Article about happiness

Part One: Happy with road Harvard Family Instruction had a saying: happiness is a virtue!No matter how kind is experiencing the journey of life we should bring joy road.  Bring joy to the road just as bright and warm spring wind blowing, to add a touch of spring in the bright taste; the road just as happy to bring the hot summer accompanied by a Wang Qingquan, to bring the slightest summer heat comfortable; the road just as happy to bring recession in the autumn hum a hymn, adding to depression autumn harvest of good intentions; the road just as happy to bring cold winter sky to float the snow, although to cold but do not have a beautiful.  Bring joy on the road, we praise around the earth and grass, rivers and mountains with a happy heart, in every experience we have left laughter, to everyone we face brings a sweet smile when people talk about the past many years, will think, how happy then had a friend, how much we want to see his warm smile!  Bring joy on the road, to share our virtues to every soul we encounter in need of help, whether it is lonely, sad, melancholy or worry; tell every needy familiar or unfamiliar people may count me as you can not do much, but I would like to share my happiness with you.  Bring joy on the road, more nourishment for their souls, living life unhappy all likelihood, we will inevitably encounter various disappointments in life, such as friends and relatives of discrete, such as physical and mental injuries, such as work Difficult, such as neighborhood rift, as get the job exam..But as long as we hit the road to bring happiness, these disappointments can fade even dissipate, we think there is only away together, we discovered that there are pain Ganxiang difficult to crack is an accomplishment, tolerance, understanding bring us happiness, we think the basis of today’s frustration with temper proud of what tomorrow.Bring joy on the road, not only help us to elucidate life’s disappointments, can also resolve the life and work of boring, let’s happiness index is climbing.Living in the world, we are mostly ordinary, life is mostly flat, but put on a happy smiling face on the road but we can see dancing roadside grass, flowers, and we can hear the clock ticking spectrum in the passage of time notes, day after day, to feel the fullness of time the gift of our hearts.Leave a way out, to wish happy as luggage, it will sow the seeds all the way, behind us full of fragrant bloom.    Part II: Bless you, happy birthday!  Yong children, my dearest friend: 21 years ago today, your birth, came to her parents, brought joy to us, to bring hope, to bring happiness, of course, also brings endless exercise forever heart of busy!Twenty-one years after this moment, you have grown into a handsome, reason, wisdom and full of motivated young man, but a bit smug love!Now you make us feel happy, proud!  You are happy: 21 years, every day we are watching you grow, watching your emotions.Your every cell of our efforts are devoted, caring for you forever beyond our own.  You are lucky: You grew up in a good time, not only to higher education has no siblings rivalry.Your father eight brothers and sisters, to survive is not easy, who needs!Your age dad especially love reading, she said: “Every day holding a line of tablets which do not work!”Children are the parents treasured flesh and blood, your grandmother because livelihood Shishuwunai.You learn because I spent hundreds of thousands, I ever had wrinkled brow?  Today, please accept our deep blessings to you.Let your imagination full of green, golden dream.Life is a coaching inn, someone arrived it was gone, then the rest of the inn birthday is, again unknown future to continue moving.Flower seeds already in bud, the birthday is blooming moment, I wish your life to another bloom!You add one year old, is to add a charm, plus a mature, plus a wisdom.please remember!Your life every sail, my blessing will be with your peers!This essay is willing to put our blessings entrusted to the cloud to send along thousands of miles away happy you!  Today, you are like buds to be put; tomorrow, you will have a bright future as the eagle.Wishing you a happy birthday!  I thank God for such a good son!  In your birthday, I wish you happy!    Part Three: happiness is actually very simple happiness is actually very simple, as long as we have a good attitude, good at discovering the beauty of life, of happiness will always be with us around if your mind well, you will feel the sun is so was shining, the sky is so blue, the air is so fresh, bird calls are so cheerful, pleasant, then you will smile on his face, walking will become your light, you’ll love not from a light hum ditty, you will say in my heart — Oh, happy is so simple!  We face life with a smile, life will treat us with a smile.We face life with a positive upbeat attitude, I believe that life will give us a good return.  We should be grateful, grateful parents gave us life, to thank the community for our stage show themselves, thanks to the life that we learned to be strong, thanks to our partners for the warmth of our house, thanks to their loved ones gave us selfless affection, thanks love to our sweet love, thank friends gave us friendship, thank.We have hearts of gratitude, you will find a better life, you will feel happy!  Happiness is really very simple, it is all around us, friends of praise makes me happy, makes me happy love loved ones, love me sweet love.In fact, we are asking for is not much of a greeting friends, let us happy all day, children cry mom let our hearts full of joy mother, a gentle hug lover, a loving eyes make us very happy….  