A cloud Gone

Apricot is a small courtyard outside the school, low tile-roofed, stone walls; there is no peach, pear like a school, Taoyuan, plum orchard, but whichever name it.  Willow lives in apricot fifty fourth.In front of a fig, banana a cage, a grass.He returned the next night classes square less than ten steps hut, first sensational musical “Joseph Addison, Lina waterside” not appreciate, but brewing an atmosphere and a suitable atmosphere mood; guarding a table lamp no writing desk reading a book, but Diao a cigarette, occasionally spit a smoke ring and watched it rounded, thick, little by little to expand, thin, so that no.  Wheel of Life will brief him into madness, then, let him chew slowly crazy happy, tired, bitter.  She hurried to come, and hurried away.  Gone like a cloud.  Willow School, points to an unprecedented three interns.School nearly three decades, the first batch.His intern alumni, a Chinese, a mathematical, physical.Chinese intern give him guidance, named Ann Minghua.  She came, like a colored stone, dropped into his life lake.  Willow has graduated two years, all-powerful at the university, known as one of the five wit Chinese, Li He has a devil-style, popular with college students of all ages.However, the graduation was wake-up call, this romantic he woke up from sleep Beauty and foggy.Lady is a sober realist, to leave the big cities, no longer love first, and he Laoyanfenfei.He also Buddha across the river mud – trouble, even the county is not retained, was sent to a remote place.Here, cement clouds, dozens of thick black smoke cigarette sudden spitting, adorn civilization; the sky a dead gray face.At that time, he was disgruntled and do not want to go to work.The first is parental pressure at home for his school is not easy; Next, the Board of Education promised to work after a year or two tune into town.Willow colorful dream, like a soap bubble burst.Desperate track from.He felt he abandoned everything away from him, kind of sky far gone to hide in the clouds.He no longer feel Mencius’ day to drop any man “of the philosophical.  School work is the famous “exile school”, who was exiled to the rebellious.He was suave romantic poet has vanished, as if the little old man, taciturn.Complete two classes a day, he went back to the house shut up, or sleep, or drink, or reading, or writing.He also looked for emotional comfort, the end result of the collision of the soul could not produce sparks and go their separate ways.He miss her, and does not hate her, after all, brought him so much joy and memories.  Willow live in the fantasy of pain.  She came, like a colored stone, dropped into his life lake.  Willow saw her shadow Congan China who is a shawl of black hair, oval face, cherry mouth, but Anwar even more slender, more delicate, more charming, especially the eyes, dewy , the emitted light can not on the TV, audience’s soul.Anwar awakened his old dream that fast, like hibernating snakes getting up from a deep sleep.He gradually restore confidence, he feels he is still a young.Anwar admitted to fifty apricot III, it happens to be his neighbor.  Anwar week’s lesson listen, listen and prepare lesson plans, from time to time to ask him, he is very patient and talk about their feelings.  A week later, Anwar officially the podium.Willow sitting in the classroom when the students began, but is a special student.He felt nervous heartbeat Anwar.She did not look at the following school students, staring lesson plans say, forget the writing on the blackboard; face flushed, like a ripe apple.Under a lesson not content two have been finished, and so had to allow students to read after class.  Back apricot, Willow giving her advice and encouragement to cheer her.  ”Teaching is not cooked tense.Writing on the blackboard, to enable students to read, can play a buffer role.”” You’re sitting there, I was a little nervous, preconceived forgot all about it, had scripted.”” In fact, you put me as a student wants to lectures, not to mention the open class even more people to listen to it?”” Listen to many people, but not afraid.”Anwar said as he opened the door,” Liu teacher, Come.”Although Willow is a neighbor, but rarely into.Anwar and his bedroom as big, but comfortably furnished, elegant, very cool heart pleasing to the eye.And he is afraid to say, bold aesthetic, mess.Anwar give him a cup of tea, and then sat with his bed opposite chatting.  ”Liu teacher, I’ve heard a lot of; this practice is admiring.”” Cankuicankui, humility ah!”” In fact, we have the same two-year school, I already know you.But I was the ugly duckling, Not for me, you only dare a distance chic.”” Oh, nothing worthy of the name.As said Mr. Ba Jin, who can not live to eat and.If the writing but also with the University of utilitarian mind to win fame, then after work, writing has become a necessity of life.Daily work is completed, the remaining time to empty, to be filled.I think, find work is to intoxicate themselves, deceive ourselves; otherwise, it will be too painful awake.”Anwar lost in thought.  Willow was throw stones finally have an echo, like a long walk to find a fellow traveler desert.He was listening to her side, dusk, woods, stroll hand in hand.  Anwar came, Willow found her body shadow Congan China, but also to find the passion of youth gone along the river upstream, back, restore to him.He is risen.  