Article about memories

Part One: Open Box Blues recalled memories, as time travel in that deep blue sky, looking brilliant sky, the wind was getting up to that is next to the exceptionally bright star in gently holding her, slowly open the seal of that brilliance, close your eyes, heart and understand that drift leisurely ray of brilliance, enjoying three days before the bits and pieces.  The wind gently catch it live wire Guanghua dim beginnings – with a little curiosity I went to the old classroom.Watching the students a picture with a little bit excited and face with a trace of fear, my heart is pounding, like a curious child looking at the distant “New World” as.In this way, with the complexity of the tense mood, after a two-hour car journey of laughter, we came to the center of the base, watching the strange surroundings, suddenly, curiosity overcame fear heart, feeling like a child things around.So, we spent a morning sweet.  Suddenly, the fingers nudge the screen suddenly turn – “We are not even King Kong, people are iron, steel, rice is, we instructor Fan Jungang.”- This is what we in the newspaper after a few lightning, eight classes and instructors playing with us, brought us many fun.At this point, we are all smile, she had forgotten to be afraid before, because we just won a thunderous victory.Looking at a picture of familiar faces, is how very happy ah!  A gust of wind blowing gently, gently glide brilliance that wire from my hand, beautiful brilliance has dimmed, we also entered the sweet dreams.  The rising sun slowly rising, dazzling light pierced the sky again, a hint of soft warm my hands, my heart had came to the tense battlefield – “Team pontoon” field.At this moment, everyone’s hearts are hanging, everyone is roaring, all shoulder the burden.Our tightly together, to our instructors, our teacher demonstrates our strong.As the activities, sweat constantly overflow from our forehead, our throats shouting cries, and shoulder carry pain, sore legs station, but no one down.Because our heads slowly climbed the students their lives to us, we believe him, we have to take responsibility, to assume our responsibilities.Looking at this touching scenes, sad tears in his eyes constantly, but it has not shed.Because crying is just a relief, just to momentary gratification, and perhaps do not remember anything after crying.Only the pain with tears in the eyes, can always advanced their own, so a burst of amazing strength.  The sun sets, painful, unforgettable, wind Piaoyuan will become memories of the past Blues.With the “Follow me” activities, we are like a boy’s childhood, no trouble learning concerns, nor do the opposite sex life, there are only students ﹑ friendship between friends, childhood naughty ﹑ ﹑ lively and lovely and sincere good heart.Although the event is short, but the feelings brought about is eternal, she would become some indelible memories of the Blues in the hearts of each of us.  As the sun rises again, that ray of brilliance also slid to the final destination, a journey of three days will soon end.In this last knot the ceremony, once again let us appreciate what is called responsibility, give us a journey of growth in the most important lesson, let us know: people live in the world, to learn – Thanksgiving.  When I opened my eyes again, that wire Guanghua already floating in the sky shining bright.Gently close the Box, so that all the past memories of the blues, looking at the stars, I believe: tomorrow will be better!    Part II: memories come back to bed happy today to be awakened by a phone call from “Mudu town”, is small Asahi call, said his troops finishing my last letter, I discovered many secrets, are filled with happiness, this is my private secret that happiness is far more than many people’s lives, there is a friend, not a family makes you feel affection; there is a friend, not a lover, makes you greedy love; there is a friend, will be happy, not I will miss; there is a friend that you place in my heart very deeply, never forgotten, but never dared to go near.Yes, I treasured secret forces almost all my life in the diary and letters, when I took my dreams, and parents exhortations went to the green camp, the troops is a melting pot, people can exercise, can shape people.I am most happy in the army is endowed in uniform on the ceremony, the squad leader asked me if I most want to do, I said I most want to like you, the squad leader asked me to be sure to remember well, I have been under even stay in Zhengzhou troops, is a qualified military air force radar troops, troops from enriched my life.   