Another year gardenia white, beater next month there is a new fragrance

If living in the North, you are missed endure southern fragrant gardenia.    I can not remember the first time to smell the gardenia situation like the taste, but that kind of freshened aroma, experience, and you will never forget.    Could there, this is the southern flavor?    Good view of flower color, aroma dish.All in all, a good gardenia lot of money to spend, it leaves bland, such as flowers aside, it is even difficult to ornamental plants stained edge.    Perhaps Heavenly creature has its own channel, always makes a person beautiful is not exclusive to, but like in the many mundane, the vertical cross painted cast a few strokes, so that everyone has a personality different from its.Fragrance, probably God to add additional gardenia that pen right.    Often smell the fragrant gardenia, people will realize that the seating arrangement in the south.Gardenia flowering is not too short, because often is a cultivated, blooming temporary, small wind Xu, subtle fragrance Man Chung, through the heart through God, does not want Qingming, also can not.If the office is located, but also quite good scenery, carrier bridges month, thin stream of light, the bamboo moving heart, until no wind, the wire fragrant high and low, may be absent, even poetic inspiration afford, can also LingoNova earnest, quiet pregnant to vulgar, meaning high imaginary star.    I have the impression that the south is soft, a rain curtain, a bamboo, a wave of boat marks, plus Wu soft dialect far and near, encouraging people to hardship.But gardenia fragrance is somewhat alien, she can not afford it threw off the bones Yi Suoyan color of years, but she really is very transparent, tell people another big Yiyun: Day also south, the night is also the southern, lean on clear clear, consistent wind Chutian.    This state of mind, it is difficult speech, realistic, do not ironing, painting a false, contrived but significant.    In fact, gardenia north also be planted, but there should be a suitable soil, suitable temperature.The north multi-purpose pot, though not enough flowers stretch, but the flowers still wins.    Another year gardenia white, beater next month there is a new fragrance.    Out the window, the basin of positive lug three new flower sprig, faze me Zen.