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Art Essay chapters text / Qifeng Chi appreciate Shishkin’s painting “in the park,” the spring of 2006, I again watched the Art Museum of China three hundred years of Russian art exhibition.One hundred ten as specimens of another exhibition, I most like is Shishkin landscape paintings.His photograph “re-park”, whether it is color, light, composition and angle of the selected scene made me fascinated.Artist’s impression of the woods, creek, green grass is so fresh, quiet, comfortable and poetic.I would appreciate the “re-park” when the thought, as if the artist’s pen stained with Reiki and Xian Qi.He described the natural landscape, as if not human, like another paradise.      Came back from Beijing, my mind has been wiped away Shishkin photograph-like images in Wonderland.However, when I stood again Jiuzhaigou Swan sea shore, my mind to live emerged Shishkin, “then the park,” the mood of the.However, saw the sea again and the Swan “re-park” than a painting, Shishkin’s painting becomes a pale and inferior.Some say picturesque, this statement I do not agree.Jiuzhaigou, a painting smaller than even the best scenery in Jiuzhaigou.Because the Jiuzhaigou scenic gesture more realistic, more beautiful, more aura and Xian Qi.So, I said, “then the park” is a replica of the Swan or trace specimens of sea is not too much.I say this not to belittle the artist’s meaning.I just looked at the sea swan thought Shishkin’s painting.It seems to have some kind of connection again between them within.      Swan Sea winds Mau secret again virgin forest, a green bend of the river the woods at the foot of the tree and then slowly flowing quietly.Green thick green, river plants on both sides of the tall pine trees thick Millennium is light yellow, light green layer a layer of yellow river trees and flowers, green leaves have to take the light, dazzling bonus.This day made the fairyland is not copy of any artist.      I remember artists of Lin said: “Western art is the imitation of nature-centered, results pour in the photo side, while the description of Oriental Art is imagination-based, results pour in freehand side.”According to the artist’s statement, Shishkin’s” re-park “seems to have imitation swan sea ingredients.This is my imagination.However, from a practical aesthetic point of view, no matter how high the level of the sea painter face swan views are not colored fountain pen.Because God is the Creator of mankind swan sea views, it can only be used to watch, not copying.So “re-park” is definitely not a copy of the Swan Sea.      However, Swan sea again I am not the only death that I have not seen a swan swimming in the sea again, did not see a white swan taking off from the sea.But I saw the sky with a blossoming white clouds floating sky again, it seems a bit like the appearance of White Swan.      Goya’s “selling water girl” Irish pop musician Enya, listening to her, “The Memory of Trees” and the “Shepherd of the month” so that I have a point of understanding of modern Western music.This electronic music by means of music, making music has become more mysterious grand scale.Listen to this music heaven can be pulled to the ground, then return to the sacred music of position.Enya’s music had such an air of charm.Listen to Enya lyrics are not important, wonderful lyrics and then the music will fade away again.Because the music does not belong lyrics.      Enya said: “The music did not belong to the lyrics, it only belongs to the melody.”Enya does not belong to classical music, but her music like classical and modern Western painting color excessive, so that the two are very delicate and harmonious connected together again.      With the heart to listen to Enya music, people feel like the quiet seaside station and then Ireland, the face of a slight breeze, the face of the waves rolling in, mist filled the air, clear and humid, people are whispering sea breeze, warm and lingering.      Listening to Enya’s music, the best one to sit and then study, a cup of Longjing or full glass of red wine, then under soft lighting, thin specimens of taste, that feeling, that feeling, as if there really into the music heaven a feeling of.      I know from Goya is a “selling water girl” painting begins.      Western art historian, said: “Modern European paintings from the beginning of Goya.”From both ideological and artistic look, Goya are called” pioneers.”He was a patriot, against the feudal system, working people sympathize.To create their own unique artistic style on another.      The Spanish court painter Goya, his life is not only colorful, his anecdotes anecdote, also have become a favorite topic of debate and discussion.      His skills are two wonderful painting, a “La Maja Desnuda” and a “dress Mahathir”, both face exactly the same attitude and the young woman is Goya’s lover in mind, Alba Duchess.      As a young woman painting was not the Duchess of Alba, I do not study the topic by the historians to research.      