In 2016, practice on the road

There are still six days left before the new year. Looking back on 2016, I grew up in practice and strove forward in cultivation.     What happened at the beginning of the year has become the story of yesterday. Looking back on that moment’s fright, inner panic, and gloomy expression, even if it is vivid, it is also the pain of the past and the memory of the past.. Only by learning from the lessons and doing a good job in the present can we live.     Because of the story, I will grow up and understand that life also has a turning point. After some changes in the objective environment, his life and habits will inevitably change accordingly. In the past, I worked hard and bowed my head to be a person. There was nothing wrong with this way. Just suddenly found, walking the road is gone, I don’t know where to go. Therefore, the pain will calm down and reflect on the pain, seeking a new life and returning to oneself in the process of change..     The change of mind will inevitably bring about the adjustment of real life. At the moment of leisure, I rediscovered myself and suddenly felt panic in my heart. Others will not be themselves, nor will they be today. How can such self be based on society and face the future?? Holding a pious heart, I began to nervously seek change. Therefore, only one year’s study, persistence and comprehension have been achieved.     After work, I don’t seem to study very well. This year, I have made a breakthrough in my attitude and action. For example, learning freestyle and wringing the neck didn’t give up, finally mastering the skills and gaining confidence. Learn to drive a car and force yourself to turn on the road before you become familiar with today’s driving. Take the computer study exam, practice hard and down – to – earth, and do nothing to fool yourself into being willful. A few days ago, we opened the whole year’s study plan and implemented it item by item, even exceeding the expected goal.. But time has passed so fast that it is too late this year to learn anything that is not planned.     If we re-examine ourselves, there are indeed many problems in our body, especially when we can’t insist on doing things.. Before, many hobbies and good habits were almost lost, all of which were caused by non – persistence. New students and early meeting can not be separated from long-term persistence, otherwise, which can consolidate, improve and sublimate? In the early years, I loved writing and started to write diary from junior high school. The result was slowly lost.. Looking back on these years, none of the old traditions or new knowledge can last long, and the results are predictable.. By chance, I drank a bowl of chicken soup for the night reading program of the People’s Daily Regulations. I think I’m not too young. I have to hold fast to what I want to do and may regret it all my life in the end.. So, starting from the heart, I read and write, keep a diary, and knock on the keyboard. The time is calculated by day, and I have mobilized people around me to supervise myself. As a result, I have not been careful to stick to it until now, and I have written nearly a hundred articles..     Another thing to insist on is getting up early from February this year. My feeling is, don’t do not know, do a fright. He who has not exercised for many years can now run seven or eight kilometers. If you don’t move one day, you will feel uncomfortable all over yourself. I used to be busy with this and that. I didn’t take my body seriously. Coughing and catching a cold have become a common occurrence.. This may also have something to do with the national fitness craze, trying to get up early and learning to exercise every day. Remember a tall person’s saying is very classic. No matter how late you sleep tonight, please don’t miss tomorrow’s trip. Get up early to exercise, be energetic and feel fresh every day. Whether it’s windy or rainy, stick to walking or running, and you can’t beat the thunder, your experience is getting better and better.. The body is stronger than before, and the mood also becomes sunny. Of course, I can’t say where the state of sports can last, but it’s good to do it every day in a practical way..     What’s the use of leaving 2016. Practice is on the road, and doing and cherishing is the king’s way. After this year, I have many thoughts and thoughts. I will think what I did not think before. Don’t want to think, also want to. Such as the value of life, the meaning of happiness, the truth of life, and so on. I’m afraid it’s too late to think about it. Life is a spiritual practice. It is only through hard work and perseverance that we will eventually have the appearance of being happy to see and feel happy in our hearts.. ( Wen / yearning forest ) )