Are you ok?

Part One: Are you okay?  Hi.Three years later, are you okay?Oh, no, precisely, are you okay after three years and four months?Not seen for many years, from the chat with your tone of voice which feels mature, practical, and perhaps also missing something!After the second year I’m fine, leave your summer met him, he was like a touch of the sun, warm me, sinking once you warm my heart dusty!  That fate would be so, after the separation of that year, perhaps we will never in contact with, because I think I know you, because you will not take the initiative to contact me, and I do, maybe it will not go lower yourself the figure went a link hurt themselves.However, as time passed, many years later, we have grown, matured, I was able to be comfortable with you, I talk about with you, he told you I know you married this thing, life is like an old friend to talk talk in the future, no other hearts.  I think my life is incomplete because I met two men, one is worthy of their love life to go with him and stay forever, and the other is to miss.So thank you in my eighteen year, let me know what is sweet and sentimental when first love, let me know what is piercing and helpless after falling out of love.I now have so many memories can be memorable, but also when I met him again, but know how to operate the feelings, cherish the feelings.  Maybe us apart is more true of the year but the decision in a long period of time after years, I have been looking for reasons we’re apart, and finally someone told me, “Maybe he liked you, but maybe not love” moment I finally understand what happened before we understand the various.There had too much to figure out, but time will tell too many miracles can happen.As they are now, I think I would not have thought three years ago, when you think of yourself can actually be so relieved, really!  Of course, relieved not to forget all, remember that we still encounter knowing each other, will remember bits and pieces, will remember the last call is 18 July 2009, will continue to retain the “pink girl”, or perhaps you We have forgotten it, but when I retrospect, no heartache of the year, no tears when you think of previous years, will not hurt you to remember those who had.Stay in my heart that only those good memories, you brought me all sorts of fun.I do not know if that is not growing to bring some surprises me, but these are but some of my heart the most real wealth.When you classify in me from the “LC” to “strangers” to “blacklist” to “once a colleague” to “old friend”, I think these stages is sufficient to prove your position in my heart has been happening The change.  I do not know my life would not have the courage to make this article to let you see, but I think even then the pain had all come over me, a lot of things should be bearish.For example, some setbacks in life, perhaps we will be like the face of that feeling, like, when the time across the eye, learn slowly down.Now, he let me know more what is life, what is a long long time, what is plain, of course, no matter what, he will always bring me surprise.Once you’re in my impression of them is the youth you on behalf of my youth, what is the restless little love, what is the release of unbridled passion nowhere, perhaps that of the sun makes me feel, that year the gap through the trees sprinkled on our faces the sun, the sun two pairs of young hand and gingerly picked up the book called “love,” the book, walked staggering pace walking piece of greenery green shade trail, warm each other and hurt each other.    Part Two: Are you okay?  A silhouette of the sea in my brain, thin, short hair, but a little upturned, long a little girl is not very high.  9 years old when you came into my sight, when I look at you always think it is so far away, only to learn good, and also mingle with his classmates, so that teachers and students are so fond of you.11 years old when we began to have the intersection, you became my same table, when my heart is very happy.Some poor and shy with people I talk to in your drive, more lively and cheerful, I do not know is not subject to your influence, my grades also jumped on, even once you go beyond to the parents see this effect after, the heart does not love you beyond words, and we are feeling as time goes on, it becomes better and better.  Blink of an eye on the sixth grade, we want the placement.Perhaps destined to be true, we divided in a class, but also to continue doing the same table, when we have a number of representatives of discipline, when a representative of Language.Think of it, our 6-year primary school life is very hard, in addition to the usual classes Monday through Friday, Saturday outside of school uniform making up Saturday night to go to remedial math teacher’s house on Sunday morning to go to school to attend individual counseling in the afternoon to make up classes to home language teacher, who lives in the more distant you, in order to participate in these learning together on Saturday evening always live in my house.The two of us in bed at night, often on a talk hours about the dry mouth, the night is also secretly running up and down a boy, now think of it is sorely missed.Nightlife net time and slipped away in the hustle and bustle, we finally faced separate, you chose to go inside the city junior high school, and I continue to stay in our local schools.Then our friendship became a long telephone line and a few fine stationery, I’m on this, you are at the other end.I feel very lonely junior high school, they think of you, make a phone call, a few words, bit by bit, but it can not hold that deep thoughts.I do not know why, happy when you had not thought of, and in the bored, lonely, sad when you think of immediately, this time I seem to realize the true meaning of the word friend.Flanagan ordinary telephone line, carrying too much of our friendship; that a few stationery, a record of our attachment to each other; sinking rosary, full of our unlimited Acacia.  