A Distant Cry from Spring

College entrance examination, perhaps like the mountains, and each candidate is like Climbers.Mountains, which sounded the call, exciting but anxious.Perhaps, every candidate should be appropriate to reduce the center of gravity in a relatively relaxed attitude to conquer!- Inscription Today is the last weekend in April, along with the college entrance examination approaching, I once again set foot on this familiar journey.Rain and fog, I have a breakdown of each major stop sign, each a unique Yamaguchi, each Fang Jingjing pond, watching them with cars speeding receding.    Each iteration of such a journey, all with heavy luggage, also Chuaizhuo endless worries, thoughts, and can not bear to look forward to.This time I made a special visit her daughter brought a little son, little comfort he thought on these siblings.Before long her college entrance examination, since I will not step into this piece of the mountains.Perhaps the future will come, will come to visit the West Anhui Revolutionary Base to tour the Great Rift Valley, to see this mountain Ruxia rhododendron, go look at it side to side Falls.But then the carrying different bags, With a completely different state of mind.    The back of the classroom is the daughter of a hill, and this was very beautiful.Through stainless steel window frames, look at the distant undulating ridges and peaks, as if that is a good framed landscape painting.He reveals ancient gloomy and profound mystery.Thin rain knocked umbrella, fine and intimate issue like the call of the heart.I propose to climb the mountain in rain and fog, stay away, with a son and daughter left immediately.    At this point the whole mountain seemed distant and blurred in the rain and fog, dense fog, hazy temptation reveals.Although I grew committed Erma, a leg drop points to a disability, but I do not fear the mountains.But, perhaps near the entrance, here everywhere hung with blood-red banner college entrance examination countdown, stimulate her fragile nerves; perhaps these two week test of disappointments; perhaps repeat titles like magic spells like Le was her pain.Full of tension and anxiety written on her face, looking worried and I can not help but feel bad.Sit down and rest in the gap, I patted her on the back and say the first time I climb story.    That year I also like daughter so large, but also in front of the entrance, just relying on ignorance, fear of a juvenile chamber, completely forgot his leg, actually agreed to the proposal four friends, innocently climb Bengbu Zhanggongshan.It was a not particularly tall mountain and had no lifts and cable cars.We follow the path a little difficult to climb the slope in front of two friends took me, and there are two pushed up in a short while we reached the top of the excitement.Extremely excited group together the bell tower of the Huai Wang hit cry is loud; looked curiously at the Huaihe River water rapids swept through the branches of trees down; I shout themselves hoarse against the mountains, and then awaited the moving Distant Echo ; vistas, the whole city is our net income fundus.I knew it had flashing lights, do not park closed down going up, and choose winding road, it is estimated to be under the middle of the night.But unfortunately we can only choose that narrow and steep staircase, no handrail.Perhaps the mountain has swallowed up all my strength, which is a narrow steep stairs to my knees order a full, long legs atrophy soft weakness, the center of gravity is too high, just under two, I began to cry, despite how they pull help.I sat Lai no longer afraid to move.    Zoo came the distant wail of wolves Qi strong, sweaty back waves are excited cold, I shiver, sunset through cracks down from the tree, dappled light jump on my foot surface.I have a few friends in front of a few low-level, a loss to the face I stood, I actually sat with a height.See their eyes full of frustration, sadness, pity there is regret, I quickly paint dry tears, I sat in here, did not change the status quo, I can only put it another gesture, you must go before dark!I do not know Zhanggongshan in the end there are hundreds of thousands of steps, it is completely not the number of mood, and it was my hands and feet, life and moved to sit down.    I apply the paint on his face sweat, stand up long to catch his breath: “Goodbye, mountains!”Just take the time to stand up and dust me, it was found broken trousers and pain ass is on fire.I quickly took off only a boy’s shirt around his waist, and his chest with both sleeves firmly hit a knot.    Watching her daughter smile, I suddenly felt my first climbing experience, bring me not all humiliation embarrassment and fear, and perhaps deeper feelings.In fact, every step of life, is it not the feeling of climbing?Toyama is a kind of goal, a persist, a never give up faith!We need to be comfortable with, but also need timely and appropriate manner to reduce the center of gravity!    The face of difficulties, confidence is the driving force, do not expect a shortcut, step by step toward the pinnacle!I stood up, while climbing while I said to her daughter: “Examination Maybe like climbing mountains, and every candidate is like a climber, should be a sense of balance, due to lower his center of gravity, with their relatively calm attitude to conquer!”I pointed to the mountains and told my children:” the!carry on!Conquer mountains!!Whether with both feet, or “” ass!”My son and daughter answer in unison.    Mountains echoed with their grin.