[REVIEW] water sound silent, invisible intentionally.It hurt, hungry, sleepy, tired, tired, tired, and body bone discomfort, and serve no one, no one concern, even if it is sent to branch word phrase.    Water, but also the origin of all things.Originally, the good is like.Good water, which benefits all things without struggle.But, the world people put their emotions are all endowed with water, let her have joys and sorrows.Between Xi suddenly, the water becomes graceful, fascinating and charming.Sometimes, also moody.  Like water leisurely day quietly with death, colorless, faint, Hao Che.Li Bai not a poem goes: “Do not you see the Yellow River water to the sky, rushing to the sea never to return.Do not you see Kodo mirror sad hair, such as black hair toward the twilight into the snow.”Life is endless generations, the whole Yangtze send water.Water, fulfill their lives, but it also carries the time.Life is so short and temporary, only Mochizuki Flows.  Water love.Pro-incompatibility?Home water.People are always coming time parting loved ones, home, affectionate elderly always use wooden scoop bowl of water is authentic hometown of water, and gave it away to try other relatives.Farewell with this way, expression of love Sincere.As the saying goes, one soil to raise one person.  Water care.A man and woman, always say “gentle enough, wedding day a dream,” “so-called Iraqi people, in the water side.”.When trouble, and that “Choudao the flow of water, toast Xiaochou worry more worry,” he said “like a river flows to the east.”.Leaning out of windows, renowned for Swallows cut rain curtain, thinking with the rain slowly Piaoyuan.Looking at the pear with little rain, the day the earth away from the situation and do not hate my mind lingering, lingering a long time.Lethal most sad is: Had to do a thousand sails are not, oblique Hui tenderness of water yo.  Who is a senior animal indistinct.Even seven-year-old Jia also said: “My daughter is the water for the flesh, but refuse, that man eyebrows cloud foam only.”But, because men do not become clean and pure water, the woman because of contaminated mud cloudy.  The water is clear.Clear as the bright moon, like a clean mirror.Liu “small Shitan in mind,” reads: “See under small lake, especially in chilly water.Che sunlight, the shadow cloth stone, fixed contend.”Bai added: ‘Water heart, such as a mirror, thousands of miles without QianHao’ the water is turbid, muddy disaster and that the nature of the heart fills.  Water containing color.Blue green water, is the minds of the mirror.Mountains, also the minds of beauty.So-called “Castle is not old, green water forever.”!Water is green, but also the red.Po Chu is not in the “twilight Jiang Yin” in the case said, “a setting sun spread in water, half-howling half-Jiang Jiang Hong” it?The water is still blue.Wei passing piece of the sail world journey of life, the bird with the white clouds flying on blue sea.Water blue, cloud net net, it really magnificent!  Water Yun painting.Painting with water, but the Autumn.That vast expanse of moist, then stirring relaxed and a total length of sky color, painting are exciting, pieces of pieces of all they are fresh.  Nature gave birth to a mountain river, but also the spirit of the water, there are numerous.  When the water is stirred up, perfecting the mountain stream, a waterfall weave.Li Bai’s famous line, “three thousand feet down, suspected Galaxy nine days,” has become the eternal farewell.  Water quiet time, such as a dignified woman leaning out of windows, quiet and serene.Xie Tiao said, “Xia Yu scattered into chi, Chengjiang static, such as training.”.Cao Cao in the “sea view”, it is written, “Dan Dan River, Island heave”, a good piece of landscape painting!  Water excited when it becomes spring.Zhu Xi’s “Asked him what so clear?As there is water flowing.”Good philosophical.  Water tired angry, it becomes rain.Dense rain down from the sky pink, I touch your skin epidermis, full of poetry.Push the window, opened the curtain of rain falling from the sky quiet, that rain, thoughts and wire strands of worry as if with the rain sneaked into the heart of the soul.Sorrow and sad, with rain rainy fly.  Water-cooled, and the Xuefei.Listen to the rustle of the Broken Bridge, look round clusters of snow, patches triumphantly Sasa, recollections of years of reincarnation, time flies farewell.  Water, but also with sound.Gurgling water, spring buzz.All fresh all the time to describe the nature side.The sound of water is the United States, such as Ming Pei ring, such as play the cadence of the music on the piano.However, the storm, the snow piled up a thousand, it is another kind of sonorous, majestic, thundering sound macro.  However, the greatest and most accommodating than the blue of the sea.In front of the vast sea, we individuals are insignificant.When the small boat floating in the sea, raised the sailing, the stern kept splashing spray broken pieces, it is not the end of every household in the hotbed it?That warm bed, not that time tunnel where the leaf boat it?  But, people on the bed, or crazy or mad, or love-hate Melancholy.What I want is not what I portray.Water shape into a circle, then it can not be a party.Water rubbing strips, then it can not be flat in.When we calm amidst glittering in the bright, whether mentioned “water can carry a boat, can also overturn” do?  The water temperature, hot, boiling, and cold, cold, unknowingly and passed through seasons.When gentle, charming and good water, swaying in the wind as a woman, lovely; anger, violent water well, like Qin Shi Huang Xiong Baba, very bossy.  Water sound silent, invisible intentionally.It hurt, hungry, sleepy, tired, tired, tired, and body bone discomfort, and serve no one, no one concern, even if it is sent to branch word phrase.Give up beside the stream, no one to teach fall.The water, day after day, year after year, is still unknown to be played in the spring clear and melodious music; in the summer, giving and selfless dedication sweet spa; in autumn, creating a tempting Qiushuiyiren of; in winter, ice thousands of miles, turned the majestic.  That the people of the United States contains a wealth of.US water lies in dedication.Flowing body of blood, that the water is supporting.Water, extending the life; water, changing the color; water, illusion of vigor.(2011-4-27)