A corn

That year the drought area in northern Anhui, which was the Bainianweiyu drought, God is not a drop of rain for six months, into a block of dry riverbed.See a little green fields, sowed dust everywhere, the whole world in dazzling white light into a blur poison Kusakabe.      And stimulated the hurried retreat.      Swing frog village atmosphere overhead like a thick fog of death.Eat crow corpse of a cloud flying over the village, crow blood red eyes make calls Ga village becomes bruising.      Paul guhuai long sounded the end of the village tree bell, the bell cracked glass across the same village in the heart of.      Village came under acacia trees.      In previous years, lush acacia trees now bare, tree leaves early so that villagers ate, but Ash has cropped pale green.      Paul looked at the long sitting or lying under a tree in the village messy, eyes on the hot and sour.The security chief Yanhui stomach went sour, that we can not die, can not be absolutely toad village, or go outside fleeing it, to make it through the lean years, and returned.Paul’s words long gray face of a village.      On the third day, there Tuoerdainv village holding a stick, holding a bowl out of the village.They walked very slowly, like two legs stiffened, Norway is not open.No woman crying so loudly locust branches overhead rickety.      A few days later, most of the village house empty.Not Taken mostly old and sick.Sophora japonica root and soil are not sick and elderly did not go.SJ has been pregnant six months pregnant, soil root that’s hurried retreat, where to go?Died out not as good as dead at home.      But hard to get something to eat, only eat red clay soil root, put the dried clay, shape into powder, then dried with Salvinia one o’clock, weeds boiled paste, filling to the stomach Biliaoyanjing.Eat for three days, but could not pull out the root of the soil, but distended stomach pain, SJ only good at helping dig the soil root.SJ said, can no longer eat the clay, eating more will die swell.What it says to eat soil root?Eat the leaves have finished, the weeds also finished.- With, you can eat bark.Take a knife and peel root soil tree skin.      In this way they get through the month.      SJ said, boil not go, you leave me, or go, go, maybe you can survive.SJ said this, tears in the eyes of the bloody Wang.We Siyeyaosi together.Soil Sophora japonica root of the football into the arms of a tear drop by drop, hit his head in Huaihua.SJ said, poor wanderers goes, he has not been to see this day, this land, this mountain, the water and did not look at us, we – like the cry of Huaihua bullwhip lashed soil root heart of.Soil root aspirants, do not cry, do not cry, my heart is bleeding it.Soil Sophora japonica root advised not cry, then I cried.Later, the two simply huddled and cried incredibly hard.      Then came the sound of kick the door, soil root busy wiping tears, opened the door, came in a security chief.Paul Long said that what you eat goodies, as well as the spirit cried.      Soil root saw security chief holding a corn eyes on the green earth roots, green saliva trickles also come.Paul Long said that this corn is for you.Originally I left for seed, alas, did not care so much, the village did not go to one person per household.Corn soil took root, wanted a bite to eat.But the root of the earth and saliva Tunhui stomach, and he did not willing to eat a.SJ said, not really starve to death in the negotiations, we do not eat this corn.      Ten days and survive the.      Soil root that people who stay in the village only two of us, and we must die, or put it to cook corn Flanagan.      SJ said, I’ll cook.SJ Flanagan from the jar out of corn, corn flavor of the house stuffed full to the brim, no little gap, soil root greedily this fragrance.Soil roots that such values are also dead.SJ said, I go outside to see if there is something a little wild weeds.SJ spoke out the door.SJ did not actively look for wild weeds, SJ just want to give that whole corn root eating soil root.Perhaps the soil root Flanagan eat corn, can boil more than two days when it rains, Manshan not wild weeds unearthed?Salvinia is not on a long out?That is not the root of the soil can be survived?SJ thought, and jumped into a dry well that mouth end of the village.      At this point the soil root think so.      Also soil root out the door, and jumped into a dry well that mouth end of the village.      The next day it began to rain, pouring down like rain two days and nights in a row, the soil that the root of thatched cottages also down.      Later, fleeing villagers go out back and off the toad village.Toad village had more than fifty families, after this drought, now only eight of.      That eight people return to their villages after they did not find the seeds, all sighed, this is God, the absolute toad village life.Some people say, and then look at the village home, might be able to find seeds.      Villagers have found several strains of maize seedling root in the soil collapsed house.      Cry of joy, all the villagers have come.      Corn seedlings are around his knees, tears dazzling light can not cover their excitement.Toad have saved the village, the village has saved toad.ZhenTianDongDe cheers, such as sun Huangcan, covered ditch gully gully village.      They all huddled crying like crazy.      Cries the sun on top of his head shook Petunia.