A clever ingenuity

Jiaqing years, Guangdong Meixian a poor town with a pair of husband and wife, two rooms on the roadside cover, opened a small restaurant.Although the couple manage intentions, warm and thoughtful, inexpensive things that sell food, but the simple storefront, so not many visitors, business is very light.  One day, a very prestigious Lingnan great wit Song Xiang Beijing exam, passing the family-run shop, see very few customers, ask the reason careful.The owner had to be honest, and to urge the wit to help make a decision.  Song Xiang little one, came up with the idea, laughed aloud: the boss you do not worry, I’ll help you write Vice pairs, certainly useful.The owner quickly prepare four treasures.Song Xiang hold a pen in hand, instantly written a couplet: one road leads to the north and south, two window shop selling things.  Streamer: fine dessert couplet in which he deliberately sell a word wrong, I called the owner will stick out.Although the owner was born poor, but also read the book a few years, a little knowledge of the text, although there are typos see couplet, but ever do wit face inconvenience made it clear, had to thank the couplets posted out.Song Xiang slight smile, say goodbye to the owner and go north.  Shortly thereafter, several Poor Scholar to come to dinner, see a typo above couplet, busy asked who write, the owner had to tell us the truth.I heard that this is a scholar with great wit Song Xiang wrote, can not help but secretly laugh.A shop put the matter spread out.A mass ten, hundred, do not believe scholar lifts squire Ascot Song wit write white, have come to watch, shop in front of busy, bustling up suddenly.The owner understand the reason business is booming, elated and said to his wife: Thanks to a clever ingenuity lifts Song.He is really worthy of Lingnan wit!