A commitment

Boys and girls are university students, families They are not in the same city, but just when he was about to graduate, and she fell in love, then gentle and lovely girl, boy know how considerate and understanding, which made the boy very satisfied.  The girl’s family in general, the boy’s family also belong to ordinary families, but the simple constraints of campus life, still can not stop the Taotao love each other, he saw other lovers to buy gifts for their girlfriends, the boy helpless because their living conditions, and do not allow him had such a luxury and romantic lover season.It can be said during the love of the university, the boy never gave the girl a decent gift, even if it is even a bouquet of roses a symbol of love also never bought.  Girls should never be made to the boys what, because she knew the boy did not have much money to pursue the so-called romantic.”I do not need roses, you do not need to pursue something else, as long as you can be really good to me is enough!”This is the boy remorse every time when girls to boys saying.The boy knows the girl to comfort him, and he knew every girl wants the season of love is romantic, warm, but apart from good boy to the girl, the other can not give anything of substance, the envy of other girls girls only stand but the girl was in love with a boy like before, what the requirements are not too many, and my heart that the boy knows best, so the boy determined to be in the future take care of the girl, the girl and let yourself suffer, “and so have money, I’ll be all yours did all the things to make it up, and so you will not see the other lover with envious eyes, I will give you the best!”This is the boy said to the girl only thing commitment.  Over time, the graduation separated, but their feelings and not because thousands of miles away and fade, long time to get along has become a photo undeclared, gradually boys and girls have participated in the work , the girl may have forgotten, but the boy did not forget the girls had said commitment.The boy silently fulfill, perhaps the girl did not know these boys are for her, for she thought the phrase had almost a joke commitment.The boy did not want to deliberately let the girl knew the boy was a commitment to comply man, known only to himself would have been sufficient, so the girl spent four years under the care of the boy, in four years, the boy found the girl changed , may also be spoiled boy girl, girl become like the word money very seriously heavy, like the boy called as “pauper” the.But the boy never gets angry, because the boy understood straight girl, girl character, never take greater account of blurted out.  Sometimes the boys gave the girls spend most of their own wages, leaving himself just enough this month to the cost of living expenses.So long boy almost did not buy a new dress, but if you met the right girl style clothes, the boy never pay more consideration to help the girl bought, not for anything else, just glad the girls can have fun, and to previous owe.Girl in urgent need of money, the boy will do anything to help the girl to raise funds to help meet the urgent needs solution out girls, girls in questioning yourself, the money is coming from, the boy would always say it was their money, in fact, it is a relatively good relationship to colleagues borrowed, this girl does not know and will never know.  When the boy did not want to worry about their own girls, each girl questioned why the boy took part in the many years of work, but not much savings, but hey boy smile keeps silent, despite how blame the girl, the boy will not refute one, because the boy did not want to hurt the girl, but do not want the word on the money, leaving the girl back to the previous kind of sense of loss.The boy must adhere to, stick to the girl into the marriage hall, because the boys know you can not have the results between them, is not the type of girl to be the boy, not the kind of banknote paper as the rich, the only thing can do is at before the girl could not find a suitable partner, the boy went on with her patron saint, she continued to act as a pauper that silly, until the girl walked to his happiness, so it can be assured that the boy let go.Although the girl is still around boys, but boys hope the girls can find their own happy life, commitment to the original sentence, the boys do not regret!