Are you happy?

Part One: Are you happy?  If someone asked you: “Are you happy?”How would you answer?  To answer the question, I think it is both simple and not simple.  You feel relaxed and happy, you are happy, it is not very simple it?The same thing in different places at different times, you will feel the difference; the same thing to different people, they may not feel the same, so the answer to this question are not so simple.  Some people say that I have more money and I’m happy.I do not think.The key is how much money there is more than.You have 100 million more than count yet?If you are not satisfied, want to have 3 million, even if you have a million dollars, you do not feel happy.You have 1 billion in assets, but others see 10 billion in assets, you tangle, then you will not feel happy.  It is said that there is a good job in terms of happiness.So what is the good work?Young people nowadays to find a job regardless of their condition, just think of government agencies, large corporations only think of work, thought only working units Gao easy revenue over work.The problem is you have the ability to enter such a unit it?Get in, you do not feel happy.Even if you get to revenue over Gao units, but too busy with work management is too strict, and so you do not feel happy.  Maybe you love in marriage, in the housing area, in the appliance clothing, in many ways, there are a lot of expectations for happiness.There are expectations, not a bad thing, the question is whether you are ready for this purpose, efforts were.Well, not come out of the pie ah!  If you ask me, you happy?My answer; I’m happy!I am happy there is no absolute standard, happy feeling is compared to exist in.I am happy, I feel happy.A child comes fifties and sixties, his family was extremely difficult, but I was really like in elementary school essay written in the “carefree”, was very happy.why?Since childhood friend and play together fun, sorrow, threw the parents, “Youth do not know real depression” ah.The early seventies worked in a factory, I feel happy, because I am a worker, and many of my high school classmates, but hard work in the countryside.Then I went on as workers, peasants and students at the University of the Northeast, although almost every day, eat buns, rice, sorghum, hard life, but I am happy, after all, I am a college student, at that time also proud.To work, there is little success, a little progress, but also feel very happy.I never thought about what he could when the officer, but the officer what the chief and the like, but also feel very happy, I never think of what division-level departmental level.In fact it is the case, can become a small government, it is your ability to work and certainly, pleasant surprise, happiness can not do!Not an officer, and think “no officer out of danger,” Yijue happiness.  I think, if you have a little spirit of Ah Q, you can easily feel happy.As the saying goes, things do eight or nine.Ask yourself, how many decades Most things ah!You put these things do not resolve out, you feel the same happiness.Far do not speak, they speak two years ago I had a serious illness, but also chemotherapy and radiotherapy, treatment for six months, and finally achieved good results at the end of last radiotherapy, namely the evening meal in the restaurant and loved ones, this I really feel happy.Why is this so, because ill and, first of all have a good attitude, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, achieved a certain effect, you must have a sense of well-being.  In life, you can not always plain sailing, not ring true as long as you take to heart, there is a good mood, you are happy.Happiness is a feeling, think good things, and more feel wonderful moment, you must be happy.  Yuan Fang, how do you see this thing?    Part Two: Are you happy?  I believe every one of us from the bottom of my heart asked myself many times, I’m happy it?Maybe you’ll reveal a sweet smile, make a definite answer; maybe you’ll shook his head and made a negative answer; maybe you will reveal a loss, can not buy any way; maybe..  In fact, happiness is a feeling of happiness and your mind, but not with your substance, regardless of your position, regardless of your age, regardless of your looks, the more peace of mind you, the higher your happiness index the more you happiness!Nightlife net happiness is to have a care about you, care about you smile whether brilliant, care about your mood is happy, care about whether your health, care about your well-being, care about your care all that heartache with your heartache , happy with your happiness.He was depressed when you spring breeze was blowing, blow away the haze of your heart; you pain medicine he is a soul, heal your wounds; he is the lighthouse when you lost, you guide the direction forward; you happy he could retire the side, far blessing, deeply worried about; his hard work is your cheerleaders, applaud you, cheer for you!  