A colored lotus – the origins of the Hill

Lian colored stone once the Sky Goddess’s day patrol Quartet, came next Daze on the northwest plateau, saw around reedy, Ze Neihe flowers bloom, very beautiful.  Goddess’s bypassing the beach, hand picking up two golden lotus and a colored lotus, inserted in the next bun.She was leaving, suddenly a strong wind blowing, her three flowers on a bun together blowing sky, straight to the southeast seaside journeyman.Flowers floating ah, ah floating, drifted over the edge of the sea, only two fall.Two golden lotus becomes China Jinhua Mountain and Tiantai Mountain peak; it becomes a lotus flower colored Hibiscus Hill.That is because hibiscus flowers, so have the elegant name.Colored lotus flower has one hundred and eight, Lotus also happens to have one hundred and eight mountain peaks.However, several of which are bimodal side by side, just take a name, so people just say that Hyakuji Qifeng.  Goddess’s see the completion of three hills, full of joy.Many years later, one day, she happened to look into the distance southeast help but pale.It turned out beautiful hibiscus tall mountain I do not know at what time has been bitten monster Zaochi thirty six large holes and many holes, also on the ground was excavated a few pit, water is flowing Taotao De mile.Female trouble’s know that this Zaochi incisors, enough to have three feet long, like a chisel-sharp, powerful and extraordinary, difficult to deal with.She had to seek help Jade Emperor pesticides.This is the Jade Emperor Emperor’s incarnation, he ordered the Queen’s sister and aunt of rain and wind percent aunt went to pesticides.Sister rain, wind quickly followed Goddess’s aunt came to the mortal world.Sudden wind howling, rain fell on the ground flood crossflow.  That Zaochi the flood will be deported to a far country.Since then, Fu Yung Shan will leave four six hole, seventeen waterfall, seven a river stream and thirteenth pit, on top of the hill, there have been a sparkling clear water of the Great Lakes.  After the Goddess’s Zaochi sent packing, do not worry, be afraid of the future heavy damage, went to Osawa side to adopt a few of them reed, crowded around Furongshan, like a puzzle, like a natural moat walls, the Hibiscus Hill isolated open.  Years flies.This beautiful Lotus Mountain stands at the southeast edge of the sea, unknowingly passed one hundred thousand and eight thousand years, it is still not for the world to know.Later, Hill periphery of reeds gradually disappear, will gradually open up the trails.Only the top of the large lakeside still reedy, go south of Qiu Yan all have to stay here roost.So, people put this Furongshan renamed the Hill.