A copper coin Story

A young man, caught a mouse, sold to the pharmacy, he got a coin.  He walked a copper coin story garden, listening to the gardener say thirsty, he has a idea.While he bought with coins a little syrup, and the gardener who gave water to drink.  Gardener who drank the water, then one person sent him a bunch of flowers.He went to the market to sell these flowers were eight coins.  One day, the wind and rain, the orchard was full of sticks and dry leaves blown by the wind.  The young man said to the gardener: If these snags leaves gave me, I am willing to clean orchard.  Gardener very happy: Yes, you can take it!Young bought some candy with eight coins, points to a group of children playing, children helped him pick up all the damaged leaves an empty.  Young people went to see the royal kitchen workers say they want to sell a pile of firewood, kitchen workers paid 16 coins bought this pile of firewood.  Young people with 16 copper coins began to seek livelihood, he put up a tea stall in the town not far away, because there are 500 workers to cut grass near the water.  Soon after, he met a passing water businessman, businessman told him: Tomorrow there is a horse dealer with 400 horses to town.  After listening to the words of businessman, young man thought for a moment, for mowing worker said: Today I do not collect the money, ask each of you to give me a bundle of grass, will you?  The workers said generously: OK ah!In this way, young people have 500 Bale.  The next day, the horse dealer came to buy feed, then out of one thousand copper coins bought 500 young Bale.  A few years later, young people become well known for big local tyrants.  The story is very simple, and very interesting.The success of young people is not accidental, because he has the qualities of modern management.  First, he was very thoughtful: he had to be understood in order to get paid.He first bottled water to drink gardener, gardeners get the benefits, they gave him in return.This is a win-win wisdom.  Second, he was very eyes: he knows those snags leaves can fetch a high price, but how to get a lot of learning.So, he offered to work in exchange for.This is also in line with social norms made of hard-working rich.  Third, he is very organizational skills: he knew he was alone for one person to do the job.He organized a group of kids to work for him, and candy to pay compensation.From this point of view, he has the leadership and management skills, he won a major low cost investment income.  Fourth, he is very conscious of information: he can capture the opportunity to make money from businessmen and conversation, and then lower the price of the acquisition of a large number of grass resell at a good price.This, and trade in our economy today is very consistent in the information age.  We all dream of success and wealth all around us.Some people complain of poor fortune, some people complain about social injustice, some people feeling incompetent parents in fact, we really lack is the hard work and discover the wealth of the eye.