Article about no longer my

Part one: I am no longer me crazy all night last night and today woke up about bed, top-heavy, standing firm, dull pain in the chest, a cough mention gas, was actually a blood.Went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror of their own haggard and old, could no longer control his tears, this year, I kept loneliness at the expense of their own lives, what is it I have to FIG.!Is is that short-term happiness?Is hide his bitter?Or go crazy all because revenge ourselves!I am no longer me..Back to bed, lit a cigarette, Ren Siwei together with the smoke floating in space, but as a person I no body soul, empty eyes looking at the ceiling, not the only numb the silent tears of their own, to prove it I am still alive.I have become a wandering in this world of the devil and hell, I am no longer me.What makes me so terrible?What makes me willingly every day to spoil your body and mind?What makes me indifferent to the face of death and life?What makes my life in brothels snow mid-game?Who can tell me?I am no longer me.I’m really tired, close your eyes, thinking back to force yourself to empty from the world, only to find yourself is so fragile that only when a person, a fragile like a child, tears streaming real TV drama, want to have a warm embrace, so I went and lay down on top of indulgent cry, cry . so many years all of their unhappiness and frustration, even if only a minute.If the person’s life the wrong step of the way will regret for life, I do not know what step I was on the wrong road!Because, I feel too many regrets in my life..Emotional, career, family.Too much!I am no longer me.Part II: I am no longer me, I really changed.Become stern, turned serious, is no longer my own, became even I feel strange.  Efforts to suppress their emotions, even if the joke is funny again, I will not easily smile.  I became.Every time say to do, but always hang back, way of learning, it is good, very long.I know it, afraid, I can not move on the.  I once was, how can how headstrong, I was the center of two, but came back the day before yesterday I think, has changed.Everything becomes, I am no longer my place, she, hold to a child, instead of my position, my mouth casual fine, verbal only, nothing more, my heart is still pain, I really habit.Family day around her, obediently obediently called, I seem healed surface, like a certain part of the crippled.Hold to the child, so easily replaced.  I miss Mom and Dad in Guangzhou!Every time a person is always their own sleep helpless cry.  She came, I do not know between me and her, what enmity.Sauna net she came in later time, I am no longer me.I became a familiar stranger.strange.strange.Another strange.  My family is concerned, it becomes very light.Everything seemed to have weakened in a moment.This I do not belong to this family, I should only live in a mom and dad and my family of three, warm, happy.With the myth of flying, I find their dream of paradise.  who am I?I am the angel of tears?Sun ornament?I always ask myself in the mirror, just answer my clock tick.  The rainy season begins in the morning, afternoon, late rain.The hearts of the rain, not the end.  What kind of mood.What a good memory, I was the center of family.  What to explain my sadness and frustration?    Part III: fleeting time goes by, I am no longer the night I felt discouraged, according to Fu tower and watched the Red changing, Yemu in seeking fleeting traces not back, many things had changed dramatically.I prefer to rely on the text given to the soul, but from beginning to end can not describe the heart of the Lost.  Mimi vast room seemed to go at the end of the years, turn a blind eye to listen to the voices of flowers, leaves swaying in the wind picked up, hastily passing years in the fingertips, like every year on a quarterly basis are similar bright, eager future, look forward to the day can the dust settles, wandering away.  Around the youth, already quietly gone away, the moon was shining in the moonlight face covered with years of vicissitudes, Mouzhong deep with endless grief, Homecoming, scene remains the same, but different people already.  Constantly think of how life should be, from time to time to ask ourselves what should be the way to go, what kind of attitude to face the future, the face of problems, hovering in the years crossing, awaited the ship’s voyage sails, when they can not afford the travel.  Some people say: “Life is born, to live.”Puzzle of life, after each word separated solution becomes simple, two words together and no one can interpret its definition.  Elapsed time, and gradually learn to make yourself more, and gradually learn how to survive, cherish the time, learned to hide his share of unrest, the share of young and frivolous.Continue past the perfunctory escape, Prison, do not communicate with the outside world, it is out of tune with the crowd.  Fleeting smoke Huaxiao vertical disappearing, one round too many records falling past, melancholy in my mind from time to time, to persuade words continue to echo in the ears.We fleeting getting old, withstand years of twists and turns, from time to time recall those who come and go in life, for their accompany themselves, grow their own church.  Life is exhausting, so survival is reality, right and wrong, the chaos of life, where shelter?Have worked hard and given up, fall over, eventually you have to learn to be strong to face, mind of imagination as the wind scattered in Yemu, the journey youth, who moved lonely at nights chord, stained with grief, buried bloom.  Years gradually faded gorgeous colors, of the years past, over her too many complaints can not be made, such as all the old, old Cang heart, eyes did not dare to look back at the face veil, flawless looking forward to a dream well, years in the Red I can no longer find the original.