and did not like to talk, often a smile of hey hey after someone said no wrong or angry words. In my opinion, the expression was so special that it was impossible to forget it for a long time. It was your original smell, but you could not bear to lose your temper.. You said go, I like a charming smile of children behind you, and quickly ran with you in an instant. Before that, we always called each other by the name of teacher and pupil. Naturally, I belong to the favored party in our world, especially in my heart. Habit is led away by others. Besides, you are a teacher and I am a disciple. I think it is reasonable to be taken care of by you here, and bullying is also taken for granted.. & shy; The political center of the country is different. I like this city at the first sight, with a good face, soft ornament, delicate national standard and deep streets, giving people peace and comfort everywhere.. The journey back by bus was longer than I expected, but it was still not rush hour, although we all had seats on the two-hour journey.. From the 3rd Ring Road to the 5th Ring Road, I was surprised to find that the money here is durable, and a dollar can take several times more roads than other directors.. Accustomed to riding, unaccustomed to too many directions here, east, west, north and south are roads, and I follow you closely, as if I could lose myself in a turn.. At the end of the day, Beijing, from the center of the city to the suburb near the edge, is surrounded by a bustling city. My eyes inside the car look at the outside of the car, fearing that I might miss a scenery line by mistake, and everything reflects unspeakable beauty in my eyes.. & shy; For those of you who are used to seeing here, everything seems to be turned a blind eye. Most of the time, I fiddled with my mobile phone. Instead, my eyes never stopped. From time to time, I secretly watched you close to each other and asked you about it from time to time. Everything has become fresh and interesting, even the name on the bus stop sign, and I have the interest of watching for a long time.. The passing purple bamboo courtyard, zoo, Tsinghua Peking University, as well as the unknown skyscrapers, radiate endless light in the strange eyes of me.. All said it was coming soon. I saw the bus turn and turn in the direction of progress, walking through the two rows of poplar roads and the two rows of poplar roads side by side. My head suddenly appeared like a rising tide to watch a certain road scene described in your regulations by Cai Jun’s novel Death. If it is a little remote here, if it is night, there will be just two more taxis, how much the scene looks like in the book! If it happens to rain heavily, it is a portrait carved in a mold. Thought Cai Jun must have experienced many places before he wrote the novel, butterfly cemetery, deserted factory, ghost stream, and real templates can be found in life. It seems that art comes from life and is higher than life. This is really a famous saying. Nearly eleven o’clock, we finally got off the bus. The sun has not yet shone in the head. The asphalt road in front of us is wide and beautiful. There are few vehicles passing through it. I just asked by the way what place this is, Haidian District. No wonder it feels so like a village. It turned out to be a village, but I didn’t see a water family.. Through the alley-like path, I realized that there are small streets familiar with Lishi in such a big place as Beijing, which have everything to eat and wear, and are concentrated and cheap.. Run so far, originally the heart still ticks, but the way you came all the way made me feel comfortable and comfortable, ticking silently, and the joy never halved..     At last I got home. It was an exclusive small courtyard building with a 30 – square – meter open balcony on the top of the third floor. It was warm and comfortable at this time.. Your room is not big, but it is big enough for one person to use. Although it is newly built, there is no particularly beautiful decoration. The white walls on all sides, two meters wide windows, a double bed, a table, a notebook computer, and a lot of your luggage are simple and simple. The whole room exudes a trace of freshness and makes me feel much more free at the same time.. Admire the resistance of metropolis people, whether by car or by car, they can’t resist the fatigue of the day and want to wash and sleep comfortably.. ‘ Is it hot or not? I can’t help but laugh when you finally return to normal and undeniable fact. There is no denying the fact that Scorpio is extremely complex, no one can fully guess and has a changeable personality. Too many times I found myself only able to use words to determine what you think, not to mention that cold and heat did not appear on your face, not to mention like or dislike, anger and happiness did not appear on your face. A long silence alone is enough to make people worry.. Can’t capture your heart from the outside, can’t read you. Only know that you are sentimental, care about details, show filial piety to the elderly, care for family, cherish relatives, dream of having a fairy. Only know that you have been unhappy and unhappy, perhaps because of your talent. Only know that you have always believed that gold shines and that you are not human. I know Scorpio: ” Although their personality is changeable, it does not affect them to be loved and loved. They can have a vigorous love or a persistent unrequited love, direct confession or eye contact are just different ways, but the meaning is the same.”