Happiness should be like this, for men, there is a young woman to accompany you through the tough times is a blessing, this woman is an angel, give you the sun, give you gentle, accompany you through the winter, allowing you to enter life peak, your success, your glory and suffer with you this woman is inseparable, you should cherish!For a woman, you have roots in a faded, still stubbornly persists, accompanied by partner around you is how happy ah!This man is your patron saint, to care for your life, give you meticulous care, do not care whether stave climb up your face, do not care if you become Huanglian Po, do not care whether your body out of shape, still regard you as the hands of the treasure, precious to accompany you watch the sunset together, totter through life’s journey!  In fact, happiness is very simple, and so happy that someone, no matter how late you, who have a home; happiness is someone pain, pain in your body, pain in his heart; happiness is to accompany someone, whether it is wind and rain or night accompany you through all together; happiness is someone wants to have a like you, people who care; happiness is to have a pet you, pet you, accommodate you, make you like a baby; happiness is to have a man love you, love your future is now more love you, accompany you to the old age!  Also an ability to make his own happiness.Happiness is a desire, everyone wants to be happy, everyone is eager to happiness, happiness is always those who are willing to love a touch of happiness.We must first learn simple, so that simplify complex life, reduce the load on the mind, travel light, you will greatly improve the happiness index.In fact, you have to clean up garbage timely soul, let your heart pure and beautiful, you will feel the sky is so blue, the clouds are so elegant, flowers are so mouthwatering, the grass is so green…..You will feel your world is so beautiful, you live in this world is so happy.Again you have to cherish a grateful heart, thank life has given us everything, your stage of life, your living space, but also give you all of nature, the sun, the rain, the wind, rain., But thank you to the source of those you love, you give help to the people you support, they had just let your life are no longer alone, they will have to make your life full of sunshine, they are happy.Also to open up with the mentality of the sun to face life, do a sunflower woman, even depressed have to face the sun!  Let others happy is a state, giving a caring, giving a helping, giving an understanding, giving a tolerance, to roses, shelter fragrance.If everyone contributes a little love, then the world will become more beautiful, life is sweetness and light, life will be full of sunshine!  Let others happy is a state, giving a caring, giving a helping, giving an understanding, giving a tolerance, to roses, shelter fragrance.If everyone contributes a little love, then the world will become more beautiful, life is sweetness and light, life will be full of sunshine!  Happiness requires hard to understand, hard to feel, happiness is not hanging clouds in the sky, the snow lotus flower on the tip of the cliff is not happiness, happiness is not out of reach, the happiness around us, happiness is our life, perhaps happiness is the mother of caution, perhaps happiness is a hug couple, maybe happiness is a loving eyes, perhaps a warm words, maybe happiness is the children’s life every day of the call, perhaps happiness is distant blessing, perhaps happiness is to have a worried about you and the person you care a worthy person, perhaps happiness is to know there is a person like you, maybe happiness.Happy feel good, make you laugh in the face, in the heart of sweet, food for thought!  Need someone to share happiness, happiness is not a happy person, two people, happy abode of bliss, happiness does not necessarily want to hold, but it must be heart to heart, happiness is not necessarily licks and Mo, also known in the arena, and his always there is a stay by you through the rain, wind and frost through thick and thin is happiness, happiness is through thick and thin, to stay together is happiness, happiness is to grow old!  Happiness is someone to understand, happiness is to have a people who understand you, understand your pain, know your tired, you know the joy, anger, sorrow, understand more precious than love, you know people will love you with the way you like, love happy relaxed, love of nature, love!  Was to appreciate, others agree is a blessing, is reflected in the value of your social life.Others admire your talent, your character feel appreciated, others admire your mind, your intelligence people appreciate, is how you honor and pride ah!And enjoy the self-confidence to you, you appreciate the courage, will enjoy higher you fly, you will appreciate to go further!  Happiness is like a flower, blooming flowers, we need careful watering to make happy flowers normally open undefeated, tender and beautiful!    