800 words, every word into the heart!

800 words, every word into the heart!    Out of writing came out, looked really deep feelings.800 words expressed so perfect: a large pattern, aimed high, every word into the heart!To write such a domineering essay, I had to let us admire!  ”Said ruler” 100 from the 98 points assigned, pay meal beat; 55 from 61 points assigned to give a kiss.This seemingly tall tale, but often occur around us, many people, the former has slipped a beating for granted, which is amazing progress for granted kiss.  We often say that to be a ruler in the end.In real life, it should be said that the ruler is the most fair, but different people in his hand, to measure different people, different results will appear.We got used to her mother’s busy in the kitchen, always on time to eat three meals a day tasty meals, but when one day, when we go home to face Griddle cold stove, but the first thought is no rice to eat, depressed apart, cheeky resentful color, even to reprove, completely ignoring her tired and sick, barely, and even burning mouth water strength is gone; and our father occasionally next kitchen, cook a bowl of noodles, but It makes a person feel very contented.Inertia, so that our ruler becomes flexible, but can not measure the profound love.  Each unit varies greatly, there are dry look, there’s trouble, there are always some bald mixed in every one monk.The strange thing is always dry in dry, have been watching to see, and the more dry the more mistakes, get more criticism, and those spectators, occasionally stealing machine tricks make it look good, will fame and fortune.Even the trouble, becoming some of the well-behaved, it will allow the leaders and one seat everyone happy, contented.Inert, so that our ruler with a bias, it can not unite all forces.  I still remember the northern town homes who do porridge sister?Every winter she arose at midnight, the full three pot boil porridge, free to huddle in the cold cleaners, the poor and the beggars, a few years like a day, has not stopped.And when one day, an old man get that from a grain of sand, suddenly poured in a bowl of hot porridge sister’s body, and brought porridge people, but also instantly divided into two camps: Some people say that the old man should not run wild, there are sister accused person should not be mixed with sand.Fickle, let’s ruler distorted, how much cold the good heart.    Kaixian a fully loaded CMB 19 passengers, suddenly encountered a dangerous situation, fell into the pond depth of five meters.Local villagers have gold tree jumped into the icy water and open window to 19 passengers were rescued, soak in cold water for a long time because of their own suffering from lung disease, debt treatment for several months, reported by nowhere, he had to leave the hospital, He died at home.19 survivors no one to go to the hospital to visit, but no one to see him off.Kim wrote a letter before dying trees, the first sentence is: I saved 19 people’s lives, and now who will save my life..Indifference, let us ruler of a crash course Cunduan, leaving endless regret.  Everyone has a ruler.We use it to measure others, but one should always measuring themselves.The world should have such a ruler, full of warmth in the situation, to reason highlighting the fair, highlighting the law and justice, always shining glory of human nature.As long as we start from me, from the start bit by bit, self-blame, generous others, spark, is bound to start a prairie fire, earth will eventually sunny, bathed in love.  After reading language: a shocking article so deeply admired!Fortunately, there really is Houshengkewei, nation also!  Content from the Internet, copyright belongs to the original author wonderful tomorrow to continue, click to read the original