Ba Jin once said: “Friendship is the life of a lamp, left it, glorious life is gone, leave it, life would not bear fruit.”Indeed, friendship hotshots in the short life dyed a colorful life.Get the admission notice of the University that night, I thought we was 12 years old conventions, feeling unable to control themselves, sitting in front of the computer to the point that for a long time to open a dialog box touch.Morning, when the rabbit’s head beat up, you tell me your school.Unforgiving in dilute our memories, although we have “lost touch”, but I always believed that we did not forget.  Recalled all the stories that we once had, brushed his lips a smile, that’s sweet, beautiful.Now we are in the same city, let me bring autumn greeting: you, okay?    Part Three: Are you okay?  Are you ok?This is the most heart I want to know, is what I have always desired to do.I do not expect any of you, was only willing to know you, too can be really good, but I wish not in your family.I do not wish your family, not because I have ulterior motives, but I know so many years, you should be back to find the most harmonious way.  Are you ok?Because I know you may be bad, so I pray Hello.Looked around wasting away of the people, I intuitively feel that you are among them, but my heart will not identify you different, so you have to have confidence in weight loss.  Are you ok?If the network that sits really you, you just asked me just right, right?Oh, you do not want to say to me, ‘I was overconfident ah’.Yes ah, my own life is a step confused, but also to care for others, this is not the crocodile tears shed crocodile tears mouse – with ulterior motives do?Ha ha But to be spurting let you, my life that outsider looks like it will be very painful, but I did not feel itself, I also trained in this ‘impenetrable’ of magic.You have to ask why this is?Well, I’ll tell you, the heart does not hurt.Although I may not be longer than the turtle’s age of marriage, but I also have been careful management of my marriage, and has been reflecting on its incompatibility with co-factors.Marriage I do not want to spend every day depressed, unwilling to premature menopause, in order to close the Association of the family, for the future of each other better, to lay down their self-esteem face, groveling, self-living change to meet his wife wanted.(Which he should have done it up) but my marriage and there is no improvement, but between two people divided up rehabilitation.Maybe the two of us is also common to understand the truth, which is not a combination of the two, as long as the requirements change themselves toward each other, the days can be happy, loving mutual penetration between the two laws do not belong to the wrong fish tank in the two organisms.I will mention marriage today, I really do not want to listen to the voice of the surface know everything formatting.  Are you ok?Flying a star in the sky, no matter in people’s eyes it is a star or meteor, it will burn as long as the energy is not yet present in the sky.Who said there is there is it reasonable reason, so let that eliminates unnecessary self-obsession, I believe not lonely existence on the line.  Are you ok?Do not understand why the people alive to recall the living, human beings have become like a historian or history than it is now really good?To know that today will be history tomorrow, live for today, today, history will be happy.  Are you ok?I am still me, so it is still the same as ever you ask.The love of one of the largest in the hope that he can live happy, and for themselves, it is only reasonable hope that their own existence is on the line.Better really good, just like a kid hook hook we used to play as it is so simple, so I believe, so no scruples.    Part Four: Are you okay?  Do you know what I think of you, like you, is a memory of the past, is a sadness about her past, I can only miss, no one not to miss.Young woman, facing the blue sky, blue skies, cloud blossoming, fly a miss, free to fly.With blue sky kissing, hugging and cloud, the wind was blowing, can not stop supple face, flowers for her aroma, butterflies for her, but why dance.  Still have not seen the dreamer, the music gently floating, which means a long, long hair whom stay and wait for long and slow, as the clock back, I would like to return from the past, if I can, I want to turn into clouds, chasing the sun, and you walk away, no reply, there was a silent woman looking forward, looking forward to bloom in full bloom, and you can meet again, wasted time, and asked, spring to spring, there are a few degrees abundant, there are several times sad, intractable Bing Xin, eager to de-freeze.  We are under the same sky, I deeply hope swallows can bring blessings of love for you, though your days are not black and white photographs, the lack of passion and romantic color, can, deep thoughts, have been posing as the moon each night, facing the moon and stars, it is my deeply Su Huai.  We, with the youth of the tail, grabbing for the past reluctantly, may, bells always ticking forward, because we did not love, and have slowly meaning.Watching time flies, you can also look forward to more and more limited, in this life, so we must have been waiting to go and waste it.  The wind also quietly tell me the dough feelings, fingers tapping the keyboard, and makes a little bit of feeling that says, if tomorrow, meet again, I will not so easily let you out of my world.In winter, if you want to use it warm my way, I want you, the sky will be more blue, as to the fairyland-like, taken the mundane earthly.  Hear, Butterfly Lovers of light music, the mood at this time, wonderful and slightly sad, Butterfly Lovers, as we do not have the highest power of love, but we also have a sweet time, patches of memory, the slightest affection, love songs woven into one song after another , put it again, and again.  Who can I talk, filled with thoughts of small children carefully, clear picture, I use this time to put on a trace.Gently hanging in front of my desk, I want to him, wrote Song of concentration chapter, I want a beautiful fragment folded into an album, on my bed, so, every evening comes, I can to appreciate once.  I hope you can feel my feelings softly.    Part Five: Are you okay?  