Article about fragrance

Part one: the wind fragrance every time I saw my friends later write the message, and my heart is always warm in the surge, touched the hearts filled, hard feelings with friends, friendship, even though we do not know, but in this space, our hearts are intimate friend.  Thank you, dear, so much pressure, so a busy work occasionally idle, but also think of me, think of the other side of the hut into the tranquil network, think of living in the heart of cottage faint woman, thank you carefully read those little childish Text.  Stack with love hearts cabin, leaving the warmth of friends walked mark sincere wishes, such as a trickle flowing in the pit of the stomach.  Maybe those words floating faint scent of ink, can only bring tranquil and quiet moments to you, however, still sincerely hope that the friends, the time came, like listen to music, read text warm.  Always want friends into the hut, can feel warm, tranquil, so there will always wrote about the warm words, put a few songs a touch of music, brought a cup of warm tea, let your heart be here to brief relaxation.  Occasionally, there will be a small corner of it, where I might floating a touch of sadness, you do not mind, it was just my light, occasionally drifting across a trace of melancholy, long after friends, there will be a fragrance filled the air, let I forget the sorrow, let me indulge them.  Those sincere wishes, wonderful comments, apples are stuck in mind, occasionally lonely, lightly touch those warm memories, my heart Yang Qi drunk beautiful warm, shallow smile, not to worry, the mood slowly reply tranquil tranquil, calm face the mundane world, gracefully through life.  At the moment, I sat in my soul hut, listening to the distant wind, my dear friends, I hope the wind happens to come your fragrance can be filled hut when the wind away, please bring me to you warm blessings, peace, health.  Those wind, sweet, faint, please remember that it was the taste of apples.    Part II: a room full of fragrance and epidemic prevention station entrance on the eastern side there is a dozen square meters of the house, it is a simple door post, west and south are large windows.When I first saw this little room, I was somewhat surprised at the.My eyes firmly fixed on the glass window was placed around full of flowers, windowsill not wide enough, not fit even large sized pots.Those carrying the delicate flower pots are masters of self-made: paper cups, bottles, barrels of instant noodles, cups are flower pots, neatly arranged on a small ledge, actually seemed so fine.I could not help to stop the car, around the window to watch.  The sun is shining glass windows, those flowers bloom in the warm sunshine, filled with a kind of exuberant vitality.Flowers are small.Less than a foot high sinking thorn plum, finger general, green leaves fine spirit of God stretch, two Rose petals tightly encircling the little yellow flower, small flowers bloom very attractive and elegant.In the basin of instant noodles slightly larger pots two pails of drought blooming lotus flowers of different colors, one is red and one is orange, lotus flowers nestled in the round Tada especially conspicuous in their efforts toward the sun, to be posted on the windows.And then sideways, asparagus is flickered, a few elegant tenuifolia slender sheet stretch on both sides, hairy leaves fresh green glowing slightest.Woman She corner of the window there is a pot, a small trunk, not half a foot, Bise small round leaves glowing green fluorescent one kind of vague, here is a white box made of ice cream pots, it becomes all the more Lone Survivor charm – Xiaojiabiyu, that is, it was a real homebody pocket, pretty, lovely.Flower here, small pots, small branches, leaves smaller, flowers are also small, every tree in bloom quietly, whether it is in flowers, leaves, both as pure color, vitality, see that they have been the owner is intensely cultivated and good care, was able to flourish so bright, spotlessly clean.There is no network sauna garden bees fly Splendor of excitement, not impetuous Zhengfangdouyan, everything is so calm Chen Ning, every flower highlights an independent self, they are unique and harmonious.I appreciate the greedy, I could not help but wonder how this is a master ah?So much as to draw such a clever heart skilled moving themselves in the lovely fragrance?  Close to the window, I beheld a figure, it is about a 60-year-old, his hands are still busy with what.I turned around and saw a broom in his hand, he is with white packing tape, wrapped around a broom handle that some irregular.Small room, a bed, a desk, a chair, a person, simple, refreshing cool, to have a quiet space away from Kate.But that window is full of flowers, but this quiet world of contrast so warm, even if the house is still whistling wind blowing, the dust still filled the sky, this small room still warm as in spring.  I would like to walk into the hut, to feel a houseful of fragrance, went into the hut and he wanted to talk a few words, the old man wanted to know flowery heart sinking like spring.But he was always pestering the broom, a broom handle had become white and smooth, and he was so wrapped around the concentrate, I did not bother him.  