Another year chrysanthemums

Cold wave of the season, is the first to be alerted chrysanthemum.They protest by bloom.So when lifeless to the side of the road began to build and gorgeous color, people have begun to focus surprised eyes.    Those with pots used as isolation, as if overnight all filled with angry.They should not be overlooked mettle with the release of green, blue released, then with yellow, red, pink, purple as the primary color, splash ended up winding silk, rainbow, all the way to the distant carnival with dancing.    Huang Ju, Ju Ju red, pink, purple daisy, all reveal the simple and elegant and dignified leisurely.That neat buds and petals children are carefully Olympus hatch out from Egeria, firmly mounted on a healthy Guduo.They placenta Zuotai like, gold-plated silver-filled, thick and luxurious, looks like Buddha meditation, there is a comfortable and charming vulgarity.    Flowers spread around.First, in the intersection, then across around and along the road to and go, leading to the Octagon, Walk the Line.With floral flow all the way, is the stairs, alleys, dense traffic, crowded downtown.Even the most ordinary day feeling depressed pedestrian bridge, at the moment have become encrusted terrace aroma.Them with tassels same breath, looks like the clouds, full of goodwill to decorate the twilight, decorated with getting older years being so mature beauty unspeakable wind lovers, a dream come.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) temperatures seemed to be frozen overnight.Cities have begun wrapped in a thin mist hanging scroll.Water and wind in the cold with a wave of stop-go sad, swept over the embankment, crossed Linshao, people stay atrium.However, these do not seem to affect the good mood of chrysanthemum.Or they laugh, or anger, or crazy, or mad, looked calm, like world outside expert, gestures, and Mercier style full cricket.    As if a magnetic field.In front of chrysanthemum, pedestrian pace began to slow in the air impetuous began to converge, and even come and gone past the stars of the day and night has also been stopped or wandering desire.Became popular around the happy times 且行且珍惜.    Every day, chrysanthemum tea filling in between the road walking, watching the colorful flowers, colorful flowers arrogance, I feel that is the arena of the Pingzongxiaying, it is slowly becoming the story of the landscape.