Happiness is really very simple, it is full of all aspects of our lives.The work has made a little bit of success gives us a sense of accomplishment, it is the one happy to work; we buy a beautiful new clothes on the body was appreciated little sisters, to see same-sex envy, admire the eyes to see the opposite sex , heart secretly delighted, this is a pursuit of beauty happy; when we exercise, though panting, sweating but is physical and mental pleasure, happiness is a sport; we clean up around the house clean, to see their the fruits of labor is a labor of joy; we do see a table of good food who enjoy the cuisine scene is also a pleasure; leisure time with ALICE climb the hills, to board the hilltop overlooking the mountain, you will have a glance feeling all the mountain to the summit with a loud roar few times, you are so sweet, heart boredom wiped out and see the beauty on the outskirts of a breath of fresh air, with the heart to feel the magic and beauty of nature, but also a incomparable joy..  In fact, happiness is a state of mind, a positive attitude to life, if your heart is full of sunshine, it must be a happy, happy is able to pass, if you have more contact with the happy person you will become happy.  We would like everyone is happy angels, spread happiness to everyone, the world is always full of sunshine, let the joy Saman!    Part Four: Find some lost time happy hour monthly cold clear night, I always ask myself: why they are unhappy feel unhappy most of the time?Why over middle age will gradually lose all their preferences?!  Is the world’s material desires, wishes tide submerged and buried all of this, or an individual value of life occurred much deviation?  Remember, the most fun thing was always a childhood couple of times a month, my mother took me from living in the village on foot six or seven, arrived at the rural markets, once the purchase is appropriate for the whole family to purchase necessities, they love and affection will pull up my little hand, a wide variety of colors on the face of market snacks, I need to consult something, I always stubborn shook his head, then pulled his mother’s clothes came to the cooperative store near, prior to look intently standing comic counter, he looked envious lined up, lying quietly in the closet of those books a long time refused to leave.I can feel the mother feel faint silly, shaking his head repeatedly occasion, uphold a plastic bag from his pocket, wrapped in several layers one by one turn, removed or somewhat wrinkled banknotes or corner where a commercially available I.After returning home, I can again and bored with it on the turn ten and a half, just Therefore, it is enough to make me swagger to walk a couple of weeks in the village on a small partner casting envious eyes.Sauna net Remember, a year to the county across the river to go to school, most embarrassing thing was always home to one-time costs of delivery to the ferry back and forth during the month of my house, and I, taking it every chance entering a bookstore, always forget to give yourself hold out a few books and magazines, and then began to reverse the day and night to revel in ecstasy.As a result, the bag is empty themselves every weekend evening, sit on the ferry toll mark, looking Gan River water rolling dies, silly Leng Leng daze.Then, again and again embarrassed but luckily I met a classmate, someone acquaintances, his face red with hold, had the audacity to follow suit, let it pay the ticket, then walk 10 miles to go home.  Once upon a time, such a course involve himself back and forth on every curse ashamed of myself a thousand times thousand times, and every deep cycle back and forth to get myself again and again, pain and pleasure alternately repeated.  I remember in particular, just to work those years, his monthly salary will personally give all the moment in the hands of parents, feeling this world, no longer enjoy even more than contented with this process.  Shortly thereafter calendar year which, there are always one or two months, by its own impulse to read that kind of nameless parched driven, their pace will inexplicably towards the bookstore, then run to the bag for all, in exchange for a bunch of black and white books, then repeated in station construction work to go out back, shut the door, a man, a lamp, a table, a book, a pen, alone stay up until dawn, music and not tired.  Unfortunately, accompanied by the inexperienced depth step by step, gradually plunged into endless mood impetuous nothing to extricate themselves.That year, obsessed with reading, it can be felt not the only kind of graceful beauty beyond words, instead of one by one is rolling down to the earthly desires.  With around loved ones away from me, Mind doubts, frustrations, and both make their own confused and at a loss.  Today, already difficult to keep track of how many years did not make their own good stop, full account read a book.Often for around a thin sheet of paper, it will also turn Yimushixing peter.  Looking twenty years ago that himself, as if the other side in the distant, vaguely vague impression still stuck with, and who extravagance books like life boy, from now own appears to be so distant and not real.  With a clear sky holiday, when I settling himself, getting himself and calm down gradually from the bottom of my heart trying to accept yourself, to completely drop everything when the heart had to bear, I began pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to pick up a the book, in spite of incredibly hard, breath the last page has been seen from the first word.At that time, I was feeling on the germination of books, or the phrase should be everlasting old saying “A book holds a house of gold, the book a beautiful woman.”