Xu is very little I understand, finishing 107 yellow letters must be very special, she says that this be your first love you, too dim, and all interpretation of happiness, why has no complete happiness, why not see the girl Yes, when I remember it was 97 before reunification, I like literature, a frequent contributor of articles published in the “micro-fiction”, “Air Force News”, “Liberation Army Daily” and other magazines, thus causing a girl \ Note, I received a letter from her, when the letters are frequent letters every week between the two sides, this is the happiest, she called smell Swallow, Yangling, Shaanxi Northwest Forestry College, from the establishment of friendship, and from letters mostly talking about troops and share the joy and pain, petrels liked military life, no regrets so far into the army, I had not yet had time to answer her troops, wife of today have been the first to break into small Asahi, and his wife Xu also small make fun of me, how not promise it, I Xu small irony wife, I promise you if you are not on my side, and do not know what it means to love, then we Keep in touch, as far as I and many of his comrades in the return of Hong Kong to the Hong Kong Garrison command to go to the exchange of learning, I received a telephone Swallow asked me when to go, you will come back to you?I also think?If we can not remember to put the letters were returned to their owners, and I will come back to say, Camp flow of soldiers iron, I will come back, here are my parents.There are friends, there is one of you, I would think, so much choked Swallow.Phone got disconnected, I guess I was not always wrong, and later received a letter from Hong Kong to learn that she hung up the phone call she cried, cried very sad, not moving, this is the most heart care copies feeling, do not want to lose. Nightlife net until I come back to Zhengzhou, China got off the plane to find a telephone to call back Swallow, Swallow guess I did not open my back, said excitedly, please continue to work hard to write well, okay, I would like to see, I she agreed and asked if I wanted to see it, I said I can not violate the provisions of military discipline, so imagine as good as remembered, treasured in happiness diary Swallow’s military career, had a summer ushered in a flood of 98 times, Yiyang, Hunan, emergency, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, in an emergency, this be dying, and received in the army command to do the worst, with the flood fight, to do a hero, give parents a call when I’m gone, the good news does not have to hold my worry still the same good news, pretended to study the field, will give a monthly letter from the mother, the mother encouraged me to work hard, very pleased, but the mother did not know how to die, but so far it is a mystery, as I signed with comrades life and death, but we do not and I signed, I signed if I sacrifice to please Swallow ghostwriter month sent a letter to my mother know I was safe, and I will miss you Family, these words caused a puzzled many of his comrades in the army, I want to know who petrels, I joked that I sacrificed you know.Swallow now know as the non call me feel worried me last words, she can not be dropped.Can now be moved to a small wife Xu, Xu is still small irony to me, she was lucky.Did not let me get away.And then I can go to the flooding in Hunan, and Jiujiang, a whole army of millions Yeah, even the President at the scene command, who also who yell, “Here I declare what the story about the flood of many forces, but also when my military achievements dream started I can not say too much.”Jiujiang flood back again to board a flight back to his unit the day before, I borrowed a phone call to go Swallow, Swallow cried.She said a full three months without my news, she did not have a good day, he said, has been concerned about TV I wanted to capture the flood figure to appear, I say silly girl, millions of troops flood how you can find, she says she wanted to see me, Again I want to see is better to miss, Swallow also told me that his father went to the flood line, puzzles me is that her father is also a bit of colonel why the soldiers would not let his daughter involved in military life, so far is a mystery, and I do not I question, which I unfortunately do not fulfill Swallow, little has really made my day worth telling Asahi-petrels are coming back from the front, we want to rejoin the flood, then we have to go through the Arc de Triomphe in return Luoyang near Dayan Pagoda return to Zhengzhou she’s glad to see that we must now buy a ticket, the name of the brand name Zhiguo, be sure to recognize her, I said no, but she went the next day when passing the Arc de Triomphe, a lot of people.Wang Jushang still holding some food, some into my pocket, standing in the car, the military is the military, iron discipline, do not take the people stitch, no one dare to eat, which is style, I have been to capture Swallow the people on both sides of the road, I always think petrels where you are, where you are Swallow.Where are you