. Scorpio, who is easily depressed, will leave the scene soon after the injury, but without saying a word before leaving, no one will tell is the best proof of the injury. As long as you can be careful, you will notice, don’t chase after the past, and will come back when the pain clears up.. ‘ Your Love View Statement: ” True feelings don’t need to be pursued at all.”.The tacit understanding between two people gradually shortens the distance between the two hearts and gradually approaches each other in the unconscious. From a good friend to a lover, real feelings will not take long. From the moment you like him, maybe he also likes you at that moment. Love with the same rhythm can often play the most harmonious and beautiful movement. ‘ See you and your imagination are no less than a spark, affirm your value, and secretly imagine: ” How happy you will be if you marry you so well.”. Buddha’s Word: Looking back in the past 500 years is only a passing experience in this life. I don’t know how many times we have passed each other in exchange for today’s meeting. Perhaps it’s purely accidental, let alone how long it will take for us to meet each other next.. Soon it was dark and it was rare to come here. I suggested going out for a walk when I thought of the night scenery of Lishi. The recent Beihai Park made us the best place to go.. The first thing that greeted the entrance of the main entrance was a vast pond with no visible head. The sparkling water showed no signs of pollution. There was running water flowing from southeast to northwest. The two ends of the pond nearby were full of forest-sized trees, lush and the wind was out of date.. In the west, the sun was climbing down the hill, and the whole view showed a magnificent picture of a tree catching water in the setting sun and a river rustling and a river reddening.. I really don’t know whether the scene is intoxicated or whether people are intoxicated or not.. After another, some people came and walked around the pool water, feeling chilly. A group of people gathered at a nearby singing stage, all looking very individualistic and full of Zhang Yangli.. It took a long time to know that these people were all engaged in art, and an elderly man on the stage seemed to be preparing for the performance, with an intermittent song of Er Quan’s moon rising over the sky, and a string of beautiful notes conjured up in the air.. During the construction, Haidian Park was somewhat deserted and walked back along the path. The tall, low, nameless plants and trees, large and small, were surrounded by blue fences.. Every meter apart on the side of the road is planted with a tree that will blossom. The petals are small, smaller than ordinary peach blossoms, and the flowers are dense and finely broken. The colors are colourful and deep pink. I know from your mouth that this is also a peach blossom.. Strangers brush past each other, and in an instant I realize why I feel satisfied from the beginning to the end. It turns out that everything lies not in the scenery, but in the mood of the person watching the scenery, as Wang Guowei said: all scenery words are sentiment words. It turned out that all my satisfaction was due to the one you were next to.     I’m going to stay for only three days. The weather on the 1st is hot and spicy. We’re still going. This time, we took another road, no picky and pure country road. The width of a car bike just side by side may be due to the impending demolition. On one side of the road is an old house that doesn’t look beautiful at all. On the other side, rows of poplar trees are next to a natural river, drifting, or even breaking a kilo in some places.. As the traffic passed by, the dust immediately followed, but I grew up from the coal beach and became accustomed to these early habits. I was not surprised.. After last night’s hard push, I took the bus again, and the abnormal mood slowed down a lot. I was ready to fight against the crowd and soon came under the 919 bus stop.. Badaling Great Wall – It’s too bad not to go here, probably because of the rush hour of May Day. There are many people going to the Great Wall. Unfortunately, the 919 left, right and so on just didn’t come. It’s more than two o’clock. The old mood that had risen has fallen to the bottom of the valley, and it’s not going anywhere. The Botanical Garden is not in the mood, so we have to go home.. A good day is so consumed, not to mention how unwilling it is. The best remedy for suffocation is to comfort ourselves with dinner. At twenty o’clock, in a small hotel, we had enough to eat and drunk. One day we started early on the morning of the 2nd, when we decided to go to Tiananmen Square and the Palace Museum.. I heard you say it’s far away. My heart started to whisper that it’s always not very comfortable to take the bus, but it’s better to take the subway, save money first and speed second.. The second time I took the subway, I was still in a daze. I followed you mindlessly, thinking that you are good at it anyway, and I was always right to follow you.. No. 2 changed to No. 1, No. 4 changed to No. 3, and the import and export were imported, and the