.  I began to find a good book to draw on the useful place too much.Looking back, I slowly discovered that over the years, except for the most basic primitive struggle to survive, his heart just drift in and download a copy group which life was filled with the kind of empty and full of blind hatred grudge.It is also these years, I live in this group Lanlansansan, powerless lack of deep fine read, study, and reflection on the lack of the hole in the further understanding of things and ideas brought about by the proliferation of groups like the terrible consequences.  Living in the moment I’d think, in this never noisy naughty earthly, if each of us can in a casual little time, the calm himself, to read in the growth of one’s own nature, self-cultivation while allowing your heart always sees clearly mirror, not Miaozai!  Sometimes think, are things of the past as a blessing in disguise, and get lost, fortune or misfortune always mixed, so the past in soot, you can read this strike has tangled.  Gossip is not the table, and chose a timely push myself out of the house, stroll outside the city, a number expected to Lost mind, Fiat dash, and then later with the gentlemen slowly!    Part five: happy until now I do not have to forget bullied as a child received, it is like a sharp knife inserted in my chest, like, touch a little bit as long as others, will become blood shed tears from his eyes right away, and I mother quarrel, my mother sometimes pointed out that I was wrong, like my elementary school every day because of a cold and had to Sassafras tissue of the nose into the drawer half of all students so it is not cleaned hate me, do not follow me friends saw me CD’s to avoid less.Why blame my mother I have always had such a bad habit, no wonder students are not willing to be friends with me.I think the reason she put me unpopular blame my bad habits, I was suddenly stabbed a moment, tears streaming down immediately.I thought to myself, this is my fault it?Although the time we are not naive, but this is just a habit I do a person’s fault?Why only one person I have, no other students?Some people may say it would have to ask yourself the.Is it my intention to do?Is it a dirty little man about to be cast aside all the people you?Am I so parents do not have responsibility?It is not the responsibility of school?Does a person have a drawback when she can have difficulties in spite of her condition and let it continue to blow under her ceiling fan?When I was a few minutes late to work because the succession chief duty will say to me: “Do you want all of it is people do not like you?”Well, you have a point, you are strong enough, you do not know what it hurt me very deeply it?You do not know it hit my heart?Nobody likes this is my biggest failure to twenty years.  When I’m sick father after high school classmates came to visit me tells me that you think they treat you as a friend you?They just sympathize with you only!When I told Dad thumbs up foreign passengers have praised me when I’m excited mood is very encouraging, he said Shame on you, you do not know when Sia!My heart suddenly broken, pain pain pain, never even encouraged me, and also so call me hit me, I really do shameless?Even a confidence not give me chance?I do not deserve such praise?Really can not think ah, I did not for service but denied being ruthless destruction of their most pro-people so hard superiors.Over the years, not a good friend, I think it should have been all my fault!But where I really bad, can you tell me?Where the bad?But no one told me, I think this should be God’s punishment for me, because I did not get any qualified person pointing.  Bi Shumin in the “get rid of your depression,” Lane said: “Some people are looking for a happy life.When he wanted to find a job when he was promoted to how, when his successful career, he wanted to be married, he went into the marriage hall, he thought it was time to have a baby, and when he had children he thought children should read what the school, when the children grow up, he was busy looking for a job to the child care relationship, the child is stable when he also went to the retirement age, he was thinking about the rest of the time It should be how to enrich.In this way, his life busy, no time retired and sit properly give yourself a break, there is no time to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery around, no time for or interest in their dreams and work hard, so step by step in life with no freedom without any happy, not sad it?”Now I think about it, my life is really very sad!Never only of how other people bully me, never just want people not good for me, never just want to how others see me, never Why do not entangled in the only friend I never want to harm other people depriving good Cana, never lonely is not only happiness, but pain is not open-minded, not only narrow frankly, never not only for their own good love, forgive yourself, just take someone else’s mistake to punish oneself, never discover that this world and I did not feel so cold darkness, although unfortunately it happened to me again and again, but happy in fact never far away!I have no friends, this is an established fact, go heartbroken no use, why not think about my illness last ten years, how many people come to see me, how many people have endured my unreasonable, how many people in order to make me happy and wronged themselves, how many people I have been patient, but also how many unhappy laugh at me.Now I am a stay at home, lost his job, poor health, in fact, do not get married is not what really did not