Swallow.In this car and walk almost the same, to go through 12 kilometers of pedestrian farewell ceremony, I was looking for, finally a good girl standing in a large stone on a roadside, long hair, big eyes, head there about 1 meter 66, wearing a white dress inch, and crisp white dress, hands held high a red card.A full four A4 paper as big a fight, says seven words “Zhiguo where you are,” I saw the sad tears, to stop the car, the road shall be subject to bid farewell to the sacrifice of his comrades.I and several comrades are holding the portrait of the same, but it should not sacrifice his comrades home by road, only at the expense of his comrades are troops can stay only after the road, later back to his unit will hold a memorial ceremony, the moment stay. Many people cried, or have fainted Swallow asked his comrades one by one, and asked for a long time I head out to see her back and shoved aware of what has been asking Zhiguo do you know, what he loves the team, a few number of vehicles.Been asked, I looked closer and asked where I was not courage, is the condition does not allow it, how I wanted to run past Lahaina Yan hold her I was, but I have been looking to see Swallow, in Q. where Zhiguo in which the team, a few numbers in front of my car Yeah, when I came up to see me, “where are you Zhiguo card” Here there are three little words, those words on behalf of heart, these three words to say to a girl petrels more than a soldier is not easy Yeah, I saw tears straight to the stomach pharynx, leaving the car at the moment, thought forgive me petrels, I can not go against discipline, duty of a soldier is obey orders, I take photos sacrifice of his comrades, and I want to rejoin, do the Swallow, I stood behind the car, the car is gone, I can not control, I shouted a petrel I’m here, I can write to you Swallow has been chasing back saying my car away, slowly squat down to see Haiyan crying., Many comrades saw it, did not speak, then his comrades finally know who petrels are, and so we have been linked with, there is no fate contact with, but then I walked Military Academy, still correspondence, my only military gave to her I also received a picture of her, we are not talking about family, aside from family, talk of personal pleasure and pain, has a small Asahi wife asked me if I had not married, I do not know, until I send you to change jobs when Swallow candy.She wrote that the family did not want to talk to me a good collection of her letters, a few years later I would like to see, also sent many to the wife of the insole.Said his wife was sent to a small Asahi, which is clearly mad at me, that obviously men Yeah, give me that letter, which is the simple words, it is said, “Zhiguo let you know the value of military I understand you, I treasure the love your heart, please do not disappear in my heart, after decades do not want to miss the better to imagine, please, please bring sister-in-law.She took me to replace the.I am also happy she was happy.Okay, I love you “to me every year by writing a tough three words finally appeared, so far kept the 107 letter, imagine is better remembered today, his wife at the time of finishing my diary troops, moved it all chilling diary.Small Asahi understand my wife everything, and was very happy because she petrels title comprehend, I’d want a chance to see her, I want to tell small Asahi treasure this friendship, no, it should be said to be a friend, so my wife ironic I love when love it, make fun of me.  Swallow all at the moment my heart silently wish distant well, but also want to see better to read.Because love, companionship is a blessing; because, care will.Time together is quiet, quiet feel her presence, she only listening, happy to hear you saying you those chores; not the time but it will be remembered, I think there is a man so good, who is so treat their own good.You ignore her in, because you never worried that one day will find her, she would have been quiet here for you, so you will comfort myself: This is not towards a twilight, we get along very long day, grow to no end, so I assure you prefer to do their own thing, to accompany their considered more important people; you will miss her well in her absence, will be waiting for you when she found how lonely , she will understand how sad when you think, will understand that she had given her multiple deep feelings, she’s looking forward to erode in time, not even myself that little bit of tenderness nor gave.  