A decapitated corpse

Under the Party Organization Department sent cadres hook root clouds corpse and the corpses, were found in two places.Hook root clouds, 36 years old, is a family man.It is said that in Yongqing and several female relations, chances are the young forest nursery patch of his place?1998 August 13, sent cadres at the Party Organization Department of the hook Root cloud.Three days later, the bodies of the cloud hook root corpse, were found in two places.Corpse in a nursery not far from the county seat in young forest; away from the corpse of a dead body in a dry ditch.Yongqing County Public Security Bureau immediately sent to the scene.After the scene and examined the case is Department of homicide undoubtedly finds.Who killed the murderer is cloud root hook?Over the past year, cloud hook root in Yongqing County offend people is too much.First, the county courtyard almost everyone became suspect in the killing of a cloud root hook.After police officers to classify a large number of suspects line up, finally County deputy secretary Jiang Ruizhou and Jiangrui Zhou Jiang Dayong cousin, Jiang Ruizhou of Pauline silver brought to justice.During the detention review, the three guilty confession: after the wet bar on Jiangrui Zhou Jiang Dayong home drunk hook root cloud strangled, and then by the Pauline knives, silver, cut off the root of the cloud hook head.Of course, the mastermind of the entire event is Jiang Ruizhou.Jiang Ruizhou led to the gang, wait until after the murder, taking advantage of the dark quiet man, drove the hook pulled out the bodies of the root cloud crime scene.They first corpse thrown to the floor Young nursery, and then turn the head thrown into a dry ditch away from the corpse’s.After the public security authorities transferred the case to the prosecution, the prosecution found evidence at the time of the text data to review the case there are many doubts, not only the perpetrators of the statement is very unstable, there are many contradictions in the statements.Accordingly, the prosecution that the case facts are unclear, insufficient evidence, the public security organ for supplementary investigation.So, we request the Council Yongqing County Public Security Bureau check mark cloud root of the bodies were identified science review.The case of the initial inspection expert, Yongqing County Public Security Bureau of Forensic Yellowstone introduced me to the situation identified after the initial inspection, said: Han forensic, homicide death in my opinion this case given absolutely no problem.You see, Yellowstone pointing Certificate of Authenticity attached to this photo to me: the dead lying on the ground, the corpse was corrupt, head and neck completely separated from the corpse.You look at this, there is the equivalent of the anus in a dial 12 stab wounds at the point of it.Oh, you look at this, this skull is one kilometer away from the corpse found in a dry ditch.A pool of blood at the scene found no traces of blood and splashing, seedlings branches around the body intact, on the ground also found no signs of struggle struggling, we believe that throwing dead bodies and cranial site is not the first murder scene; root hook according to stature cloud tall, subdued by a person, we analyzed the offender more than the crime; according to the deceased’s money and still, we analyze the motive is not Tucaihaiming.These analyzes are consistent with the offender’s account.Ah, still sounds pretty reasonable.However, let’s take a look at the bodies of talk about it.Seat of your pants, I think this thing is not as simple as right Yellowstone.Sure enough, I found the edges of the neck of the deceased and the head section is not tidy, not cut stump hurt feature.A closer inspection of the head and neck bones from breaking through to the naked eye and by means of observation instruments have not found a sharp left marks on the edge of the cervical vertebrae.The conclusions of the examination is a strong statement, the head of the deceased is not being cut off in.I say for sure.Forensic Korea, this conclusion is not too too absolute, even the murderer admitted the head is cut off with a dagger of silver Pauline.Besides not being cut off people, cut off by whom it is.Separation of the head and neck of the deceased is an objective fact, this phenomenon, it ought to have a say.Yellowstone some urgency.I put my specimens to the Yellowstone room, where a man and a woman hanging side by side two complete human skeleton.I let Yellowstone carefully observe the normal human spine bone structure, euphemistically said to him: See, Yellowstone.The connection between the bone structure of the human body is very, very tight cervical, upper and lower cervical spine is inlaid with each other with.Even if such a structure is familiar with the anatomy of people, including our forensic own, in order to break down the head and neck anatomy, it is impossible to be completely bone injuries of the cervical spine.If people insist Fengyun head is cut, and that this person may cut the head of immortality!Yellowstone stroked the TV drama cervical man’s skeleton, said with deep feeling: really is, enlightened look surprised.Mention cloud cervical root hook further wrapped in a thick layer of meat, that is only a pile of bones, the cervical spine also can not not leave any damage to the bone edge is to use the cutting head from the cervical spine to down.I pointed to the skeleton of the body of the mandible, indicating Yellowstone observe: Human cervical total of 7, 2, 3 from top to bottom in front of the cervical spine has mandible cover; in front of the cervical spine are 4, 5 thyroid cartilage shield.Therefore, under normal position, if chopping the first to the third cervical vertebra, and will definitely hurt the mandible; if chopping fourth, fifth cervical vertebra, is inevitably damage to the thyroid cartilage.Yellowstone, I’m not saying you, when you find the root hook cloud of the mandible and the thyroid cartilage are intact, they should be able to think of this question, if the thought of this problem, you will have no check carefully on the edge of the cervical vertebrae ‘s marks, but also to observe the head, the neck section of the edge of the knife plane whether neatly.If you really do, you will be on from the point of questioning the suspect’s confession, and will not easily be swayed by the