A confident clothes

She called Liao Chi, originally Mianzhu Hanwang a beautiful young dance teacher, but unfortunately lost both legs in the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake.She was amputated.But did not give up the love of dance.By chance, she was an assessment on behalf of NetEase mailbox Dance Forest Congress to visit the site.Games, sprained ankle and the game can not be normal star player Dong Yi Wei complaint if the judges Venus please Liao Chi performing on stage with the nature of a short dance.She jumped happily, with the free dance music, graceful dance won applause from the audience.After the dance through, Venus, to tell you the story of Liao Chi amputated, the presence of people are shocked.Dong Yi Wei felt her dance is contagious, can not help but bowed toward her, honoring her.Most Liao Chi surprise.Because of their excellent performance conquered Zongjiao Tou Fang Jun judge Dance of the General Assembly, qualify for the tournament Tiguan.As long as she kicked win they can directly enter the race summary.Fong received an invitation, and Liao Chi-bit overwhelmed, ah a cry, to react that a little cry, feel the happiness come as a surprise.October 2, 2011, Tiguan night race, the crowd waiting, Liao Chi played.She dressed in sexy short skirts Bra debut, boldly exposed legs, wrapped in black stockings artificial limbs, it looks normal with no strange.With the fast-paced music sounded, Liao Chi and dancing in the crowd can look forward, jumped a hot-spirited action-packed samba.After the completion of the last action.Everyone was shocked, I did not expect to lose both legs, she even danced hearty contagious, the audience stood and applauded for her.Watching sexy hot beauties, the host asked Liao Chi Cheng Lei, previously had never worn such a beautiful sexy dress.Liao Chi a little shy to say that my life will not pass through so sexy clothes, earthquakes ago through the beautiful, but have not reached the scale now.After the dance, the organizers specially prepared to sit on a chair, Liao Chi tidy stockings arose.Throughout the process, she did not sit down, smile, stand, no matter how good host advised her to sit and rest for a while.Liao Chi said that she wanted to stand, she keep all the stars participate in the competition as she is normal, she must do most authentic self, not installed.A foreign male judges were moved to Liao Chi dance silent tears.Fong says, this dress represents the enthusiasm and self-confidence, the Liao Chi-hop dance is a dance, a dance normal.In his eyes, Liao Chi is’ beauty, sexy clothes to wear such a jump is so difficult samba, reflects the confidence Liao Chi.Has always been known for harsh-tongued judges comments tract Venus with appreciation: Liao Chi tell us what state of mind is the most important, Liao Chi, you jump very good, very perfect!Because confident and strong, Liao Chi won the respect of the judges and the audience.DU Yi-Heng won with the same score.PK in the ensuing battle, Liao Chi chose a fast-paced dance.Although busy the night before from far and wide only slept for more than three hours, there is not much preparation, Liao Chi or with a good foundation jumped a hot, sexy dance.An absolute advantage PK out equally strong in fellow DU Yi-Heng, success in the finals Dance Forest Congress.End appreciate Liao Chi dance, DU Yi-Heng admit defeat, admiration and said: Liao Chi-hop is not an ordinary dance, she touched my soul.Liao Chi dance, has gone beyond the dance itself, she danced the dance of the soul, is confident and strong jump.Liao Chi-stage always smiling, always optimistic to face the judges and the audience.She laughed when looking than the angel, because her name is confident and strong, she forgot the past and sad disaster, with high morale to meet new life.In fact, taking into account the Liao Chi prosthetic unbearable difficult samba, dance practice before the game stage, Zongjiao Tou Fang Liao Chi Chun recommended jump soothing touching dance.But Liao Chi and feel is the same as other stars, the competition is the strength and passion on stage, she did not want to win high marks by tears and sympathy and applause, she spoke to rely on strength to win acclaim imaginative dance.So, we see Tiguan race, Liao Chi wearing sexy short skirts danced passionate sexy sultry samba.Liao Chi, she has a confident clothes.Wearing the clothes, all the suffering for her, are not suffering.All honor to her, is worth it.I’ve seen her.The most beautiful and confident angel.