A deadline for success

A boy, a student, determined to become an entrepreneur.To this end, he gave yourself a homework: To conceive of a profitable trade every day, and a 5-minute limit.This is done to avoid that end spend too much time and effort to ensure the completion of their studies.Over time, his mind has accumulated a wealth of practical ideas to make money.    In mid-1978, 19-year-old, he was in college, holding a big bag of things, he visited Sharp’s branch in Nara.He will open burden in the face of that company director, said that this is a pocket-sized Japanese-English machine translation, can Japanese to English, and then introduces its structure and working principle.And then say: This machine only sell 100 million yen, your company is interested in it?Ultimately, this business deal.Sharp still has the machine translation technology in its personal electronic manager.And so he earned $ 1 million, the first pot of gold digging.Then he created a software company.With the value of the stock, as the original shareholders, from the time he was a poor student leaped into 200 billion yen worth of business elite.    He is a Korean-Japanese, Softbank Group chairman and president Masayoshi Son.He plans like in college, like Masayoshi Son himself outlined a 50-year blueprint for the development of life: 30 years ago, to their own career success, the family line; 40 years ago, to have at least 100 billion yen in assets; 50 before the age, to make some tremendous undertaking; before the age of 60, a successful career; before the age of 70, put his career to the next successors!He is planning to implement is no aliasing.He created a 30-year-old empire Softbank, Softbank has a 43-year-old throughout the United States, Europe’s major joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises more than 300, the total assets of 40 billion dollars, took the crown of Asia’s richest man Li Ka-shing from the hands of Japan among the top ten clubs, Masayoshi Son, has finally become a truly global hand of.US “Forbes” magazine commented: Mr. President Masayoshi Son, Softbank will create an instant Internet empire, he is working to implement its 300-year business plan.Mr. Masayoshi Son is indeed the king of the Internet.    Son excels, is his idea of thinking.He set himself a clear goal, this goal is not ten or twenty years, but a book that is a hundred years.And once I made a decision to do right now, and never yield to delays.    Former British Prime Minister William?Pete was a child, they believe they can accomplish great things.He was bright, child learned Latin, Greek.In 1773, at the age of 14 he entered Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he studied politics, philosophy, classical, mathematics, chemistry, history.Since then, no matter where, he never gave up his goal and confidence.His perseverance, perseverance toward their goal in life to make a just and wise politician forward.Sure enough, at the age of 22, he entered the Parliament; the second year, became Chancellor of the Exchequer; 24-year-old became the sixteenth British prime minister, is also the youngest British prime minister, and also served as the then British eighteenth prime minister.    People can no goal, no goal will lose its way forward.But with the goal, there is no time limit to achieve the goal, the goal has become empty talk, elusive, life will be nothing.An old saying: Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste.Set goals, and immediately put into action, and give yourself set a military order, limited to lose ground, thrives, indomitable, the only way to accomplish something, fame.