Another year autumn cold

Part One: Another year gone cold autumn, autumn is cool.In those gentle, in which ink in Guilin and over, but people, this season has become a landscape of doomed.  This fall, I spent in Guilin.Guilin autumn and autumn home has as many different.Or, it is the experience of life difficult for water.If not, why would Mr. Ren Hongyuan say “crossed the Antarctic ice, can get out of a frontier autumn word.  Vincent Fang vaguely remember there is a word, the kind of implication, and only in the landscape south of ink, it can be reflected.  The city seal inscribed in the rainy season bluestone outside the city all the way to the muddy landscape sum volley of you are my tears brush ink painting on a blank parting reel always not draw the fall of the South who, so hot, is a moist hot.Therefore, it is difficult to find the feeling of autumn in the South.This Four Seasons is not clear, the deeper thoughts of autumn brought back to his hometown.  This time the northern autumn, Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, people began a busy life.  Home this season is a season of harvest.Potatoes and corn in one place a land rush of laughter face exposed, they may be used in this way for farmers uncle of hard work and cheer!Full harvest of joy hide the sweat and labor of their uncle.These and other crops have received at home, the home will have withered vine trees faint crow picture.Montreal leaves rattle step up.Wind whistling blowing, the village they heard the cries of a child.  No place like home, autumn is a most concentrated home.Autumn wind blows, when the recession everywhere show in front of the village, you will think Ma Zhiyuan Road westerly skinny horse, sunset, heartbroken people in the End of the World?  See also the plume of smoke curl, everything is so familiar, home of the people, the face of his hometown, his hometown, then hot kang home.But, I could not feel the cool autumn home.    Part II: Another year autumn cool, old walls in the home Angelica too late hugged them, spend more time with them, let it down, take off the mask, only their own, only children. – Inscription River City weather is always changing some off guard, yesterday still hot, just one night effort, is already more than palm court leaves, autumn has generously know, go out early in the morning, I could not help but tightened the coat has been idle for six months clean up the yellow leaves on the window has not woke up, I thought, the original letter is also worth the occasional weather forecast.  Along the way, his wife and ramble, secular complaining about heavy traffic, talking about the day’s schedule, inadvertently heard on Radio National Day holiday in the discussion of the matter, could not help feeling the time flies, trance torn over more than half a year , wife of excitement said to me: almost forgot one thing, the company arranged November holiday travel to Dalian.Then he kept saying holiday plans, looking forward to a wonderful trip, I simply should be the heart, but contemplating to take advantage of the holiday back home to see.  Our city is a typical migratory birds, Brother, Sister, niece, wife and children and I live in the city, the annual Spring Festival to return home under the home New Year, and then they go to work in town between the first month, had the chance to go back to visit during the journey because some far from Higurashi arrived early in the morning.Before each departure would have a good plan, which relatives can only eat at home, which can live in a relative’s house one night, the opportunity to go back a year because of too rare, and all the relatives they have taken care of, can not be lost etiquette.Although they come and gone, but my mind was because of the warmth of affection bring happiness heavy.Nightlife network from home, always measured in the mother’s phone, every few hours, the mother will ask you to where the?It is also much longer?Along the way it also successfully?Jieer (niece children) also listen to it?On the drive must pay attention to safety.So often, we always reply with the patient over and over again, a little less worried about the mother, family, more of a peace of mind.  Every home, are basically close the evening, far looking at the door that had lit street, travel fatigue instantly disappear, standing under the street light inevitably highly anticipated, he kept looking at the door of grandparents, mothers and As the old lyrics father “to spend time with a good meal table.”.Open the door, rushed to never grow up is that white (junior high school when I take home the puppy), non-stop around us Sahuan, from time to time still holding my legs, the original, it is also clear we separated for too long.  Just a few days at home, and parents always have lots to talk about, year of harvest, knowledge, family chores, changes in the home, will be the topic of the Lunar Night Talk, and his father is still the most talked about and work late plan, only she and her brother to the smoking ban will be a special release, father and sons exchange at this time in a rare hint of smoke in a complaint of sentiment, his father had unknowingly climb goes wrinkled face blooming pleased smile, perhaps more he saw two son of hope; niece children at this time in her mother’s arms Sa Zhejiao, singing songs in school learning, but also occasionally to a prank, Zusun Liang laugh from time to time laughing, elderly mother at this time if young teens, his eyes flashing with happiness.Grandparents always come up with a variety of snacks collection, they kept us to eat this eat that, in their eyes, or that we have not grown colt greedy, niece children sometimes rub to his wife (my grandmother) arms and eat it eat it, and then ask some strange questions, because my grandmother passed oldest ears less so that, there will be some irrelevant answers scenes, however, the fault of everyone laughing smiling, white has been fell asleep in the next, it’s a dream should also engraved this wonderful time.  Happiness is always short-lived, along with the holiday rush getting warm weather have ended, when the pack is the busiest, father, mother orderly packed with a variety of specialties, grandparents will find this kind of dry goods, despite our decline shoehorned into the bag, he said: bring it along too, but also when the New Year will come back, and more than a little so as not enough.In fact, bring more luggage is family share deep thoughts and worries.Until the entire trunk could not fit into things slowly set foot on the road away from home, my mother always sent far, far away, has always been a strong mother at this time his eyes full of tears, asked us to stop, it is reluctant her granddaughter hard to break away, the car drifting away, can also be seen at the intersection watched our mother, wiping away his tears actions that make my heart kind of speechless taste.  After-hours telephone call to his mother, said arrangements holiday, the day the mother said that if the phone busy to get away and not come back it does not matter, anyway, we are pretty good at home, but the tone of hope is so real.Today, we have a husband, a father, with a heavier burden, one of their own family, as well as an old parents and elders, they run to an effort on us, the greatest tragedy in life than ” son wants his parents wait, “too late in time, Huijia look!In still time hugged their shoulders when they spend more time, let it down, take off the mask, only their own, only children, it would be the greatest comfort to them.  Postscript: Luoyang city to see autumn, the book is intended to be a writer million heavy.  Complex fear untold hurry, temporary pedestrian hair and Kaifeng.