Another year Articles

Part one: another year of what kind of written records of the current mood, happy or sad also?I kept groping, exploring the, but can not find a suitable style to tell this narrative, undying feelings.This had to be difficult to express thoughts through the throat, released.* It is the dull sound, a hyperactivity of the high or the low-spirited, decadent?Since it can not find a way clear and complete way to express it, then we had to pack everything, emptying the mind, sleep.  That night, I have a dream.The dream is still the same old like “flesh and blood” of soap operas in general boredom, frustration.Return of the same old sets, but few people can understand the sincere emotion?All night long been plagued by dreams, stood up and sat, still remain sweltering lit cigarette.With flickering cigarette butts, the mood becomes calm.Sucked into the lungs may be discharged from the gas mouth, the moment in the memory of the heart by the method of how to remove it?Perhaps, I have long been accustomed to numb themselves with cigarettes.* In front of gray smoke like a corpse wrapped in a cloth a tightly confined the Fengyun restless heart, make him forget everything, quietly escaped the ordeal in the middle of the night.  Opened his reddish eyes, greet the sun today.It is a sunny day.To yesterday feelings but unlike polyethylene the horizon clouds and scattered, the scattered reunited.It’s like a scar left on his left arm, although the time can heal it, but can not make it intact.Can forget the pain, the scars are difficult to remove.Will be looking at the scars on his left arm every day, it seems like a born into my body and mind.So I can not exclude you in my body and mind traces.Repeat daily sake of you, it seems that this has become my habit, why should I be you “give up”?  Time goes by so fast, blink of an eye between me and your story has been going on for five years.Year, year after year, “five years” is just a simple word count, which can be experienced there are a few things people can see things clearly, could thoroughly understand?An old saying: “hear the Tao, Xi die without regret.”.I naturally can not be compared with the great wisdom of the ancients have, so I do not want to hear and do not hear Road Road.I just want you by my side, with you through the ups and downs of life.Without you, I give the world what is the use?For you, why not give up dignity?  Good snow.The depressed in my heart my love.I had snow in the front row, took two hours to figure it out still do not understand the truth, in addition to the results outside the body becomes colder than before, without any change.Reason like a fishing net, and I like a strayed Laogui them, desperately want to broke away, but it makes it less and less tight in the arms and legs can not be stretched even to the point, so I only shrink his head, with a cowardly escape.It stops snowing, the sun is still ton of bricks singing, I looked up, would like to see in the end is what makes it so fun can result in addition to tears, and nothing left what.  Mountaineer.After the snow mountain is so incredible.I walked along the trail, marching snow, he came to the top of the hill.Looked down from the mountain, everything is so small, I could see a piece of grain fields, a small river, rows of houses, it is to see your shadow.Perhaps you hide in a corner of my field of vision.Mountain breeze gently blowing, it is not like biting wind, nor like a gentle breeze, it is like a jar of vintage wine, let you inadvertently, such as drunk.I seem to drink more than a mountain, began to get a little tipsy, will miss the thought of the body as numb and disappear, who knows it like torrents of blood, he kept the Pentium in my heart.It awakened my loneliness left atrium, turn off the right atrium of joy, I can only stand on the top of the hill stood a loss Daisha posture, according bored lonely.  Have the opportunity to see the “Mother River” face, I stood beside her, looked at her with my mind away into the distance, the sudden impulse to a kind of poetry of tampering.”You live Huang Hebei, Henan Huang me in, day thinking Do not you see Jun, drink from the Yellow River water, the water will subside?This wish He Shicheng?Willing Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy.”Good poetry, beautiful sentences.Presumably author Li Zhiyi and I also have the same love War, and hate can not be born as early as a few hundred years, and this brother drink Dukang to Jieyou Chou.  Annual complex every year, year after year is so great?I only hope you can give me that part of the harvest should be obtained.    Part II: In those years, another year I know, “You Are the Apple of My Eye” Giddens is now very fire, whether books or movies; I know Ke Shen Jia Yi Jing Teng and missed those years of this belongs their love; I know a lot of people have a kind of impulse after looking on, frankly want to cry, want to have a crush on for a long time with the girls confession, there is to go with their other half spoiled, he said at that time I wanted to test your friends, so I did not expect you could not stand, they relented and agreed to before you bastard together, so and so.In those years, so we have a documentary belongs to our youth, we missed or not belonging to Shen Jiayi, stubborn Folly belongs to us all as Ke Jing Teng is so ignorant and disregard.However, another year.Although this is very cruel, but time is always so mischievous.When you want to remember something at Affection those years, but also a year Pidianpidian into the room, without warning, give you a jump.  In those years, the first time you find that you are so lucky, because you sit next to a lot of envy jealous hate boys all want her cute girl at the next table.The first time you so happy, you hide in a corner, because you actually have many times you cursed, scolded many times the urge to countless generations of his fathers teacher with little promise thankful; those years, you first secondary schools found that everything is so beautiful, even though every day the teacher a lot of you enough to spike the trigeminal nerve and the brains of each of the papers pit father, but you still do not feel pressure because you want to use the fastest time of the papers do, then she was ready at any time to ask questions.Because you managed to corral the opportunity to show your knowledgeable in front of her.Talk to her day, you first found her way when speaking a good look, especially her eyes, talking watery eyes, you instantly attracted.Sauna Network of those years, you learn to go mad, mad to become better, because you want to, when in front of her, you’re a good enough and worthy of her people.She math sucks, you’re mad to learn mathematics, and later volunteered to tell her that math does not ask me on the line, and we can work together.She smile at you, and said loudly Well, this sentence is very dull.But for you, the welfare lottery Que Shibi also happy thing.She liked to listen to a song, although this is the beginning of a song makes you feel very good, however, because she likes, so you must put MP3 songs every night of the addition of such a, you will even several nights this song is a song cycle, the purpose is very simple, learn to sing the song and then listen to her, and see her smile at charming cute.  In those years, you all are looking for some very silly joke to make her laugh, deliberately discuss her gentle scolding.Also especially like playing with her hair when she was studying.In those years, your world, bit by bit all of her.In those years, so you like her.But accidentally, the result notices sent down, you know, like you admitted to her school, and she was unable to do so.You want to call told her, comfort her, but raised his hand at the moment but put down, because you are afraid, afraid she refused.  In those years, you always whenever you call her, pull her some others did not, tell her your school canteen which most unkind aunt, I told her what the students in your class most two, and cited examples of twelve three four, told her that your class has a lot of guy, tell her what you recently met happy thing, a girl told her how good their own and really want to hear her voice has not jealous.You said a lot a lot with her, that she did not say how much you want, how you want to appear now fiercely holding her in front of her.However, fate always consider themselves too humorous idea, a very unexpected message through your body like a bolt from the blue, she had a boyfriend there, she flies seemed well over there, and you also heard, he or she took the initiative to chase.Hello regret, can not be reconciled good, I did not have time to say I love you instantly become miss courage.However, your life goes, those who missed, can only be continued in the memories.In those years it took many years, and now, another year.And you are still addicted to it those years inside?  Another year, you met a lot of people and a lot of things in your life, in fact, there are a lot of worthy people you love.Your family, your friends, your classmates.Another year, and you become mature, and still others say you become handsome, but only you know, you just become mature.There tolerant.  Another year, and you read the university, learn about school now, have mixed feelings.However, I have to remind you that another year, and is the busiest time of the.Because you have not review, and most importantly, the exam soon.