Article about forgotten

Part One: Not long ago forgotten classmates dreamed of my old classmates who have not seen in a.Graduated so many years, not many students contact.Students appeared in a dream, of course I empty joy for a while.In fact, I also blame bad, rarely married and students linked, preoccupied with their own small home, a student actually said I Zhongseqingyou, married the students have forgotten.Now I do not know gone children?doing what?  So many years, although previously had somehow frustration and tears, but also the joy of reading classmate, however, more or cut constantly tangled friendship between the students!I miss them, really miss!  In school, we would be very naive to say that after a few years to meet.However, 20 years later, we are rushing forward to their own lives, are working hard with their respective happiness.20 years time ah, but, 20 years of life can have a few do?Be happy still happy, hard work is still in progress.  I can not imagine, because the more wanted, the more sad.Two years ago, I used the Internet real name, high school students joined the group, trying to find lost contact with students on the Internet, however, did not find.I do not understand, do not access my classmates?Is it the kind of distance between me and my classmates was lopsided yet?  Later dream, do not know how children there is a familiar face, but not see, but I know who, and how many can do nothing.  Suddenly I am a little sad, I do not know why.    Part II: What is forgotten angels to live?  Eat, drink, be merry ha ha I want to laugh.  Do not know the Spring and Autumn several times, I was not that I was before the.In fact, nothing changes, but the heart has changed.Mao Dun is not very, ah, I do not know why, so I’m getting depressed.And like everyone else I also have my dream, but not the time.Looked past me in person, I do not know what is the meaning for me, passers-by or people I cherish it?I could not tell friend or foe.  Along the way I live very calm and calm, so I will change it depression?Miracle ah!Instinct Red several times in autumn?I would like to find a place back laughing.  Those who laugh at myself laugh.  Years is really ruthless, I have not come to understand my lost innocence of the beginning.Is it really so that before that secular love to laugh, I become depressed and become sad it?Sauna mesh bitter tears I have not tried, in recent years, I have no tears flee, I will not feel bearish hard not to feel helpless.I understand this is life, but the capacity of the heart will not last long, I really do not know.  Learn to forget these wounds, do not know will not heal by itself.A rely on, a shoulder from where to seek.All in all, how can forget with a Zile.    Part III: flashy life, forget the season when, forget yourself.Remember just for you.  That year a huge summer all the rich green, I met you at the rows of London plane trees.You remember his hand as pure camellia, gushing like a smile like the sun, quietly watching you, no words.  Then we remembered that day shy meet will smile knowingly.  Kaka, do you remember when we crazy that season?  I’m so good nostalgia nostalgia, long hair fluttering of you, and a touch of mint between your hair.  Remember when we sat on the couch watching “Peter Pan” it together?Peter Pan is this carefree, but then we cried.  Who tried to hide the invisible feelings in the corner quietly breeding.But we have not yet learned to bloom, already dying Society.Peter was a sad child, he will never grow up, those of reach of his happiness, he does not know how.  Kaka, you say you like San Mao, like she said, “my dear friend”.Then you have to call my dear Xiao Ru.I never call you dear Kaka.I say this is too hypocritical, I see the light in your eyes dim down.Kaka, Kaka dear.  One day I hit your cell phone you do not answer, they went to your house, locked the porter, I asked a neighbor, the old lady gave me a letter, then he turned into the house.  Dear Xiao Ru: I love your smile, beautiful and unconventional.I’m sorry, I will not tell you in advance to leave.I will go to a seaside city.Live there.Do not be sad, I hope my name is miss your warm.missing is better than meeting.  Kaka in this moment, a kind of sudden sadness, like a rose thorn pierce like a gorgeous chest, leaving no trace of blood drained.  Kaka, sometimes I really do not understand, many, many do not understand.You suddenly disappeared, so I never felt melancholy and fear.  But just, you bear it?You leave a few words and broken one of the memories, so I pick up a piece.I think, such a pain, if there is blood, should be rivers of blood.  Miss, such as video, go hand in hand.Time flies, time lightly.The memory of those cold-blooded, always when the wind blows, turned into a leaf, then lightly scattered among heart.  In many cases, accompanied by a rush of sadness, respectively,.Because a person to leave, because of some circumstances can not go back.  Kaka, you are now better life is not good, I have no idea.  Kaka, whether young or old.Whether you are in the other side of the sea, or in the Coast to Coast.Even, days of the vast, gloomy.You are my forever friend.  Flashy life, forgotten season.Empty memories, lingering upset.Smile gone, thousands of lonely.  String, thinking in China.Those for Love, suddenly if the dream.And as, water, gone.Do not cry farewell, do not appeal the final War.