A constancy Mr.

Mr. A, Mr. exercise and perseverance [2]: Many of your words today on the “North” [3] saw.I thank you for my hopes and good intentions, which I could see the.Now I would like to briefly answer a few instructions, and to send your comments and similar of you.  I am very busy, and shall see no not even have time to write.But I’m not talking about hair, it is a long time, or last summer’s decision, I appointed of silence during two years.  I see the time is not important, sometimes we tend to use it as a trifling matter.  But now the cause of silence, but not the cause of the previous decision, because when I leave Xiamen, the thinking has changed somewhat.Pathways such changes, saying it was too much trouble, strike out a little tentatively, I want to or will be published in the future.For single nearby, one of the big reasons is: I am horrible.And this horror, I thought he had never had the experience.  I have not carefully analyze these “terrorist”.I just say twelve kinds of examination they have to understand, then: First, my kind of delusion shattered.I have so far, there is always a sense of optimism, that oppression, killings of young people, about the elderly.This old man slowly dying, China’s total comparably angry.Now I know otherwise, and killing young people, seems to fall about young people, but also for other months of life and youth can not be recycled, no more spare.If in animals, but also considered as a “throwaway” [4].In particular, I was afraid to look is the proud winner of the pen: “death with ax,” Yeah,.”Luanqiang stabbed to death” ah..I’m not really radical reforms commentators, I do not oppose the death penalty.But for genocide and cut in pieces, I have expressed very hatred and grief, I thought people of the twentieth century should not be there.Ax spear, naturally not be said to be cut in pieces, but we can not hit him with a bullet in the back of the head it?The result is the same, the other side of death.But the fact is the fact that blood has been the beginning of the game, and the role is young, and with complacency.I now can not see the play’s end.  Second, I saw myself as a fat..what is it then?I was not given a moment to names.I once said: China has always been a row with the man-eating the feast, eat, and have eaten.People have eaten food, and did eat will be eaten.[5] But now I saw hair, I also help with the feast row.Sir, you are looking at my work, I now send a question: After reading, make you numb, you still make clear; to make you drowsy, or make you vivacious?If the latter feel that my own referee, he confirmed that more than half.There is a “drunken” [6] on Chinese feast, the shrimp fresh, eat the more happy people, the more fun.I did this Zuixia helper, made clear his mind honest and unfortunate youth and get sensitive to his feelings, so he doubled the event to taste the pain when calamity, but to hate his people than the admiration of this spirit pain, get extra pleasure.I have a vision, that the Red Army to discuss the matter, discuss Gejun, if the party has caught the enemy as intellectual students and the like, certain special Infliction, even to workers or other persons without intellectual.Why, because he could see more acuity fine expression of pain, get special pleasure.If my assumption is that good, then my own referee, he fully confirmed.  So, I finally feel nothing to say.  If the source again and Professor Chen and his ilk joke strike, it will be easy, yesterday I wrote a little [7].However boring, I think they are not a problem.In fact, at most, but they also eat half a shrimp or sip a few mouthfuls of vinegar Zuixia.Moreover, they have heard that leave the most admired “solitary, Mr. Tong,” and come to the Kuomintang’s revolution.I think as long as the flag of plug away, I’m afraid, “Mr. Lonely” will come the revolution.Not a problem, all revolution, mighty.  Rather, the problem in my own outdated.There are little things.That is, get my previous “pen knife” penalty, now it seems to come down.Species peony flower bidder, who was stabbed species of thistles, it should be, I have no resentment.But this injustice is a little too heavy penalty if there is a sad implicate several colleagues and students.  What they do iniquity, and I often because of contacts, I do not say bad.Where so now about to be called “Lu Xun Party” or “Tattler school”, which is “Studies” [8] and “modernist” a big success propaganda.So the past year, Lu Xun has been to “cast all four American” [9] for the principle of.Do not do not know, when I was in Xiamen, it was later moved in a four no upstairs neighbor of the ocean, and with me are the books, the night also heard downstairs Beast “Wu Wu” to call.But I was not afraid of cool Moreover, there’s talk about students.However, the second blow came in: three chairs to move to two, that is what Mr. Master has come to go with the.Then I was really angry, asked him: If his Master Sun also, that I have to sit on the floor it?Not work!Not moved, but the third blow came in, a professor smiled and said: celebrities temper and made a [10].Xiamen heaven, seems to be celebrities in order to have more than one chair.”And” who so often made celebrities describe my temper, “Spring” brushwork [11], sir, you probably understand the strike.As well as the fight against fourth down, that’s when I went away, and some people say the reason I go, because there is a drink, and second, because they saw someone else’s family came, I was uncomfortable.