A corpse two life

Jiajingnianjian, there have been a murder in the county named Qinghe County in southern.  On this day, Qinghe county magistrate Wu Haiyi is taking a nap in their own homes, suddenly heard someone drum Idealists, Wuhai Yi had to put on robes came into the county government.The whole Church under the knees of a man about thirty, silk and satin, see the answer is a merchant of the people.  Church under whom?Why Idealists?Wuhai Yi asked to shoot a gavel.  Your honor, the villain named Chen Dong, who lives west of the city, because doing business outside year round, little time at home.I got home, then I heard my mistress committed suicide at home today, that I have concubines belly flesh, that has always been a concubine and my feelings very well, will not be unprovoked and hanged himself!Wang Xiaomin adults to call the shots ah!Having eyes shed tears.  Wuhai Yi an out of life, and is a dead two life.Not neglect, immediately bring Detective Chen Dong and Wuzuo go home.  Before long they came to Chen, the family servant has begun to raise a funeral.  Wuhai Yi Chen Dong, who came with his concubine himself room.His concubine’s body has to get from the white damask down on the bed, the scene has been destroyed.  Wuhai Yi met was very angry, Chen Dong asked: Who the bodies taken down?  Chen Dong honest replied: is the villain get down, so the villain saw Cher, heartache!Having cry.  Do you know this you destroy the site!If you really concubine was murdered man, were you such a practice, some clues have been destroyed!Wuhai Yi Chen Dong regardless of injury does not hurt, is the meal snapped at him.  Chen Dong know they have done something wrong, head down to stay in the side.Wuhai Yi called Wuzuo to an autopsy, and that they looked in the room.The room has a lot of footprints, even if the killer leaving clues also completely destroyed.Looking for a while did not find any useful clues.  In this case, the autopsy report came out Wuzuo the deceased died at about midnight, but with no trauma, the initial determination is not murdered.  After hearing the report, Chen Dong, kneeling on the ground crying and said he concubines definitely not suicide.See Wuhai Yi Chen Dong so, not good then scold him.Wuhai Yi looked over to the bed body, reflected in its rolling his eyes, pale tongue micro-spit.  Suddenly, a flash head Wuhai Yi, flew to Wuzuo said: Master Li, take your height deceased!  Wuzuo kicked away, for a while Wuzuo of Wuhai Yi said: Your honor, deceased, standing four feet seven inches!  Ah, you go that amount of distance between white silk and chairs!Wuzuo had kicked.  Your honor, there is a distance of five feet!  Wuhai Yi listened, nodded his head after Chen Dong asked: who should find you dead in the house of concubines?  He is serving a lifetime maidservants I concubines!  You go to your family who are all called to the hall, the officer have something to ask!  This is Chen Xiang-Dong’s father was a scholar, also fallen off after several frustrated the imperial examinations home; Chen Dong is home to the only son, to help him is his wife gave birth to a daughter, then out to do business with Chen Dong come back dead concubines, which was originally a concubine kept woman, his father had once strongly opposed Chen Xiang-Dong satisfied that her concubine.  Questioning the situation, Wuhai Yi think in this case the suspect is his wife Chen Dong of the largest, one of Chen Dong is his wife often difficult and concubines; the second is Chen Dong’s first wife gave birth to a female fertility after step again, now Chen Dong concubine Chen Dong harbor flesh and blood, if birth to son, is bound to shake her status; third is the maid saw last night is his wife, Chen Dong’s concubine into the room and came out after a while.  Wuhai Yi told Detective Chen Dong of the first wife first locked up back to the county government, Chen Dong’s first wife kept screaming injustice.  Back to the county government, the first wife of Wuhai Yi Chen Dong asked: Chen Lee, the officer ask you, last night Han Cher’s room to do?Honest account, failing that, Oibara wait!  I just talked to her room will be days!Chen Lee replied.  Wuhai Yi was furious to hear, to shoot a pair of runners gavel and said: come, wait Oibara!  See Lee Chen runners come up with instruments of torture, scared straight kowtow, kowtow side edge for mercy: I confessed, I confessed all!Last night, I stayed up a bowl of tocolytic to drink Cher Han.  Tocolytic drugs that you are right?  It is tocolytic!Chen Li nodded his head.  Come, give this woman guilty of Shangxing!  what!Chen Li is a very tough battle bamboo clip.  Your honor, I move, I move all!Chen Lee can not stand Oibara.Wuhai Yi called runners door stop torture.  I gave Han Cher is not a miscarriage drug, is abortion drug!  Why did you give her an abortion drug delivery?  Lee said Chen teeth: Since the master Cher Han Na Jianren home, the master will no longer bother me, I hate that I can not wait to kill that little bitch!I know that little slut If you give birth to a classic Yinanbannv, I have no place at home more, so I think that Na Jianren the child destroyed, who knows Na Jianren know their drinking abortion drug, rather than tocolytic hanged, really God has eyes ah!Chen Li was finished laughing.  