About love, about life

About love, about life I found that my memory is not very good, I’m very easy to forget what happened in the past.Looking back, always feel a blank, bland.Sometimes listening to people’s stories and felt so familiar, because things year I have experienced, then care about, it has now become less important.Some time ago, a small partner to find me in tears, because the feelings of things.Intercourse with her boyfriend for over two years, I feel a little not care about their boyfriends, always busy with work and other reasons pay any attention, do not care about ordinary life, rarely being, only take the initiative to contact her when he needs.She believes that she paid more than his heart is extremely unbalanced.The more he do not care about her, she was more and more uncomfortable.Often by himself crying, and even self-mutilation.She felt the whole person to be mad.I understand her, because of her work reasons, human contact is very small, long to be alone, and the work is very busy.Her boyfriend has become a big part of life.She will be too much focus on the feelings of the above, she happens to meet a guy EQ is not too high, or not so in love with her boys.In fact, this kind of thing in the eyes of outsiders, fart big point thing, nothing more than meet someone who does not love his own, talked about a not-so-perfect love.Eileen Chang’s drama [scattered] inside the palace tranquil and her husband do not love it, too.Two people committed suicide for love, too threatening, said to go to distant places, life is not coming back.But after ten years of marriage, everybody seems to have forgotten these things, but the husband would occasionally lift, flirting with each other as a joke.Each process of growing up, who have not met a few scum.Time will wash all this, our mind will experience as we continue to expand.Previous care so much about things, and finally will slowly forget, even in retrospect, it is only the naive would smile at that time.Who is an independent individual, from birth to death all by himself, just have a different way of companionship, it is what we call family, friends, lovers.Our life stories of these people and various kinds of composition.The story of everyone and everything is just a part of, we can not because it is not part of the good life and give up the whole.We can change only ourselves, for those who accompany us, we can do is influence.Everyone has feelings, we always want people around are in accordance with our ideas to life.We often play the role of God, to accompany our people arrange life.Finally, add that I was to Hello.But often this approach does not bring good results.In my opinion, in fact, this is a selfish.Is self-centered, that the contrary is wrong with their.There is reasonable, but to your current experience can not understand.This is how it is, if specific things to say, too much, just many examples say it might ruin Three Views, careful if you find that you can understand.We can not understand, can not be a good deal of time, or to control their emotions, do not put yourself gaining on extreme.Life goes on, to believe that life is good.Whenever setbacks, wanted to lower life path, we are currently experiencing is only a small part of life.Long way to go, walking and cultivation of the mind.More experienced, big heart, small things.—— END —– This article headline numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.