A corpse was mistaken

Vigorously nest plenty to complain, he baffled the death of a live two from the point of view does not really like the thing.But when the blank is put into a mistaken himself, the big mistake can blame who got it!Han Mei, remember the dead with drugs prostitution do in Dongfang Hotel?Vigorously and drank up beer cup, gloomily asked.You say that the woman who was strangled it?I still have this impression of a woman’s body.Yes, that girl, 22 years old, 1.65 m and weighing 52 kg, a blood type, skin pale, yellowish hair.Like vigorously Recite like to say that the personal characteristics of the unknown woman whose body.How, in this case a problem?Right on cue, this unknown woman whose body vigorously to add a lot of chaos, said it was somewhat ironic.Day two years ago, Interpol captain Wang Dali these nameless woman whose body was handed to me.In this corpse I finished everything that can do a final copy of the forensic identification of the book solemnly handed over to vigorously.According to vigorously forensic identification issued by the books I soon discovered a very similar feature with the dead girl among young girls in the city.So, to quickly made contact with the missing girl’s school and their parents.The missing girl named Zhu Yali, are students in the city in an art school.After Zhu Yali missing, the school immediately apply for registration in the Public Security Bureau, Zhu Yali and notify the parents with the school together to find.According to the survey, Zhu Yali long-term violation of school rules at school, often night out, very unruly behavior.School has been found that there is suspicion of drug use, parents have also become aware.That day, vigorously invited between Zhu Yali’s parents went to the morgue to identify the body.Staff morgue put the body of a woman moved out of the drawer in the freezer, placed on a stretcher.Zhu Yali saw a dead body, wow is heard screaming passed out, and who then burst into tears, eyes glued to the body of a woman’s face, gazed at it for a long time.After reading the body, Zhu Yali’s father on unidentified bodies unclaimed table heavily signed his name.This means that he has confirmed that this unknown woman whose body is his daughter Zhu Yali.After the funeral, Zhu Yali parents have been mired in losing the only woman sad unable to extricate themselves.Until one day when two years later, face to face with the Zhu Yali suddenly appeared in front of his mother, and the mother is wow cry of alarm passed out.Since then, to be considered to be entangled in this.Zhu Yali father every few days to keep to vigorously fight.He is only a question: Who will repay this I spent at the funeral that 50,000 yuan?This dumbfounding funeral, sub grievances can be big.Vigorously also nest plenty to complain, he baffled the death of a live two girls from the appearance point of view does not really like the thing.But when parents are distracted to a corpse mistaken as his daughter, this big mistake can blame who got it!Hundreds of people had poured in and before the bodies of mourning, actually no one to question, this is really strange that.Vigorously ruefully told me.Vigorously, although this child sounds ridiculous, but this situation is not unique.That allows you to run into this thing, and even more unfortunately, also let you run into such a person would not identify the body responsible for the.Well, you only have patience to explain to the child talk about doing the work of the truth.I do not say no to vigorously.Deceased relatives and friends claim the cause of the error of unidentified bodies, there are two main aspects: on the one hand, in the face of the body, due to the emotional and psychological plus for fear preconceived awareness that identify the body’s ability to identify the body affected.On the other hand, after death, along with a series of facial muscles will change.These changes make between the dead and the dead, in addition to the face, facial features vary, other factors can reflect looks exactly as it becomes.This is because the results of postmortem changes that occur as a result of.During his lifetime, so there are facial expressions of emotions, mainly the result of the contraction of facial muscles.When the man died, muscles instantly lost Nerves, thus immediately by a contraction relaxation down, the deceased during his lifetime has lost its face and appearance.Recognize their past familiar with the vibrant due on the death of muscle relaxation and the emergence of the phenomenon of rigor mortis, so that it is generally difficult without expression from a stiff and hard and because the bodies of people.In this corpse mistaken incident, Zhu Yali family and friends, on the one hand preconceived belief that the girl died, there is no doubt that is her own, so we did not go through carefully and identify the judge, admitted to muddle this has not, in fact Zhu Yali woman’s body; on the other hand people the impression that the monotony of both cold and stiff corpse looks, makes people mistakenly believe that during his lifetime slick and evil little girl Zhu Yali, it should be after the death of pair and had the appearance of an entirely different: cold, dull, quiet, serene.The ironic tell you: the living and the natural fear of psychological strangeness of dead bodies, as well as those inherent in the dead cold and stiff corpse appearance, may lead people to make the wrong judgment at the time to identify the body.