Weekend, Willow is no longer wanderings, as if rooted to the spot temporarily duckweed.He invited Anwar to dance.There cement support small bands, okay.After he points to, and cool enough, hardly danced, quite a strange feeling distant.In the flashing lights of the fog, the band played “The Moon Represents My Heart”.The partners have entered the dance floor.He started with Anwar light, smell fragrant body swing the soul of the people, this is a woman unique flavor.He felt her soft, like a snake an elegant cloud, giving intoxication.  ”You dance divinely.In school it must be a prom queen.”” Afraid, just like it.”” I remember the first time with the dancing: do not take people, accidentally stepped on a partner’s feet; partner almost cried, I was scared silly, long time to say I’m sorry; I feel a lot of eyes are looking at, such as mango thorn back, resulting in low self-esteem was a period of time I did not dare to ask a partner.”Anwar Puchi smile.That smile is charming.A row of white teeth flashing in her cherry mouth.  Willow has omitted almost screaming girl is his girlfriend and admirers accompanied him for three years, finally broke up.Anwar like her smile, dance.”The Moon Represents My Heart” end.Dance and play music from other.They danced for a while, I feel tired, to the two cylinder drink, relax by chatting.  ”Now the Department of Chinese Literature Society also booming right?”” Not as good as you have a.Many people like to write, but well-written, but less.”” Do you like poetry or fiction?”” Fiction, right.”” Shen’s “Border Town” read it?”” Read, novels and movies.”” Shen Congwen indeed the master fiction.Never written: landscape beauty, human beauty, customs and the United States, pure poetry novel.”Willow esteem.”Last summer, I was lonely, travel to Hunan, from Huaihua to Xiangfan, I really was fascinated by the way the scenery.Hill was green.Water from a mountain stream flowing out of Bailian.At the hillside jungle, the plume of smoke rising.Farmers hoe out from bamboo; cowboy riding cattle have lateral blowing melodious bamboo flute, looming.Creek, lying in a row cabins, chicken running in the yard.Cloudless blue sky, the occasional bird flyby.I seem like paradise to paradise on earth.At that time, I have a strong desire to old, to have dignity cabins where this life worthwhile.”He immersed in the wonderful memories, almost forgot to sit beside Anwar.  ”You describe too beautiful, but it is only a dream.”” Dreaming is necessary.People can not live without a lifetime dream.Perhaps this is the only tour I harvest it.”Waltz played the dance floor.Willow with Anwar and admission.It is said that dance in the conquest of the girl, to see how to waltz jump.Fast and gentlemanly.Continuous rotation.Happy happy.In the university, also waltz.”Willow, you grow a good long detained!Not step on someone else’s foot.”He felt her close up.  The night is over.He and Anwar did not immediately return apricot, but eat a snack, then rode Nama faint moonlight, walking to the river.  Language group arranged for her to speak a public lesson.  Anwar very nervous scared.Willow inspired her and gave her advice, her first in a class lecture, then public speaking in Class.  That day, scary battle.President, director, no class teacher came, full of a crowded classroom.Anwar saw him, confidence, ease the.He was relieved.The lesson was a success, Pingjiapogao, said she was “young and old teachers.”.After class, Willow can not help but hold her hand to congratulate.An Hua Gaoxing to tears, feel the warmth rushing all over.Suddenly, she blushed, rapid heartbeat, low eyes shyly.  Night, moonlight good, shiny, like in milk washed out.Anwar knocked on his door.Willow busy seat, tea, and Kitaro’s “Tianzhu” volume twisted a bit smaller, good for conversation.  ”Liu teacher, thank you for your guidance.Otherwise, it is necessary disgraced the.”” Shucks, thanks to your talent.There are teaching the fun of it?”” Have fun, enjoy success.”” Teaching, after all, dealing with people, is an emotional exchange.This success is a wealthy millionaire can not share the.I think the male compatriots can enjoy the joy of motherhood, that is to create.”” Yes, but happiness is short-lived, but it is more lonely.Our girls are most afraid of loneliness.”” Loneliness is inevitable.The vast universe, humans are alone; individuals who, of course, inevitably lonely.Have you seen the movie “Spartacus” it?Oh, read.There is a lens: Spartacus will battle the next day, together with his wife that night, he says still lonely.What a thrilling ah!Perhaps because of loneliness, people had a vision; people had a vision, only the arts.Evidently many outstanding personality, I think, because of the loneliness of thinking, want to get rid of loneliness, the result was the heart and died lonely crunch.”Anwar was shocked.He seemed to himself.After a child, Anwar was speaking.  ”Teaches ancient literature Wang died.do you know?”” Really?When?”” Last year in March.Advanced cancer.Unfortunately, a very talented young teachers.”” He is the study of Song Dynasty poet Su Shunqin.I remember one lesson, Wang Lu’s analysis of love poem, very exciting.His voice and face vividly.He said the Chinese love the fifties as a single shade cloth, never fade.”He and Anwar sad smile.  Last week internship summary.Anwar busy, and Willow bedroom to chat more.But Willow was busy, she was near, yet so far the.He could not wait any longer, he is a man, should take the initiative.That evening, he had no counseling, Anwar went about midnight snack.  Shangri-La’s small bar, floating melody “destiny” piano music, soft lighting, a little dim.They pick up between a given quiet small lattice, one pair Candle lighting, to the wine and snacks, relative to sit, drinking and talking casually.Willow lit a cigarette.