[12] This is based on that it was a “Celebrity temper,” the.  But just think of this little thing.However, that this end, you will be forgiven to forgive me too scared to stop the opening of.I know you do not want me to do Zuixia.I’m going to fight again, perhaps “mentally and physically ill.”.However, “mentally and physically ill,” would be laughed at in.Naturally, these are does not matter.But why do I do Zuixia?  But this time I was most fortunate that finally not be made with the Communist Party.There was a young man, want to do the show alone [13] “New Youth”, and I have done articles on this thing, to prove to me where the Communist Party.Ie a young but do not overturned, he knew even then show alone is also not yet speak of communism.Even so, “pro-Communist faction” strike, finally did not get success.If I leave a Zhongshan University in Guangzhou that is, I think, is to be ranked inside of; but I do not go after, so the newspaper “ran away”, “Hankou to go” downtown a pass Actually, it’s something of.What the world is also bright, no one said I had “cloned Law”.Now, it seems that there is no title, but according to “modern” said I, “Tattler faction leader”.This is about life and what is not directly related, or not quite big important thing, as long as they do not have a second lower.In the event such as “hero” Don What is “ink Paul’s command,” [14] Wang like he said, it may turn some of the worst of times.  Pen slipped away saying, and quickly return to the “Left Behind” to the problem.I think, sir, you are about to see, I have not dared to sigh China “ask cry traitor hanging off.” [15], now how about?You see, in the past six months, Did not say a word?Although I had been on the table public lecture I mean, although I have no place to publish articles that time, although I already do not speak, but not enough to be my excuse.All in all, if recurrence of those well-organized “save the children” like talking, even I listen to, but also that the empty hole.  Also, my previous attack society, but also boring.Society does not know I’m in the attack, if one knew that I had to die without the burial place of.Try to attack a member of the community of Chen Yuan and the like, to see how?The situation is also holy four hundred millions?I was able to drag on the person, because most of them are illiterate, do not know, and my words have no effect, such as a stone’s throw into the sea.Otherwise, a few random thoughts, you can kill yourself.People and punish evil heart, and no less than academics and warlords.Recently, I realized that everyone who advocates reform of, if not involved in the community, it can remain as “nonsense”, if effective, advocates that is probably unavoidable hardship or impending massacre.All times, it also Coyett.That things such as the present, [16] Mr. Wu Zhihui not have what one kind of doctrine?And he not only will not be Putian with anger, and can be shouted, “Down with.Severely punished “, that is because the Reds to implement communism in twenty years later, and his doctrine was to be hundreds of years or after the job, this point of view, it is also close to nonsense.People that have leisure world of chic gray grandson era after more than a decade away from the tube also on behalf of Kenya?  Then a lot has been said, I would like to receive a tip.I thank Mr. nothing to sneer and malicious attitude, so it Bong honest answer, naturally, also take half made some complaints.But I would like to state, speaking above, I do not contain modest, I know myself, I do not own anatomy than others forgiving surface anatomy.Several so-called belly full of malicious critics, trying to search, both could not find my real symptoms.So I said to myself that this time, of course, but part of, there are still many hidden.  I think I may no longer have anything to say, go to a horror, to what is it, I do not know, I am afraid that is not necessarily a good thing strike.But I also rescue myself, or Lao Fazi: First paralysis, the second is to forget.Side struggled want to go from the light after the “faint bloodstains” [17] saw something in the paper transcript.  Lu Xun.Nine, four.  [1] Benpian was originally published in the October 1, 1927 Shanghai “North” magazine Articles 49, 50 combined issue.  [2] When exercise and exercise and who Xuzhou.He has published on August 16, 1927 “North” magazine forty, forty-four double issue “by this time,” the article entitled random thoughts, which involves the author’s words: “long gone Lu Xun ” ‘national revolution is now boiling, we put all of Mr. Lu Mr. creation of such an attack under the text of the blind thinking and behavior.Read, when we give a new way of understanding ‘, “We sincerely hope Mr. Lu to run..Save the children because it matters.”Lu Xun by reason of the article answers.  [3] “North” comprehensive magazine, Shanghai Beixinshuju issue, founded in July 1926.The beginning of the magazine, in November 1927 the second volume from the first period to fortnightly out to Yijiu San ○ Nian Shi Eryue fourth volume 24th issue ceased publication.  [4] “throwaway” language, see “Shang Wu as”: “this king of Shang by (Zhou) no way, throwaway, victims of abuse steamed China.”According to the Tang Brief Account sparse: ‘heavenly’ means ‘the world is soaring, birds and vegetation’ not including human.  [5] talk about man-eating Feast, see’s “grave lamp Essay” Section.  [6] “drunken” Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places to live shrimp ingredients into the mix into vinegar, wine, and soy sauce in a dish eaten raw.  [7] That is herein after a “speech” cause and “”.  (8) “Studies” Referring present pp 84 Note [7].On their sponsored “Current News” supplement “to learn light”, was published in “Beijing literature and art are the portals,” the article, stating that “the ‘modernist’ who contend that ‘Tattler school,'” and that “language silk pie “Lu Xun ‘mainly’.”Modernist”, namely Modern Comments, who has called Lu Xun “Tattler faction leader”.See the book “reform” leader “”.  [9] “cast all four American” Quartet exiled to remote places to go.Language See “Zuo Zhuan” Wen Gong eighteen years: “Shun Chen Yao, Bin to four; flow Sixiong family: Hun Tun, poor odd, Tao Wu, gluttonous, all four American cast, to Royal Chi charm.”[10] means of Gu.On September 30, 1926 caused Guangping letter said: “Please here the professors, other than I and disabilities, as well as Zhu Yamane (press refers to Gu Jie-gang).This man is Chen Yuan and his ilk, I knew of..He has began to reject me, he said I was ‘celebrities school’ ridiculous.”(See” two books · forty-eight “) [11]” Spring “strokes” Spring “is Lu Spring and Autumn Period history books, according to legend was the repair of Confucius.Past scribes believe it with every word, contain “praise”, “derogatory” and “the implication”, known as the “Spring and Autumn Annals”.  [12] Chen herein refers miles (one thousand ares field), Huang Jian (ginkgo) and the like scattered rumors.See page 402 of this volume [Note 7].  [13] alone show Chen Tu-hsiu (i Baba ○ Nian Zhi 1942), the founder word Zhong Fu, Huaining, professor at Peking University, “New Youth” magazine, during the “May Fourth Movement” major advocate of the New Culture Movement character.After the Communist Party of China in 1921, he served as party chief.The first post-revolutionary civil war, the implementation of Right capitulationism course, the revolution fail.After that, he became cancel advocates, and Trotskyites and collusion, set up a small anti-Party organization, in November 1929 was expelled from the party.  [14] have Tang Wang (1893-1935) Liuyang in Hunan Province.Was “Modern Review” regular contributor; later attached to Wang, the Kuomintang government Minister of Foreign Affairs, is a famous pro-Japanese elements.May 12, 1926 Shanghai tabloid “Jing Bao” contains “Modern Review bribed?”The one news, which quoted” “expose on” Modern Review Tattler “Duan received text allowance; then Tang Wang has sent a letter to facilitate the same month on the 18th,” Jing Bao “strong to justify and rumors, he said:” ” modern review “bribed message originated in Moscow, Russia.In between last spring, I have a friend in Moscow, wrote to tell me that here the Chinese people rumored “Modern Review” Duan is run by the Shizhao handled three thousand dollars monthly allowance.At that time we listened, I thought it was just a rumor Communist modus operandi, not surprising.”” Jing Bao “In his letter, entitled” Modern Review protagonist Wang Tang has caused the newspaper the book “.  [15] “ask cry traitor hanging off” see “canopy set-this and that,” the third “first and last”.That’s “traitor”, referring to the old system of rebels.  [16] Referring Wu Chih present pp 215 Note [4].He was claiming to be anarchists, said this to Shao Piaoping a letter in February 1926 saying: “Communist takeover is called communism, which is really three hundred years later things; there is still the almost more progressive than his, called anarchy, he is three thousand years later things.”In early April 1927 he was supporting Chiang Kai-shek intention, proposed the so-called ‘impeachment’ submission of the Communist Party of the KMT Central Control Commission, shouting ‘Down’ ‘severely punished’ communists and the revolutionary masses.  [17] “faint trail of blood in the” March 18, 1926 after patriotic students and citizens of the Northern Warlords government Duan shot petition, has been the subject of prose “faint bloodstains” (income “Weeds” ) to mourn the dead, and called on the living to continue the fight.Here it means bloodshed was suffering from the Kuomintang reactionaries killing of the revolutionary masses.