There is a friend, the wind, though invisible able to perceive her real efforts of the tangible to the intangible, about never separated, but also the same as the air can not hold, can not grasp the warmth in the body, feelings in mind, but the real her but in faraway places.For the goodness want to go near, it seems to have, but it can only be the final stop, and as close to breaking this would have seemed pure, but also a destruction, a blasphemy.Flower in the Mirror as bright open, bright round water in May.Looking forward to share in the Chilian sweet, but my heart at this time, at the moment, why, why?But it is so fragile treasure the memories of chapter three: the memories forever – Cham division “sunny” practice team Cai Zili countryside experience, although half a month has passed.However, the people there, there’s something, but clearly to me in my mind, never the most treasured in the depths of my memory.  Remember, when I first stepped foot in this strange land, the enthusiasm of the villagers, the children smile, at the moment, this strange land slowly sublimate in my mind, sublimated into both familiar and warm hometown flavor.  Remember, when you first stepped into the port of Hong elementary school, a group of children and turn around, when they saw the face innocent smile, at the moment, I feel like the brilliant sunshine.  Remember, the first physical education, some male students mischievous, vexatious, when your words fell on deaf ears, the hearts of frustration, pain, deep in the heart of India.However, I want to thank these students, they taught me how to talk to student exchanges, how to be a student favorite teacher.  Remember, in the golden sunshine, accompanied by an invigorating early morning campus of Crazy English poetry recitation sound and sound extraordinarily bright.I believe that in this moment all the teachers are happy, because we pay to get the best return.  Remember, when health care activities in rural areas, due to the sun’s violent, have brought villager saw the big umbrella to shade us, there are some villagers brought us some water and drinks to quench their thirst; because we eat more light, some of the the villagers saw also bought meat and vegetables to feed us.Thank you for your concern, thank you for your love, these, we will always keep in mind.  Remember, cooking together happy, we sat in the evening to meet with laughter.  Remember, for a wonderful evening, we no matter how bitter and more tired, even if the blood flow are broken leg fell persisted, every night assiduously repeated practice, encourage each other.Finally, when the end of the party the moment the case, long applause of the crowds of thousands, thumbs up for praise.At the moment, we know that before we suffered Kulei, the stay in the moment of sweat melted become happy.  Remember, the day before leaving, students tears, villagers waving.  Remember, there are many, many remember, but they could not remember the words to express the full.Let them remember all hidden in the depths of my memory of it!Let it be the best memories of my life in it!    Part Four: blank memories of sitting in front of the desk, picked up a pen to write something I do not know?What I do not know that stupid real head filled with?Text, feeling, or pleasure.I do not know, I do not know, mind blank, do dolphins swim in it?Or batter it?  Pour a glass of red wine, leaning against his bed right pen to write on paper, write the feeling I do not know, left hand picked wine on a small sensitive mouth, his mouth did not feel lost sense of smell, or simply fall into a glass of drink go on, I have a good voice feeling hot, so hot face!!Dizzy eyes with his right hand holding the pen continues to read, sad.Heart fluttering tenderness children far away from me, the moon from my body they have taken away, I do not know where to put my feelings brought!  Before writing desk, desk lamp lit, and my calm the mind, the brain of a piece of blank with a hint of confusion, there is no computer no phone, only the lights and fans, the number of beads in his hand, although few to a few opinions on this there are 11, but I do not know how many times to count, their feelings, sad melody only he can know, the room lights turned off that lamp over there, written in their own side of the window, looking at the lights of a building household after another lit up, then downstairs with a loud voice to bring Germanic people every day, quiet music, like life has returned to high school, a confused, sad ride with a high school and now something like memories, memories of the past that kind of confusion and frustration, but there is a friend to enlighten where to vague to come out, and now it?Who will help me get it from the?  At that time of pure friendship and economic benefits now, this is life!!  At that time young and frivolous innocence, now is the uncertainty about the future does not help!Never go back!!  ”Seeking the natural, go with the flow” in the blank memories do not know what to write!I believe you write up every time friends have had the same brain and heart blank, that is what they thought when you want it!  Blank’s voice floating in your side!!