round and round finally arrived.. I have to lament that the people here are very strong. Standing for an hour or two is almost a common thing, and almost all the time is spent on the road. I can’t feel this kind of time concept in Lishi’s life.. I haven’t started sightseeing yet. I’ve been physically overdrawn. Tian ‘anmen Square has revealed the political atmosphere in dribs and drabs. Since Zhu Di moved the capital to Peiping in the Ming Dynasty, it has not been known how many generations of civilization have been spread and developed here.. A layer of spotless streets, magnificent Tiananmen Gate Tower, Monument and Great Hall of the People are all feats. As a Chinese, he has his feet on this land and his integrity and dignity are deeply rooted in his heart.. The size of the Palace Museum has never been imagined by me. It has always been a concept. It runs through the east, west, north and south gates, and is physically linked. It is fully transparent for me to understand.. From the meridian gate into the Forbidden City, visit the Inner Golden Water Bridge, Taihe Gate, Taihe Hall, Zhonghe Hall, Baohe Hall, Ganqing Gate, Ganqing Palace, Jiaotai Hall, Kunning Palace and Imperial Garden in turn along the central axis. The most important thing to remember is the exquisite layout of each hospital, revealing civilization and ostentation everywhere. Yanshi Palace, Yonghe Palace, Jingyang Palace, Chenggan Palace, Zhong Cui Palace, Imperial Palace, Ning Shou Palace, Dress – up Opera House, Chang Yin Pavilion, Yangxing Palace, Ganlong Garden and Zhenfei Well all have written full marks of history. How many things have risen and fallen through the ages are long and long. endless river billowing flow. After leaving the Palace Museum and walking along the moat on the west side of the gate, the Zhen Shun Gate is permeated with antique flavor, exquisite and small shops and European style of architecture, which suddenly made me realize that the original city was famous, not only for its prosperity, but also for its primitive simplicity.. My heart is much sweeter and more burdened by the day’s companionship and companionship, which spread one after another..     On the 3rd, the temperature was obviously much lower than the previous two days, at about 9 o’clock, we came under the 919 bus stop and still couldn’t wait for it to keep the appointment.. It is said that it is not impossible to make up your mind to do something. The route to the Great Wall has not been changed several times than before. The bus, the subway and the queue have finally got on the bus to the destination. Tired and sleepy, the bus arrived after a quick night’s sleep.. The most symbolic landmark buildings came into view. All the people who arrived were grateful for the labor wisdom of the Chinese people. Indeed, his majesty and magic are immortal legends from ancient times to present.. People climbing the Great Wall shoulder to shoulder, looking down from the mountainside, the whole Great Wall encircles a mountain like a Wolong winding in and out.. Every other segment will see a beacon tower, which was often used in ancient times to convey information, resist Xiongnu attacks and play a role in protecting the country.. Perhaps too tired, the Great Wall came down, and I felt your breath somewhat. You look tough in my eyes on this day. Although you don’t talk, you are still terrible enough. I can only learn to submit to it carefully and correct my heart into a knot in one’s heart. I think it’s time to go back.. You look much better in the evening, calm your ups and downs, and slowly return to normal while speaking. I fell asleep in hesitation and hesitation that night..     The plan couldn’t keep up with the change and the temporary delay of the holiday was extended by one week.. After the May Day holiday, most people have returned to normal work, and you are no exception.. On the 5th of the 4th, we had little talk. You were busy with your work and I spent the rest of my time watching my sleep..The two days of the 6th and 7th were almost out of sight, and we finished in a hurry in a week.. It’s time to go back. The Summer Palace planned to go still hasn’t had time to go. The 8 o’clock train started on time, and we waited for the departure time in the waiting room to approach step by step. One second before the stop, I was complaining that you had sent me away today, and you were complaining that I had left one day earlier.. ‘ Be sure to come to see me.” One second before the car started, I suddenly went crazy looking for your sight. It was already dark outside the window. As the car started to whine, I could no longer help tears burst its banks and turned into the end of the world..     Some people say that holding hands is a very sad process, because holding hands is to let go after holding hands. It is good to do crazy things only once, such as crossing Qian Shan Wanshui to see a person.. I really don’t know how far we can go in this journey. With a little more than a week’s memories, I am full of drunkenness, and spend a month, a year or even a lifetime remembering or forgetting, this is the doomed result.. I give up you, but I don’t give up your dreams, page by page notes, dragging my memories. Miss, force me to escape, escape loneliness, escape the smoke in the middle of the night..[ Responsibility Editor: Leaf[ Original ]