A dead are not allowed

July 1944, the expedition force a crossing Nujiang, regained lost ground in western Yunnan large, began a major counter-offensive famous Matsuyama.Japanese Kunshouyoudou, with commanding terrain, rugged Ming Kong bunker, vowed to fight to the death in broken.Over the past ten days, the two sides killing incredibly hard, I saw teams of wounded carried down, you see a pull-up troops, fierce fighting were unusually.July 27 morning, 36 division 116 regiment 2 battalion on standby stick is connected to an emergency order requiring that even seize the time to eat as soon as possible, quickly went to the line of fire after dinner, put the final battle of life and death.With the command sent, there are a number consolation food: pork, noodles, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, sorghum flour.The company is with large forces to retreat all the way from the northeast, has retreated to the southwest, the officers and men are invariably Northeast.Northeast flavor of these foods have no doubt what people think of home thousands of miles away, brought back a deep sense of homesickness.      This time can be busy open ChuiShiBan.When the first steamer sorghum buns just came out a little soldier risking scalding steam, the first to grab a buns, put a stop to smell before the nose, affectionately suck the breath from the black land.Suddenly, “snapped -” a slap in the face to face rejection, played little soldiers fell to the ground, buns still firmly guard in the chest, intact.This is a heavy slap in the face, only the company commander was playing so fragile, so cruel, so heartless!Suddenly, a large group of around edge Zenziyan soldiers did not dare move, pairs of eyes looking at the company commander, eyes third of fear, resentment seven.Company commander surnamed Liu, mouth particularly large meal to eat a chicken, a dozen steamed bread, brothers call him Liu mouth.Seeing Liu would like to mouth and feet, cooks head Cui intercede quickly stood out: “Sir, he was a child.”This soldier is little shelter from the troops when the northeast rout, when he was a student childlike face, dying of hunger, is Cui save him.Liu mouth or to kick a little foot soldiers, the same eagle eye aggressive, then shouted: “eat eat, you know eat!Fuck, there is no justice?”A big soldier intolerable, to come forward, like a provocation, grabbed a buns:” Brethren, soon to be killed, and afraid of balls!This is life and death battle, and certainly never to return, dead!For several years did not smell the fragrance of the sorghum flour, first be filled again, not dead when Sigui!”It’s big words were reasonable soldiers, the soldiers heard, have hands-on, fighting for buns.      ”put it back!”Liu mouth roar, pulled out a pistol, scared people back again and again, was surprised to find he overturned three shots, shouted:” all – collections!”Collection is completed, everyone is a little soldier holds a sweat, it’s obvious, Liu mouth to dispose of him, only to Liu mouth no hands, but raised the question of a surprising:” Brethren, I want to ask I ask, who wants you dead?”Here a dense mass of heads, and everybody looked at each other, do not know what medicine gourd how to sell the company commander.No answer, Liu mouth had to answer his own question: “I know that none of you want to die!I also want to die!I am old Liu, a dozen people, so that the whole small Japanese to kill, leaving a father, and if I die, I will die without sons old Liu is not yet!”How to say these words before battle?This is not Dongyaojunxin it?Everybody is puzzled, but see Liu pulled out a pre-open mouth good menu, big mouth, pull bright voice, Lang Lang read up.In addition to sorghum buns on the menu, all out-of Dongbei: lift salad, mushrooms pork, onion tofu, pork stew noodles, Beijing Sauce segment.The soldiers were not hungry, but still a more upright ears, hear mouth water.      After finished, Cui Liu mouth to call up the menu to him, solemnly told: “Take craft, cook according to a single, less the same, I want you to head!”Cui kicked away, Liu mouth glanced at the dense mass of heads, sly smile, Shengruhongzhong:” Brothers, you gave me remember, a dead are not allowed, be sure to come back alive, come back to drink celebration wine, drunk his grandmother eggs!Now, roll call!”End point name, Liu mouth holding a roster, he faces a tragic look, stressing each syllable:” In addition to ChuiShiBan, even 141 full-brothers, gave I listen carefully – your home there his aging mother, father, wife and children, they are eagerly looking forward to you, anyone who is dead, is filial son, turtle bastard!I went to the palace of hell is, you have to take the dog days come back again!”Then, Liu mouth waved his hand, mouth Flaring two words:” Go!”A company go, ChuiShiBan busy immediately opened, Cui come up with the most exquisite workmanship, according to a single cooking.Before long, hearty meal well, one by one, Wang Chuan eyes, ah, etc., from noon until evening, front finally came Herald: Matsuyama overcome across the board, wipe out all the Japanese, Cui shouted with excitement loudly: “so what?Walked!”Then, who led the lug cooks meals, sent to the front.Matsuyama at sunset filled in thick smoke, rivers of blood, Shidui Chengshan, appalling.ChuiShiBan a pedestrian pick pick, lift the lift all the way shouting the name of brothers, turn several hills, did not meet a brother.      Suddenly, one of the cooks screaming uncontrollably: “Old Cui, Come, brothers, and here comes!”Cui hastily walked over, the pace of the meal, like a body fell through the ice, like trembling, tears streaming down Susu: I saw the brothers moved, a horizontal one vertical, one bloody, and brothers lying together is multiplied Japanese corpse, dead face also solidified the expression of fear, one can see, here we experienced a brutal melee combat, and then carefully count, 141 officers and men of the whole company, all the heroic sacrifice.ChuiShiBan one cry into tears, Old Cui touch of tears, shouted: “Can not let the brothers when Sigui, is to feed, they have to feed the brothers send road!”Then he propped a lead soldier, clean and wipe the blood of mouth, carefully, scoop a spoonful of food into his mouth to feed.ChuiShiBan those soldiers, all shining like Cui, lift up one by one the soldiers who died while feeding food into their mouths, while loudly reported name of the dish, the smoke in, with a tearful voice howling tremors, one after another, sing a Road dish: “cold face lift!Mushroom Pork!Green onion tofu!Pork stew noodles!Beijing Sauce segment.”Those who cooks wiping away tears, watching the scenes of a sense of tragic scenes of heaven and earth: the little soldier, mouth bite a cheek of the devil, cooks went to great lengths before pry his mouth; soldiers were big knife cut off the neck, the separation of corpses, his head rolled to the side, his eyes still angry staring eyes; even worse is that Liu mouth, he was a grenade badly mutilated, even the mouth can not find.Cui beat the ground, tearful: “Sir, ah, you dog days of talk does not count, does not count!You said, a dead are not allowed, a little, went to the palace of hell will catch back!Yourself how you first went to the palace of hell?”This meal rich flavors of the Northeast meal, in addition to feeding brothers, the rest are all in the position Spillers.The next day, buried, when 141 soldiers facing north, all hands are clasped a sorghum buns, iron-tight grip too tight iron.(Author: Tianfu Source: story)