Part Three: Are you happy CCTV’s “Are you happy,” the survey touched a lot of people’s nerves.Whether it is rich with Mao’s boss at the edge of poverty or struggle of migrant workers, talking about happy there are so many reflections.Happiness can be very realistic, a bread when hungry on behalf of all happiness, rather than abalone on the five-star hotel dining table can reflect happiness; happiness can be very direct, Asaga children and grandchildren to a ripe old age for the elderly, percussion noise day, the elderly eat that piece is full of the twice-cooked pork oil beads is happiness.Happiness is not unhappy, the whole lies in a sense from the inside out.Bitter also happy, also sad joy, happiness is the definition of the highest state, but also a life wisdom.  Reality forced us to fight for the wallet.Often passing gorgeous clothes shop window, not the heart, which shows you are a heterogeneous urban development.Who would not want their own dress has a head face?But that scary price tag on you have to let cash-strapped.He stepped back in shame to cover up the heart of the confusion but others do not want to get a glimpse of your mind.Wages and other people’s big spenders shabby sharp contrast, you will ask yourself: do I really not as good as him?My life worse than he do?Why am I so be poor?A series of questions almost make you lose the courage to live.This time to the questionnaire, “Are you happy,” is not just an injury, it is an insult.The reality is not in accordance with our vision to design, most people are in between subsistence and production.So, more people are not satisfied with the status quo.Only a few people enjoy the greatest achievement of social development, they wear silk clothing, open luxury cars, live in villas, enjoy the wealth and status.We blindly blame or complain, not in exchange for those few people’s lives.Why not a little bearish, based on their actual, live a life of their own, may travel freely, happiness was so envious of the rich.A cold winter night, I was standing with friends at a restaurant and other stars.Old boy riding a bike, draped over the back of his lover, they are the city’s wage earners, the income is very low, but they sang their own songs only understand drifting away from me.By neon lights flashing, their faces are not sad, but wanton brilliant.I am exceedingly envious.I came to this city to work hard, often worry about the pressure, using alcohol to intoxicate themselves temporarily, still in the dead of night wound breakdown.They do not sad, blowing is a pure and simple pleasures.In contrast, they are happy, too, such as a plain blue sky happy.  If you use money to measure happiness, it can only enhance the pain index.A significant role of money, money can buy a big house your car, you can also buy the money eyes of the people, may be able to get warm surface of the moment, but certainly can not buy true, but can not buy accompany you through life history of health.When you have most of the world’s wealth, but there are not a sincere exchanges with friends, always wary.How do you have a sense of happiness?I looked on the day bill to sleep, wake up those who are still worried about ulterior motive.Living in anxiety, more money brings is endless worries.Some people earn enough money at the pleasure of several generations, those three generations of wealthy people rich enough to eat all day long doing nothing.Those living in the lowest level of society, has been with a dream, with both hands to knock the door of the city.Way to go very hard, every step of the Success came very easy.We see Weimang hope persist in, but virtually experience the taste of happiness.Although many young people are asking for the moon illusion, you know, by their own efforts and sweat to get the most enduring, and will always be happy.Life needs down to earth, step by step, but when you look back, when life in this way, you can find his footprints yet?It may be difficult.You will find that when you go where no man’s gone through, even walking in the mud, will leave deep footprints.Happiness is all about.  The only time the most equitable world, whether rich or poor.When others delicacies, you can only porridge, you should be thankful to still have the same amount of time in pickles to enjoy the gift of life given to.Under the same blue sky, want to live their own state, do not worry so much about external things.Chuang Tzu has been able to free Happy, He knows the secret of life is full of spirit.When it is strong, but the natural world is the scenery around it.It is difficult to understand Chuang Tzu inner happiness, but his body learned how to find the way to happiness.Luo Yang sacrifice their lives for the aerospace industry, many people sigh he did not enjoy material life.But he vowed loyalty to the cause of the party and the people, in a sense, his personal life has gone beyond all the values of ordinary people.He sad the sad people, he happy with the happiness of the people.He has become a monument dedication inspire more people happy.Visit a friend from Canada came back strong feelings.He said that in Canada, if the work can earn about 1,500 euros a month, the cost of living is not high, but also can balance 500 euros; work can not receive government benefits 1200 euros, ever use it to charity.Work does not work will not affect the protection of life.Work is purely a pleasure, a hobby, an enhanced sense of happiness of life, they will play their biggest initiative.To work as their hobbies or interests in itself a state, it would leap from one peak to another happy happy valley.  