testimony.Yellowstone receiving face with ashamed: hey, the effect la, la effect.At that time I saw such a lay decapitated bodies on the scene, was also quite serious corruption, stinking, plus the weather is so hot, it is not too careful inspection.Blame me, blame me, all my fault.So, in the end is what kind of power, making the cloud in head and neck hook root after the death of two separate it?I found the edges of the neck of the deceased and the head section is not tidy, not cut stump hurt feature.So, in the end is what kind of power, making the cloud in head and neck hook root after the death of two separate it?After careful examination, we found a defect like a dog bite on the left ear caused by the edge of the Dead.My heart secretly delighted.In order to find evidence, we carefully examined the clothing of the deceased, I pay special attention to observe the damaged their underwear.Finally, we found some kind of break in a round collar and bottom dead Kutong.These round laceration a certain distance between each other, after the measurement and comparison, we determined these classes are circular break canine bites.In addition, we are still on the hook root cloud clothes found traces of dog paw.It turned out that the root of the head and neck hook isolated cloud is the big dog bite carrion results.Never heard of it?I remember at school we had an old forensic talk had such a past: in the middle of the field trip to the village, his face covered with a big dog dangling from his mouth blood is the blood of a vague stump horse head at him run it off.This thing caught his attention, after investigation, confirmed that this horse is the big dog in shallow from the nearby village a dead horse who bite down.You think dogs can bite so great horse, not to mention the case of the head?It seems, indeed we should not underestimate the amazing power of dogs.In addition, from a psychological point of law of general crime and criminals to analyze consider the issue, the killer takes so much time and effort to dismember the head of the deceased should have a very clear purpose.Generally the aim is clearly drawn and quartered his tracks, offenders should be managed to cut off the head or destroy buried in the ground, causing the headless Murder case, to stop people on the corpses of identification.The case of the head and almost the same time the bodies had been found on the corpse of the head and facial appearance of clothing, it was not all see the signs for the destruction so as to achieve the Huishimieji.Single From this point of view, this thing does not like people who have brain stem!So, how to explain it cuts the anus of the dead?From the pictures of the scene, I observe the clothing of the deceased is relatively neat.I again tested the clothing of the deceased, especially its crotch section.In the crotch part I did not see the tear formed by stab wounds, it seems a bad injury at his anus to explain the hurt.When we re-examine the anus, anal stab wounds was found at the already far more than a.Located in groups inside and outside of the anus and maggots were in and out of the anus formation damage at several.Clearly, these injuries are the result of soft tissue maggot bite.Yellowstone spit tongue, said: Boy, when they have a so much damage.Then damage to a, I did not see the bodies of so many maggots, so I simply did not dare to fly maggots on carrion want to bite.Next, we need to do is to find the root of the hook cloud of death.Although the body has high levels of corruption, but I decided to conduct autopsy on the corpse of a comprehensive system.In this case, the body is the best evidence, a forensic as long as there is little hope, we should never give up on this particular test physical evidence.Cut open abdominal cavity, root hook cloud hypertrophy of the heart excites me quite a while.Root cloud hook heart has been far greater than his right fist, which weighs 600 grams, is twice the normal adult.In addition, his abnormal left ventricular hypertrophy, and abnormal left ventricular chamber and narrow.According to a further inspection, the pathological changes of heart cloud root hook presented in full compliance with the pathological diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.Pathological features of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are left ventricular hypertrophy and abnormal left ventricular cavity narrow.Its causes are still present among academic research, suggested that infection with the virus, and also suggested that autoimmune processes related.Due to the high incidence of familial disease, it is considered a genetic disease.Front part hypertrophic cardiomyopathy disease may not show any symptoms of heart disease, heart attack and is developing latent in the body.ECG disorders such patients may be under the influence of some external factors, induce sudden fatal, leading to ventricular fibrillation and instantly.According to the survey, hook root of the cloud, uncle and two cousins are in Just Hidetoshi sudden death.If I had a chance to do something conditional or autopsy, the heart hypertrophy probably should find it.So what is the root cause of cloud-induced heart attack and died hook it?Hook root cloud alone to young forest nursery ground and what to do it?Hook root clouds, 36 years old, is a family man.It is said that in Yongqing and a few girls affair, chances are the young forest nursery patch of his betrayal place?A year later, the truth.County troupe of white-hui two months ago gave birth to a baby boy.Shortly after giving birth to a child, Jiang Dayong and her endlessly noisy.It turned out that Jiang Dayong estimated delivery date based on the date of fertilization, fertilized confirmed during the two white wisdom is simply not had the same bed.To further verify his projections, he passed blood group determination, and ultimately rejected this baby boy’s Bai Huisheng and his parent-child relationship.So, the child in the end who is it?Originally, this baby is the root of the cloud hook.Now that the scandal has been revealed to the world, what else can you say?So, hook-induced death of cloud root factors found.Cloud nursery root hook is in the ground when the white YOUNG Huifa Sheng improper sexual relations, died from a heart attack.Evidence it?Fortunately, white cloud Hui retain the hook root of all addressed to her, notes, including the night with her single appointment.