A comfortable way to play

China has a spread of two thousand years motto: winner princely losers Kou.Many people regard it as my motto, indicating that Chinese people care about results.In the United States, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are heroes.Barkley never won the year-end championship, but he still worked tirelessly this alone, I respect him.This is the United States, as long as you tried, even if unsuccessful can be recognized by people.But at home, you did not win it, no one will remember what the reason is, just remember that you did not win often, and then you forget.I think these really afraid, very afraid, maybe something like this would happen to me.The first year, I won the best newcomer award, prove the Rockets selected I picked the right, but for me the most important thing is to continue the act.My body is injured, sometimes very tired.But I was the only one the Rockets played 82 games that season players.So now I think nothing beats me, because I had a taste of the experience played every game of the season.I got through it, at least in this respect, victory.I like the savoir-faire of Jin Yong “Swordsman” in the hero protagonist.He was very principled, know what to do, what not to do under what circumstances.But he is very humorous, fun-loving, very free and easy, very relaxed, even when in danger.I hope that when I was in trouble, but also as free and easy as the hero of the book freely.I also learned the art of playing the “Swordsman” in.I’m not saying they want to practice martial arts, but I found that all the fighting sects described in the book, can have many different stations before preparing to attack and defense.I am seriously study a little, for example, if I want to hit your face, clenched fists at the beginning, aloft in front of you, but what if I do not do action, I guess you want to hit parts of the.You do not know their own how to react, because you can not figure out my intentions.This is how I play basketball.You’ll have to feel comfortable way to play, or you comfortable with the way they feel than the opponent to play.I have always believed that if I succeed, it will be a huge success; if I fail, it will be a complete failure.No matter where you live, what kind of job, to achieve a goal of the process is the same.Like upstairs, get step by step, can not fly up.If you know where the target, as long as looking at the foot, go your way, one day, when you looked up, held out his hand, he would have found the target in close proximity.