Happiness does not depend on the charity of others, does not exist in the eyes of others.In fact, you want happiness on the side.You seat for someone else, you harvest is not only a virtue, but also a well-respected.You put other people throw in the trash next to pick up a paper cut, that moment you become the image of the tall, little things can be the most beautiful picture.Almost all of them do not see hope, but you rise in the face of adversity, to complete the impossible task, you go beyond the limit, obtained recognition is a kind of living reflects a happy show.Less care, it is too little unnecessary loss; a little more tranquil, the more transparent the feelings of some of life.Life is short, not as free and easy face its chaotic world, you will have more time to savor the taste of happiness that is commendable.  Whether eyes are dark or confused, you will be as happy invincible.CCTV survey was tested in a state of human existence, the dissemination of the concept of happiness, but also to remind everyone to strive toward happiness marine, discard all the troubles of life, a happy man.Like Hai said that “facing the sea spring”, a happy person right.    Part Four: Are you happy?  Are you happy?It was originally a simple greeting, and now because of street television interview, to be more and more people to answer.There are a variety of answers, such as “My name was,” “What do you mean,” “I’m fine ah,” “I answer you, the team is inserted” .Perhaps because of unexpected strange, it seems the real interview, so we have a joke, with the talk.Maybe people did not take this problem seriously, but some really stricken when asked about it, and even to doubt the motives of the questioner.  I think people are afraid to answer this is to give a little metaphysical questions get dizzy, what happiness is?So vague, it is more money, no food is more interesting, is not a natural spin long in most people’s minds of.If any, due to the different identities of respondents and different characteristics, like the eyes of a thousand thousand readers Hamlet as.  What is happiness?Perhaps we have never thought, maybe we do not know what is happiness, perhaps we know, just difficult to express, perhaps.Is happiness is like white clouds drift in the air, so far?  I do not want to say happy like fog, like the wind, like rain, but we hurry, no time to think, yesterday, today, tomorrow, there are so many things to do, where there will be time to think about these?  But some people always make time to answer this question, let us listen to their answers.  This is a clean delivery room, my mother looked at the bed newborn baby, cried to refuse to see them, between the mouth showing the most brilliant smile, which is a blessing.  It is active in the classroom, the teacher looked at the stage of sweet and innocent students, they see sound of reading aloud, eyes flashed most gratifying eyes, this is a blessing.  This is a cozy little house, watching the kids at the table table full of good food, see their parents take their food to his mouth to eat into the most delicious food, this is a blessing.  This is a vast field, looking at the field of golden wheat farmer, his hands glide among the brightest Chan of grain, which is a blessing.  This is a busy factory, workshop master looked molded product, double ear ringing off the most sincere praise, this is a blessing.  Happiness seems to be everywhere, in every corner around, inside and out in the streets.Ordinary people did not answer what is happiness, but the interpretation of what is happiness.Some say it is the best of times, to catch up with the reform and opening up, large economic development, others say it is the worst of times, caught up with moral decay, lack of faith.I want to say, in fact, every age is a combination of angel and devil, as long as people exist, they can not avoid the complexity of human nature.But the boundaries between man and animal, lie in understanding morality, know how to think.We will think about the meaning of life, the value of life, which is why people made all the difference.  Just materialized in our hearts the love of the world temporarily obscured in the process of fame, we have bright eyes become cloudy, and see only the exchange of things and objects, see interpersonal communication, Over time, the topic for this happiness, it becomes strange, alienated.  