I know you will not forget, but we can not return to the past, had to leave the best memories, memories of sad to see the way you full, so I how willing you to leave I had to write to you: Quietly you came up, but will quietly leave, will not you go but you can not stay, it rains that night I cried, you know I can not wait for you, the blessing away late, you already riding on the train from home, from my line of sight less slick a pair of eyes, I kept looking at the crowd, you never occur again, an afternoon rain I saw you, you do not remember I rushed past, blood surging again subsided, since you never appear, each rainy night will remind me of you, memories only to find your eyes start to become Pinch, that I had forgotten you, flee from End of the World Friends Yeah I can only silently bless you in my heart, I ask you a question: are you okay away from home?    Part Six: Are you okay?  When feeling very close to my side, reached out to hold, but it is his cold that tears.You are my world, it seems very close, but insurmountable, each in a corner of their world, and tears to dawn.The article did not rhetoric, but let the people in the blood, the tears that stuck, that only under the brow and the heart of yesterday, today.Such melancholy may have a return date?  Love is love, nothing should and should not be; miss is a miss, there is nothing that just be forgotten.How can understand, not a sentence or two can put the last touch to kill, but they want to forget swirling deeper, dredged it from memory, the greater the dug deeper space left him, his the more deep thoughts, that will hurt more clearly exposed.Beautiful article will be light in the world, not because it involves both the aura of rhetoric, but the voices of real leak, it was tears of glaucoma – mediocre but emotional, simple but sincere, but placid heart surging.  Because, I understand that love to the concentration can not do anything.Got drunk to forget the pain temporarily, it will only buy more clear.You do not go looking for alternatives, because only one of the world you ah!You ask, why is there such a deep feeling – experienced such grievances.Not for him, but for her own.Once those scenes, but also emerge in front, the mood is not pain, no heart numb feeling in early.Young skullcap mad, no bees and butterflies, not pretending to be high profile, or inadvertently offended do not know how to offend people.Without parental constraints, ignorant and first time away from home, sometimes to accept but also to clean, do not like very quiet, but not like noisy.The final woman or a woman, there is intent to foil her delicate tree.He was not just what she needs.He loved her, but she does not love him, she accepted he wanted to leave him behind there she loved him, careful not to offend a two people.She was pressed Ungrateful, but to breathe the air, in the back of the other one has been watching him, she carried away.I remember a female teacher said, she was in college, really ingratiate themselves with the boys, the boys open-minded than girls to be open-minded.indeed!Her him away, she did not like.Her pride, her self-righteous, one after another wave.Cold, she was not so cold, she also wanted to be good to love a person; ruthless, she just did not know to whom to love.Feeling burdened debt to graduation, she did not want to go back, in fact, the main reason is, though love is not lost, though not so loose as others, if can come back, how the face of parents.Back, hurried with not local but well-paid he married.Experience of similar age, so get even.Then life is not in a hurry, bit by bit, playing the discord.Tolerate him having an affair, is not tolerance, but I..I understand, what I’m doing, and I know that I do, ridiculous in the eyes of the world.In fact, just started not the truth, this is normal, it is separated from waiting until the time are in line with their own interests,..Prefer not to say, I can not tell too much.  If you are the one for me.Why should God be angry with me?To peel the wound is always cruel, if you really like to know is also very cruel.Turn to go, she fell in love with someone else who.  Hi!Woman, when you have not experience the kind of day when the missing person, yet for someone to experience heart spasm, please do not blindly follow, even if you are around a leaving you lonely to hold back the truth to you people do not regret.Life, maybe you will not only love one, but the word “most”, can only be a.No past life, no afterlife, and some people only in this life, this life miss, destined to miss, if you’re young, a lot of reservations, leaving this life you love, left a regret destined to be sorry.    Part Seven: Are you okay?  Buddha said: Past five hundred times Looking back, only this life changing glance, I said: I have past lives thousands of years of cultivation, the Buddha said: love parting, the unpleasant, let go never to return, no is the’s just what you see, but nothing deep.  He said: I would like to make a mortal, hold hands, and grow old.  Are you ok?  Boundless relationship between people, as two lines of relationship do?You and I, as two intersecting lines it?This life, there is only one point of intersection.  do you know?This intersection, leaving memories you know?This intersection, from the outset the heart shrink unbearable.Are you ok?  I had gone, lost heart.Like you know the person, and my heart has long been hidden under the others, hidden deep, will not accommodate others.I know that you really are a gentleman.Know, I’m just a man alone with this feeling Hin.Know, you’re never left in recall.Know, this is my personal crush!!!!!!!!!!!  Really in love with you, you really want.  Perhaps, emotional deterioration, is to explain the paintings start from you.Reticent, gentle and elegant you feel now surging up, you have to sincerely with clothes, Zhuangqiang worketh not, but really loves it.With longer time with you, the more you are attracted to the character and ability and insight.Success of you, with no domineering businessman, but like ears do not hear out of the window, read only the books of sages scholar.In your body, there is no merchant treacherous, some a sense of balance, calm and relaxed.Experienced Cangsang, see through the Red, you’ve got a unique flavor orchids, more attractive.Perhaps this breath of her heart belongs to you.  Thank you taught me a lot, I love you only belong to myself, maybe the scars on my own.