have children, my happiness is hard to exercise your body is trying to lose weight, is to try to learn self-reliance is to cherish every day with my loved ones wonderful times together, after all, they are over sixty, the body and is so bad, I do not know how much time I’m spending time with.Now my real happiness is no longer dependent on her mother, her as a straw clung tightly, it will only make me more and more twisted personality, will more and more fragile, more and more contradictory upgrade, and ultimately to no return.Happy, but now I understand the family is not giving you anything, but what do you give loved ones happy, but not to be given personally to pay, happiness is not given by others, but they seek for themselves, not their friends happy always by your side, but you have much of their gratitude, happiness is not someone else’s sure, but their progress every day in terms of their number, not a happy family care giving your heart a temporary satisfaction, but you are in front of the mirror every day, in front of them, facing all the people, the key is smiling to himself, pretending happiness over time it becomes really happy!Happiness is to learn to accept other people criticize you and you become a power forward!Not a happy day, happy day, every day should be happy too!To be happy, we must forget the past suffering, we must know how to be happy thanksgiving, to be happy we must emancipate their minds, we will be more than happy to find some sustenance, to be happy we must always smile and think of happy things!  Well, since figured out, then you feel happy to bring you a better life now, then go find their own happiness now!?    Part VI: happy choice often see a number of domestic and international news arts star because the drug is disposed of according to law, and some stars inexplicably committed suicide way to end his young life.Always I think, who is really a very strange creatures, sometimes obviously a very simple thing, but because many think, it will become complicated again.Like everyone will ask themselves: Why should we live in this world?What is the purpose of life is?Life’s most important is that family love, friendship, and now very fashionable fourth “emotional”?Really I do not understand that time and time again to create happiness of mankind “angel” who, why so irresponsibly would be so irresponsible to the extreme — select “happy” themselves, so irresponsible to select “End “.It really is, “because I choose, so I’m happy” it?  Among life, choose to be happy is no reason.However, in the course of human life, happiness is not common, and sometimes even happiness is not ready to put in there waiting for you to choose.Unfortunately either suffering or frustration or pain, but it can make you accidentally hit, at this time, many people have lost their way, the soul will be immersed in the mud of a disappointment, forget the happy presence.Withstand the hardships of life without the need to give up a strong heart, you need a firm confidence ahead.In fact, the most simple philosophy of life is the most profound comment on life.  We experienced the vicissitudes of the years change, bitter and sweet in life, then we have these smug dead dreams of lovers of literature, like so many fireflies still happily to each of the weak force warm “rain lonely wander forward “weary traveler’s eyes — our eyes to see the world in different styles and we heard the noise of bustling sound, our hearts feel the chaos of life.Observe yourself in a different way, with a different attitude towards the world.Perhaps, this is our own to a child-like innocence “happy” grounds.  In the 1980s, a strong intellectuals called his family came from the province of Panjin a “relatively large” city.We talk about family life, about his work, very hit it off, his elder me three or four, naturally became the big brother.Strong brother looks sturdy frame, tall, black and red big face, growled speak of, it is not like Wu Wen get pen.In addition to literary writing strong brother usually there are two major interests: First, chess, known under the invincible hand over the neighborhood unit; the second is to drink, there is the kind of food did not want the whole two dishes of “immortals”.I often some classmates, friends introduced to him, once, my classmate’s friend brought him two turtle from Shandong, Ge Jige want to get my family together to enjoy the taste fresh enjoyment, because then no one would have eaten everyone thing, let alone make it into a dish, and finally asking everyone to understand bustling busy for a long time, a small basin of steaming “fried bastard” and finally to the table, Ge Jige around there but who also Dongkuai dare you look at me I look at you, then eyes fell upon strong brother: “Otherwise, your first taste of big brother?”Strong brother smiled and offered his chopsticks, picked up a piece A fish into his mouth and slowly chewed up, and then mysteriously sip ‘Panjin Laobaigan’,” Ze Yang?Not good?”We Dengyuan eyes eagerly look forward and saw strong brother spoke slowly and picked up a piece into his mouth, just said something so delicious so delicious, I suddenly realized then voraciously grab up.At this time, in the background has been waiting to see my wife come close enough towers month, there will be no end hurried up to a big sweep.  