But Goya’s “lie of a naked woman sitting again” indeed was taken to the Inquisition question.And then under the feudal rule of the Spanish, like “La Maja Desnuda” This woman naked like a forbidden.Goya painted this painting is a challenge to the feudal rule.Goya most of their lives are spent in the Spanish court again.He served Charles IV “chief court painter”, his conflict with the feudal forces is intense, and then most of his work in sharp manifested Pin.Of course, more or less affected by external.The famous French writer Voltaire, Diderot esthetician, then early decades ago of authoritarian corrupt Catholic Church launched a fierce attack.European art history and then dare to Goya is the most prominent of a painter with his own challenge for the specimens of the religious tyranny.Some people deny that Goya was influenced by the French Enlightenment and rationalism, whether by Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and others affected, or by squeezing feudal autocracy, is an artist’s eye to look at Goya this world, rather than abstract speculation of philosophers explain this decadent feudal autocratic society.      When Goya etchings re-creation, “Rhapsody”, then the court for many years, no soldier studio.After a serious illness and then, Goya lost hearing.He looked like Beethoven, like, alone again still suffering in the creation of his “Rhapsody”.This is a group of formula nightmare fantasy of make-Pin.      ”An ugly and bad chi lady dressing up mirror, Sao head Nongzi.”” A trial of women topless, tied his hands, the soldiers marched through the streets.”” A man sleeping prone desk, there are many strange bird flying behind.”” Rhapsody “just out on display, immediately by the Inquisition to intervene and ban.Because the content of “Rhapsody” reflect the pain and suffering of the people, it was prohibited.Painting was banned, but the artist’s creation is not prohibited.Goya was a master of creative painting.Wuyue 1808 invasion of France to Madrid, Spain, and then the people were killed when angry old Goya.He brought students into the streets looking for the dead acquaintance.Kan Lei Geya psychological pain, anger savings for six years.Finally, after the withdrawal of the French army again, he wrote, “May 2 Madrid street fighting” and “May 3 shot ‘.      Painter not only experienced the cruelty of war, and with angry passion of creating a “portrait of life.”” May 3 shot “is accused of the brutal aggressor, reflecting the spirit of resistance of the oppressed nations masterpiece.      Goya’s painting of old age “selling water girl”, is the most delicate of all his paintings the most touching one.The embrace of the jar, shabby girl, with its minimalist simplicity and youthful vitality, overwhelming Goya “La Maja Desnuda” and “dress Mahathir”.      Goya eighty and two years time and then drew a “milking girls” have called the “selling water girl,” the companion volume.Unfortunately this picture, I still have not seen.      Music and painting are mutual penetration of Enya’s music has a false picture of ethereal feeling, as if in listening to Enya again wonderland.And enjoy Goya’s paintings seem to re-enter the picture of sacred music.      Enya and Goya difference for hundreds of years, but sacred art and cast their secret tightly linked together again.     Pin is listening to Enya spirit taste wine, enjoy Goya chewing feast of life.     Waves and “Mengte Fontaine memories” Young painters waves sent me the photograph of Corot’s “Mengte Fontaine memories” Pro Moldova painting has been hanging in my study again.Every time I write before, to be fancy for a while, until the mind into the picture.      ”Mengte Fontaine Memories” I have not seen before.Recently, another saw this picture on a magazine art.Also see the “forest demon Dance”, “Douai belfry”.I took the magazine to get home, will draw comparison Pro Mount Corot’s “Mengte Fontaine memories” and the waves of.I found the effort on the waves of the pen really unusual, his pair of hands to take the torch, the Pro can be so vivid that he kissed sensitivity to color and painting of strong language.Then generally do not see the waves coming of much of the difference between the original master.Only slight traces of excessive feeling tone of the waves again.His Pro “Mengte Fontaine Memories” and “Cristina World” Wise re Beijing, a luxury villa on display, I do not know what those rich people to see the level of the waves.      ”Mengte Fontaine memories” giant screen image open hand tree, then if dancing magnificent branches; through the branches come from the sun, light blurred; clean water and the distant landscape, such as a layer of gauze and then separated behind the face, people feel the mood of deep and quiet; this hazy effect gives a feeling of fantasy.On the left is a woman wearing a red dress and two children are picking mushrooms tree.Their colorful costumes and light Mann’s attitude, as if paradise where people live reproduction.”Mengte Fontaine memories,” the mood, much like the style of Chinese landscape painting, in black with green or with brown, silver gray with yellow or bluish, with Chinese ink painting freehand same taste.      