A common problem touched

ofLast Friday the children face in school Kepo.He asked how the matter, saying that they do not accidentally hit the door, scratched.The teacher cast medicine. Asked the teacher to know the child ran into the classroom, allowing other children knocked over, then I ran into the door face.The children say the other was not intentional, none of the other things. See small children swollen face swollen, and there is a long trail of blood, neck is also a slight abrasions, I am very distressed.I also deeply feel the children have grown up, the child repeatedly stressed that the other party was not intentional, I have seen the children that a forgiving heart.Heartache and touched. Everything must forgive and forget it.No matter what will become the future face of injuries, I think it is a gift given to God’s tolerance of it.Night I gave children to buy half a roast duck, counted as injured children and a tolerance compensation and reward it.