Mrs. Strong is my most respected woman, she is one of the most strong mother.Her long small and exquisite, very dignified and very beautiful, but the mountainous rural areas has grown from small poor families in remote, educational level is not high, she is very strong brother worship, quietly support him wholeheartedly regrets.That year, I love the life of a child was soon laid off, are not familiar with the strong brother Panjin is also anxious for the strong work of Mrs..So, my wife, and she and her strong will and opened a general store.At that time the so-called “general store” is basically a facade, mainly “on the joints,” which, reinforced concrete what felt paper, what submersible pump motors, what lamp switch hardware, as long as people want us to give purchase.That period of time, my brother also strong and threw into the “sea”, there is little time purchase, construction units delivery run, to account, constantly being lied to deceived, of course, we also use some posing as third-class product First grade “Mongolia” someone else.In the evening, please some of the so-called “family relationship” or helped our friends buddies drinking wine exchange of feelings, and people pretend to social Kan Kan Kan literary life.Nevertheless, the general store opened less than a year would be difficult to maintain, fortunately we do not have a big investment so there is no loss, the two women opened 200 yuan each month “wages” be profitable.  ”Laid off” before long, winding strong east wind market in Sao they rented a Chuangzai and began selling the clothing business, but because of too little capital is not competitive, did not do in the first half would have to back out.That year, the unit of work in front of the strong brother, is a row of stalls Shoe formed naturally, most are doing business south of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.Strong Sao find this shoe is a small no loss of business.So, despite the discouraging others resolutely made up.At first, she was surrounded by a large scarf, then simply nothing around, despite the wind and sun, met an acquaintance also took the initiative to say hello to provide free services.By the end of 1988, due to my work my family moved Xinglongtai, and strong brother too few links, occasional winding and students – together have to call on him.  After some “frustrating”, strong brother’s family, work relatively stable, strong brother’s literature has entered a golden period, “masterpiece” continue, also busy in taking the time to help a number of units engaged in corporate culture written reportage, it is said well-paid, strong brother home life has gradually got rid of the “constraints”, and also purchased a building of their own Sanshiyiting.I do not know why every time he saw Mrs. Strong sweat still cheerfully Shoe stalls in busy, my heart is always a feeling sour.  Do not look strong brother looks strong and healthy, in fact, his heart is not good, there is still a severe asthma, strong brother seem to care about them, happy to work every day life, people feel his heart of hearts is a “strong man”, also some inscrutable affinity.However, an unexpected thing happened — that of a summer evening, as usual, strong brother and neighborhood chess, is said to be a boastful rival militants, only to be strong brother to neat and quick. ” the “live, scratching at a loss, strong brother porch laughing, but bursts ‘myocardial infarction’ become forever fixed curtain call of his life!  Strong brother gone, strong brother at home just picking the day fell into a loss, Mrs. strong shoeshine still comfortably in front of the unit strong brother, but calmer than before.There were times when I pass by there, afar off her delicate figure, I want to say hello to the past but do not know what to say, they quietly about the past.Hanlaishuwang strong shoeshine business of Sao thousand is eight spring and autumn, until their three children have been admitted to the university.We are always looking for happiness.When you gradually find happiness away from us in time, if we can like strong strong brother Sister smile to sing songs of life — not complain too much given the hardships of life, do not complain about life there too tortuous.The per – repeated failure boils down to an attempt, not low self-esteem; to every successful are thought of as a kind of lucky, not pride.In this way, a smile playing relaxed strings, to face setbacks happy to accept the taste alone to overcome the sadness, all face life brings.So, give the suffering brought more than just the destruction of the soul.Suffering and rewarding, it does not make you feel a kind of enlightened?Life’s most valuable is not to give up hope in the face of adversity, do not indulge in joy in good times.Good times Ye Hao, Ye Hao of adversity, always maintain a peaceful state of mind, until the time when the storm is brewing, even if the tree still while the wind blows, we can have a calm mind, the passage of time people have changed any of it, for all earthly changes in stride.  Choose to be happy is really no reason.Because the final wish is to return the fish rivers and lakes, the biggest wish birds are free to fly in the blue sky, and the biggest wish lions are free to walk the mountains.We feel the sunrise and sunset every day, look at the bright moon rises — Seiki sprinkled on the vast land, a quiet world, waiting for the dawn’s footsteps, wait for a sweet dreams for us.All this courtesy given to God, we have no reason not to choose to be happy?Intentions will spread happiness in words to every sad soul, soothe tired each pair of wings, their eyes warm cold world, so that their souls could release the birds live, listening to the air whistle sounded, life will be ringing magnificent chapter.  Sad, sad moment but a memory; resentment, but temporary outpouring of emotion; fear, however, is the portrayal of the occasional soul; happy, but it is life eternal aftertaste.  Choose to be happy is happy, happy is happy choice.