A diamond ring

Farmer and his wife during his tour of the valley field, his wife accidentally a valuable diamond ring lost in the great promise of being ted rice field.Farmers not be anywhere to be found, his wife pain and agony, tears like rain, diamond ring precious Needless to say, more importantly, it involves both the farmer and his wife Everlasting Love meanings.So, he put up notices in front of a farm, to help farmers, who can find the diamond ring, offering a reward of $ 300.  Rewarded the face of temptation, farmers have admission, all hard to rummage around, but unfortunately rice mountain valley floor, as well as into bundles of straw.To find where a small ring, is no different from needle in a haystack.  People treasure hunt straw turned overcome chaos, till the sun sets still have not found the bird diamond ring.People do not complain too much threshing floor, straw is too much to complain about, have to give up the temptation to $ 300.Only a man named Brett dressed in rags children still did not give up after all have left, trying to find.Brett had the whole day without eating.How he wanted to find the rocket ring as soon as possible to solve the problem of feeding themselves and their families.  Getting dark, Brett constantly looking at the valley floor, time to late at night, Yemu very dark, almost pitch-dark.Brett did not wear shoes with naked feet tread found on rice.Suddenly, Brett found the distance straw, there is a bright spot, he slowly toward the bright spot near.When he will be the highlight of my hands, surprised to find that this is the highlight of Mrs. farmers love diamond ring.Brett finally got his wish, to get that to solve his family’s food and clothing to $ 300.  Successful law could be so simple, it is enough to stick.  Since there is already successful as rocket diamond ring waiting for us as long as we remain confident enough to keep it looking for that charming light