Have you ever witnessed Cher Han hanged himself?  I did not see that when she drank the abortion drug, I will go.  Lee Chen runners after the charge into the jail, Wuhai Yi put something in my mind today think again, think this is not a murderer Lee Chen, but in addition to her, other people have no suspects.Wuhai Yi think tomorrow is to go to look at Chen.  After breakfast the next morning, Wuhai Yi, who came to Chen, Han Cher’s body that has been encoffining.Cher Han’s death does not seem to cause much pain for Chen.Only Chen Dong and his mother relatively sad face from Chen Hsiang do not see his daughter die.  Wuhai Yi felt very strange and asked: Chen dear, you seem to child Han Cher and her unborn dead and not much pain?  Magistrate adults, `What do you mean?Decrepit home out of such a thing already is most unfortunate!Decrepit now Xinrudaoge ah!  Chen master, the officer just a slip of the tongue, do not take offense!Wuhai Yi to accompany a gift.  Magistrate adults to refrain from this, too decrepit Zhesha.  Chen master, Cher Han died that night, you did not hear what she has abnormal sound in the room?  Decrepit magistrate yesterday, not with adults say yet?Cher Han accident that night, decrepit see in the library reading room to sleep late at night back!  Middle master Chen did not go out too?  Magistrate adults, and if you are what Italy?Whether it suspected that the murderer is decrepit?CHEN Xiang looked very excited.  Just ask the officer fills, and no doubt Chen master.Chen master has not answered the officer’s questions.  That night decrepit half a step not taken the study!Chen Hsiang, then just finished, I heard the little girl blurted next to Chen Hsiang said: Grandpa said no, that night Yan’er speak clearly see adults, children insert what mouth, not fast out!The little girl has not finished, it was off to drink Chen Hsiang.  Chen and how children master the general knowledge, little girl, come!Wuhai Yi beckoned to the little girl.  The little girl seems to be the only wrist Chen Xianggang scared, standing head down.  Magistrate adults, children and naive, and we still talk about our!CHEN Xiang looked very nervous.  Chen master, and sometimes children, then more reliable than adults, children do not lie!The little girl, come here, Uncle have something to ask you.  The little girl was standing there not moving, his eyes looked at Chen Hsiang, Wuhai Yi smiled and walked around seeing the little girl, feeling the little girl’s head and asked: Little girl, what’s your name?How old?  My name is Chen Yan, this year’s six years old.  You just said that night to see your grandfather gone, can you tell uncle?  Chen Yan Chen Hsiang said after looked: I saw my grandfather entered the room Xue Yi!  Wuhai Yi Chen Yan smiled and touched the head, and said: Yan’er, you first go out!Your uncle and grandfather have something to say.Chen Yan hear obediently out.  Chen master, you’re not going to say something?  Decrepit not much to say, magistrate adult children not only by word of it to catch decrepit!CHEN Xiang looked very calm.  Of course not, the officer may want to know that night you go to the room to do Cher Han?Chen master but better educated people, middle of the night went to his own daughter’s room would not be right to go against poetry?  Magistrate adults, whatever the outcome, also a scholar, how can tell this is the case!  Chen sir, since you know that he is a scholar, you should tell the truth, or else in vain for so many years of reading Confucius and Mencius!  After listening to Chen Hsiang, he hung his head, sighed and said: Cher Han is decrepit kill.  Why did you kill him?  Why did she not keep the Women of the original, Chen Hsiang has opposed his son Chen Dong Han satisfied concubine Cher, Cher Han but it kept woman.Chen Hsiang Cheng learned by Julian thought that married Cher Han degrading house.Chen Dongjian who can be satisfied that the concubine Cher Han, Chen Hsiang there is no alternative but to agree.But after marriage, in addition to Chen Dong and his mother, other people do not give a good face Cher Han.A few days after marriage, Chen Dong which could go out and do business, very few home.After a couple of months, Cher Han body appeared unwell, please look at doctor said to be pregnant.Chen Hsiang after hearing the news, was very angry, he thought Cher Han belly of the child is someone else’s, that take advantage of Cher Han after his son went out, Chennai and other live lonely man hooked up.Chen Hsiang to the reputation of the house, decided to kill the unborn child drink Cher Han.  That night, after drinking Chen Cher Han Lee of abortion drug soon, stomach pain began to faint.This happens time after Chen Hsiang came after Chen Hsiang come apart from anything else, the white silk hung, hung in Cher Han picked up on white silk, until after the Korean Cher breathe out of the room.  CHEN Xiang thought she was done perfectly, but who knows imperfection.By his own granddaughter to see Cher Han himself into the room; there it is only four feet seven inches tall and Cher Han, however, that the distance between the white silk chair and there are five inches, apparently hanged himself Cher Han is not their own, but by the people murder.  Chen Hsiang knew he had made a capital offense, unforgivable, one hit the pillar hall beaten to death.