But look around the house, I’ve seen, I saw the owner of the tranquil, quiet, I saw the owner of the madding crowd calm; I feel the master mind filled with blossoming spring, full of love, and only such a heart full of love full of beauty, will create such a gentle themselves in fragrance, the only way a calm and quiet mind will create such a pure highest level.    Part III: I like the fragrance of unique fragrance, because the unique fragrance, do not belong to that particular petals.Office stifled in fragrance, flavor is concentrated seasons, is the kind of blown away fragrant, like a firm belief in body and mind.I wish this fragrance Youyuan.  Rough things, with the passage of the re-ignition, changing.Office fragrance, but not because of the seasons back and change the unique flavor.  Corridor came the sound of clutter, the sunlight blooming orchids growing on the windowsill of her stable place.  Flat Park office she is the most busy.She wore a sober, calm face giving a peaceful.A clever mind, a pair of dexterous hands, and bright eyes.Cause she loves does not love the daring, it seemed to be her busy fun.Piles of papers neatly emissions, do the work of glass placed below your favorite photos, metaphor for a better life.Ordinary computer via one of her most intimate companion, she is the main tool for the exchange of storage, data transfer is done by its.  Harmonious office environment, colleagues say she is a tireless work of people.Yes.In the sense from the contact, as for her hard Yuye watering atrium, no wonder she tolerance Yan Fanghua.Looking at the situation of her busy day, she was like growing on the windowsill orchids, exudes fragrance.  Open when opening the door of the office, busy and out of the case is a special episode of office.  Many of her taking into account the type of work, specific unknown.She likes literature, her works published in various journals.Know her because “Pan Yiwen art” reopened, the mine set up a center member, for me, is just a figurehead, my article was sent to her by mail.She is a very worthy man revered — to keep the teacher Li.  Years in the flow, then the office of fragrance Man.Part Four: Midnight fragrance remember as a child, and fond of flowers raising grass grandmother and mother, in our every move a home in their houses planted a lot of colorful flowers, our family also nestled in a sea of flowers, flowers world.The fragrance of flowers, flowers blooming, enchanting flowers, flower charm, all in showing off their beauty.  There is a legend flowers bloom only at midnight, the vast darkness, the darkness in which unfolded layers of petals blooming, exudes intoxicating aroma Heart.As the night faded, dawn micro-Xi, it will slowly close beautiful clothes, hiding its rare appearance, people are like accidentally pry the mystery, leaving only the fragrance linger in the air last night, enduring leave, remained intact incense.  I always dreamed of this my love is like a flower, not publicity, but long-lasting beauty.More than once I have outlined their beautiful love and marriage, love is always thought to each other, love is courteous, sharing weal and woe is love, love is Juanqimei.And I love what a superstitious people, ah, I once thought that we create a modern myth of love!  I fell in love from her ex-husband to marry, although not spectacular, romantic song selection, but also through the world of band, happy time.Over time, however, the love seems gradually changed in nature, faded colors, so to finally parted ways.  All along, I do not want to look back on my failed marriage, because I was afraid people laugh at my incompetence, afraid he laughed at me the courage to face reality.To be honest, and his twelve years of married life is not happiness I will never wear.Only in front of him, in order to complete my headstrong and arrogant Tricky, my outrageous.However, in almost all escape love and hate the old model, in the first few years the novelty is over, no matter how good the marriage will appear tired.Now, I do not want to comment on this right or wrong, because each person their own hearts are very few of the.Only I hope that in future years, we can calmly clue about their geography.There is no right or wrong love and marriage, marriage is love continue.In marriage, I just want to be myself, a true self, it’s like I never asked him to be sure in my mind, like her husband, if I have to want to be his wife in mind, that our feelings can only further and further away.Man without ego, no matter what is in life, are living in the passive in.This love, this marriage can successfully do?  Today, we are far apart, who also refused to accept who let his son hoping for a reunion.Perhaps, this is a microcosm of society today, though perhaps also of love, not romantic, but honestly; can not be perfect, but still will miss.We are a secular person, how can people not into human fireworks?We were secular couples, how can people not go through the test profane?  Midnight fragrance kind of love I have always dreamed of, I would like to have to withstand wind and rain, will have their own unique beauty, enduring.  I hope he will soon be happy!