A Distant Cry from Spring

Walked outside the mountain, the mountain there is mountain.    He never stopped the pace along in his footsteps, so far away, it must be a mountain.Hill’s not here, he must have his side of the mountain shadow.    Melodies of life yourself and write, can in his eyes, a base level of scattered mountain, if that is the notes on the sheet music.Pitched at, it is Emei snow; crooning, a peak that is outside the village.    Often in the eyes filling with tears, because he can conquer a mountain, but it can not change the human well-being.    Resident heard the call of the heart, from the mountains.Regardless of this mountain is deserted, or dignified, he would like to offer one-stop.    Luggage has old clothes color back, the pace of sonorous.Tired, sitting on the cliff breath; thirsty, skim holding spring moisture heart.    Hegemony peaks, hills, mountains shout masculinity.    Kongguhuiyin, windy sun and the moon, not people how cool it?    Taken the heart of the sea, at a hill, pure breath exhaled on those past lives and future misty, gently sucked into nature.    He always liked the flat open hands, standing on the highest mountain, and as a clutching clouds, the blue sky and whisper.    He knew, never went into Qin Guan Han month.    He understood the true nature of the real man.    Clearly he saw his sail, accidentally, he has been very far away, too far away in the mountains outside the mountain.[Editor: Can children]