I remember Corot said: “The beauty of art is that we feel the beauty of the nature, nature is my only love, my life-long loyalty to him.”Corot, as he put it, he put as the only nature lover, he never married.Then he lay dying at seventy-nine deathbed, his mouth and then silently mantra: “I sincerely hope that, again in paradise paintings.”Corot is a whole life devoted to world-class master on another painting career.And formed their own “style of Corot”.Corot’s emphasis on the quiet gentle as specimens of the realm.He created a new skill describe the images on one kind of bottom paint was dry again, like the Chinese landscape painting freehand, rice paper and then use the same words, the vision was shaped edges and then fused together to produce a poetic hazy beauty.      The impact of the waves as the deepest Pin by Corot, some experts comment on his paintings, said: waves techniques traces of Corot, like the selection profound mood picture, with Corot is also very similar, red and green hues generally do not, as far as possible let some of the heavy tone.These words seem to localization of high waves.In fact, the waves of locating an expert level should be higher.      The waves are rough life experience, the age of three with her mother remarried, until marriage, and then stepfather always cold eyes carefully and timidly grow.Under this family again repressed, made him prematurely to mature.His teacher had sharply orange responsibility he does not feel at ease to study painting: “third class sophomore girls holding back, arm and neck to night classes three days of girls’.Waves genius and temperament of painting, not only lure the two girls, and even outside the school the girls are secretly wrote him love letters.      The teacher said that the straightforward point, the waves know the teacher is not malicious, teacher turn iron into steel.      After waves of marriage, he divorced mother.He and his mother, wife, daughter, and poor lived a quiet day.His work on time, work hard, with a thousand dollars a month salary to feed four people’s lives.In order to make the home life’s moisture point, so repeatedly experienced the ups and downs of marriage, the mother’s face appeared a smile, and then he used to focus on painting career.His hand with the point of savings on the purchase of picture frames, canvas, painting color.Dined on the night immersed again in the studio, has been drawn into the wee hours to one or two, not three or four hours sleep and then catch bus went six.So hurry more than a decade, the waves look so much older.His hair and beard to stay very long, untidy clothes and avant-garde.Jeans cast good non-color-point oil, hey have to whole leg out of a hole.Insiders say called beggars clothes, culture and leisure wear, I still think he is different, he edges his weird.      But the waves of mind is good, noble man Pin.He has many places like Corot.Poor students, friends, his generous help, although not much money and goods, but better reflect his personality.      He went out on Saturday and Sunday painting advertising sign or brush the wall, did not live when he went to art college entrance examination training trifoliate guide students to resume classes, the hand and teach him, no charges.Then the minds of students is tall image.      Again his orange lead several students admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Art and Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.When the Academy of Fine Arts teacher asked who their teacher is trifoliate guide, students say, our orange lead teacher is a mine of electric welders.      In fact, when the welder what Whitehead year old man was a carpenter then, there are a lot of masters say, outside Kung Fu poem again.Waves effort is also re-painted outside.He painted in the color, light, bright, artistic pictures are from the arc in the illusion and he produced a strong spark of life, career, love, painting.      Appreciation Miller’s “The Gleaners” and “curfew” in my study hangs a friend copy of the “Gleaner” Every time I looked can see something new.”Gleaners” is a description of the most common rural scene: autumn fields seem endless, the land of the wheat harvest, there are three peasant woman being bent body carefully picked ears of corn left behind.And then behind them are piled like rick, and this seems irrelevant to them.Although I could not see the face and appearance of the three peasant woman’s face, but they figure it highlights the solemn classical sculptural beauty.Three peasant action, though different angles, but the connection if the operation is an exploded view of the operation and a woman Gleaner.That tied a red scarf peasant woman is rapidly pick up the wheat, the other hand holding the bag in which a large bundle of wheat, could see that she had picked up for a while, and the bag has been harvested; And that women Zhalan headscarf has been repeated bending action one last look tired, she looked tired, and then back to the left hand stays after to support the power of the body; the woman on the right picture, half bent side faces , hand holds a bunch of wheat, being careful inspection has been picked up again in Medina, picking up to see if tainted wheat.Three peasant women in such a way reciprocally labor, food and clothing for the whole family, they cherish the feelings of each piece of food, patiently and painstakingly pick up the wheat.I think they might be three generations, or a mother and two daughters, mother and daughter or two.In short, the three women to think too much of me.This shows that a large Miller’s painting space, and more space for the reader’s imagination.      ”Gleaners” is the most important masterpiece Miller, this is a very real, warm, beautiful and gives a rich association of rural working life pictures.I see from the picture painter Miller deep understanding of the joys of working people, seem to understand the significance of Bai’s “sweat Wo soil, A Journey,” the.      Other specimens of content for Miller’s easy to understand, concise and simple, but by no means mediocre shallow, but deep meaning, thought-provoking.Miller is a master of French realism of the nineteenth century, a large number of farmers of his main theme of paintings, drawings, prints, gave me a profound inspiration and insights.      Miller is every inch a farmer’s son, he was born again in Normandy a peasant family, youth planted fields.To Paris at the age of 23 under the tutelage of painter Delaroche, the young man from the village down, when he walked into the lobby of the Louvre surprise and said: “I feel like I unwittingly came to a realm of art.”Is the” Evening Bell “screen one pair of field again silent prayer groom women farmers, they seem to have heard the distant church bells, which ‘bell’ seems more and more, spread farther and farther..Thus, closer to the farmer, from the cathedral and the viewer and to strengthen the church tower of “sound” induction.Perhaps due to the afterglow of sunset enveloped breath meditation farmers and serene silence of the earth contrasting; perhaps because the artist deliberately character, aptly scenery blur, not only the characters, scenery, churches and church outgoing “bells “we can work together, as if the viewer is the sitter, painting medium shot, coming out of the church and the church tower bells have melted into one.Perhaps this silhouette standing again farmland and farmers generally cross the horizon in the form reminiscent of a solemn, sacred “cross”.Miller then use the language of painting fascinating warm yellow tone, he will be red, blue scarf and rich yellow color completely melted again, the make everything look quiet and solemn, Miller also expressed profound life difficult for farmers sympathy, and especially his love of rural life.      Miller’s “Evening Bell” are rich with strong religious feelings, this solemn holy religious atmosphere, this solemn, solemn, awesome colors and the fate of Christians image Anpinyuedao, this deep, distant, tragic poetry mood.If Miller is not a devout Christian, is no longer the realm of religious practice to a certain extent and profound literary and artistic accomplishment, it is difficult to draw such a superb outstanding masterpiece painting.      People “curfew” screen appears humble, simple, and even wooden satisfied, dementia, heart is pure and pious, farmer image Wenshun Shan-liang, which not only reflects the Miller deep understanding and a deep affection for farmers, but also reflects the truth-seeking spirit of the second half of the artist’s strong sense of democracy and the realism of the 19th century.      Miller is the history of modern French painting of the artist’s most loved people.His simple kind artistic language, not only loved by the majority of French farmers, is also loved by the people of the world.      Miller described the farmer is tired, the poor, the poor worked hard all day long.Stick figures are ragged, dark skin, Koh building body, thick hands, which Miller is aesthetics, but also to whom Miller worked hard to praise praise the image of farmers.Novelist Romain Rolland said: “They work day after day to bring up this great nation, they work day after day to create this beautiful country.”By two pictures above, I feel that Miller has a special deep feelings for nature and rural life.His youth, his early stay late, work in the fields and then in the morning, afternoon and then little house painting, his life abnormal hardship, but that does not diminish his passion and pursuit of art, he often due to their own money to buy paint color Article manufacture charcoal sketch.He loved life, love work, love the farmers, he said: “In any case farmer this theme for me is the most appropriate.”He’s the first one again Barbizon representative specimens of the” Sower “.After you have created the “Gleaner” and “Evening Bell” and other masterpieces.      That’s what I like about Miller’s.      [Editor: easy to get along essays online] welcome you