People love, because there is good, everyone is turning angel wings, falling into mortal, for God deal with his old difficult thing, whether good or not, will accept his call to complete the process of Chachi.So in order to prepare students dead, go to the point, you do not need to worry too much, just convert the space, leaving years.This years or long or short, has its own arrangements.  Since coming to an end eventually, why not look at the scenery along the way, discover the beauty of life it?After all, life is not alive, the former is the presence of physiological, which is the value of life.Both do not require separation in order to live the way home, life filled for years, and that was.  I think there is happiness in this go away in a smile, it filled in the fall, although it is abstract, but can perceive on the move.Its background is human goodness, determined to need people to love.Perhaps it exists in a look, a turn, a hug, a smile.And this has nothing to do love affair, only between heart.    Part Five: Are you happy?  Are you happy?Someone asked you, or your own words you asked yourself?Or you have not properly thought this sentence.No matter ever asked or thought about the question before you ask is not happy, it is first of all to be discussed: What is happiness!What is happiness?A difficult question to answer, because the happiness of each individual will probably be a different understanding and feelings.I had seen a word, said: Happiness is a small piece of the tail of the dog behind, chasing vain, but has been behind you.It seems, happiness is not chasing, is feeling.  What is happiness?I asked many times, and thought, since ancient times the word happiness or pleasure will mix together and happy, so happy, and happy, is happiness.What kind of life is considered a happy and joyful, ancient refers to the happy family is not intact, filled with material life, people feel a sense of satisfaction, that is happiness?Perhaps Perhaps not, but no doubt that happiness and joy are Siamese, only happy will be happy, happy is happy.  And who love their life together, and still live with their loved ones happier, really hard to say, because people who do not like the natural feeling will be different.However, to find a love themselves than to find a love themselves more easily, because I like their better than they like more, and your favorite people will not necessarily want you.Of course, if you like to find each other like you, and that is the best outcome, the happiest.But, no matter what kind of belonging, as long as the harmonious living, happy, happiness.  Make a lot of money, get on the substance will be very happy to meet, or have great respect for the people around you, care about you will be happy and successful in their careers can make you happy, showing happiness and your surroundings are related, these factors are also happy that constitute the cornerstone of happiness.  Well, ask your happiness right now?So the premise is you happy?If you are not happy, so happy still some distance away from you, if you are happy, then you have to have a happy.But many, many people just do not feel happy, would say they are happy, quite simply, the psychological trouble, not willing to let other people aware that they are unhappy, fear of being ridiculed, they will bask in false happiness.  Everyone will want to be around people and are very happy, but also want to give your family happiness, but few ask whether you are happy, therefore, can properly ask yourself, Are you happy?  Tonight, I also good to ask yourself, Are you happy?    Part Six: Are you happy just to remember the memory of a smile, to see is more than the photo of you.  You look had shown signs faded, do not know whether you remember.  Guangzhao Street, together with watching movies, doing silly things together also feel happy.  I am not a careless man I still remember you, you are not the people who still have no intention of I.  Years later some of our youth went on, sometimes linked also become silent greeting.  Friends my favorite friend please stay ignorant years of sincere friendship memories.  We all vowed to never cared about each other, and that in that month you I have my own happy home.  My wife became my spiritual pillar, your husband became your only care.  We still contact each other tell, slowly faint all the time hampered.  I forgot there is a contract, you forget there is a care.  So scattered, we miss fewer and farther away from.  So forget the lonely Sentimental memories that will rewind.  Are you happy I think you will be happy, I’m happy I do think I will be happy.  Vows not to forget the other side, it will be you, it will take away years.  Tick tick tick tick everything is gone with the wind, sometimes suddenly remembered, so tears suddenly remembered.  So let us have memories sometimes think you’ll bless each other happy.