Article about pearls

Part one: not all tears and pearls to give vent to tears of pain, not all weeping represents the cowardly, the tears shining eyes, you can see hidden in the depths of emotion.  Hold high the butcher’s knife, the knife fall at the moment, perhaps they could not bear the pity, but still decided to Zhuge Liang knife Zhanxia, as the armed forces are highly disciplined, in order to command the armed forces always as alert, Zhuge Liang is a bottomless pit in the barracks reveal the truth, even if there will be too much for his men love sadness and nostalgia, but was forced to so, this selfless tears, it also shows that out of a wise and decisive military adviser.  ”Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, a warrior to Come Nevermore” on the boats to encounter the King of Qin, in the rolling East disappearing river, to the country’s stability, in order to make a better life for the people of this world Jing Ke decided to choose this path, in his eyes full of tears, tears of regret is, that those many people admired tears, with his heroic ambitions for the country.  Someone once said: “The eyes are the windows of the soul” that tears the brighter side windows of the soul of this.  There are tears of countless people “Memories can be misery, like a Spring River Flows East” Li Yu Jin Gong is sad tears shed; “Do not litter from the eye to close Ru tears aspect” is the concern of Du Fu shed tears; “this situation no account can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts” is the Acacia Qingzhao shed tears; “care for silence only tears of a thousand lines” is the excitement shed tears Sushi.  Amid tears together formed the ocean, with sake of patriotism; people have to read off the intestinal unlimited Acacia; there shelter the world are delighted Poor Scholar of Tranquility feelings; Friend of friendship with affection like the sea; also it is difficult to have a newspaper in the apartments of the selfless love of parents..  Since ancient times, people in tears of change, the only constant is the sincere people full of tears of emotion, as the islets bright pearl, dazzling.  —– pirate smile articles offer two: autumn Silver Pearl Bay beach late autumn Silver Beach, a little quiet, a little quiet, a little heavy, a little more natural Cang.In contrast a bit less impetuous, a bit less wild, a bit less frivolous, a bit less panic.I came to Silver Beach in summer, the joy, the unknowingly into the fall, and came to late autumn.I live in a three-line, 20-minute ride to the beach.Therefore not a love for the sea, but I look at the sea life as an indispensable thing every day.It was October 10, I was alone to the beach, the beach is like to be with a lover dating, single-minded in there waiting for my arrival.I walked toward her, she approached step by step.She cleaning up the beach, almost do not see any messy footprints, waves rushing ringing for me singing an old song of the same age.I do not know how many times I’ve heard, she can not feel tedious, but always so obsessed.I want a date with the sea, and selling on my long to mention went to hide, shut down their tents, beach motorcycles hiding, rides for children also shut down, and perhaps by summer to the beach to play children away, took them to a sweet dream.The beach is really quiet, even though it was a few, are also casually looking toward the distance on the levee, it seems that still misses at sea while several fishing boats Fluttering.  I talk with the sea, I said, I’m late this year, last year delayed the appointment mundane busy time.Think of the summer last year with her affectionate embracing phase hold emotions, unforgettable moments.The sea says, not later, when not too late.Because I am always here waiting for you.Even if your life does not come, I am also here waiting for you.Because the total can not forget the feeling of embracing you with.I was very touched and kissed her softly face, I feel her truth, her salty tears that had exposed her true feelings.She wave upon wave coming towards me, she wanted to hug me.I once again embraced by her, and that rushing to tell, give vent to her true feelings.I sat on the soft sand, and the sea is up close, I was surrounded by the sea, turned, as if a baby sleeping in mother’s arms.Happiness is a feeling that only the sense of beauty and unspeakable.I looked down the waves sauna net, stumbled away at the beach, there are two figures, windswept their silver hair, they were an elderly couple, also sat quietly.From summer to late autumn, almost every day to see them, day after day, like a landmark on the beach, is my favorite admire a view of.They see how I can change infatuation with the sea which half points?I’m in the twilight, there is seen a dog that sniffs at the edge of river sand sea water, as if looking for traces of its old masters.Because the owner was feeding off it for some time, and later, the owner returned to his original place, dogs, there is no way take away; a dog, it would stray dogs.But it still does not forget the old master had to take it to the taste of the sea tease and chase the waves.It sniffing, sniffing, day after day, day after day.Do I want to return to their home remember this old master had given him or her the joy of countless stray dogs which?If it were me, I will not forget.  Waves splashed still ringing, she is very gentle today.While I like the turbulent sea, but at the moment she was gentle like water, almost flat as a mirror, I still like the sea.Like a little more serene sea, like a little quiet sea, like a little thick sea, like a little more natural Cang sea.    Part three: your tears, my pearls time, enough to make a naive teenager mature enough to make one kind of deep feelings precipitation, soak a sweet taste.In the years the river, love, always with its dull way, singing.  If my life is a wilderness, that you are the patches of white clouds and keep me company.  At a young age, that you use your thin shoulders, carrying me away on the way to the hospital; you use your gentle voice, so I am afraid of countless nights affectionately cute together; you are generous with your heart , hold my restless and wayward.You, a good-natured woman, persevering years to cast your forehead vicissitudes?  My memory, you kind of smile full of shadow and being a wife and mother toil.  I know your hardships.When his father became ill, you are busy preparing careful to take care of him, and always with love sun shining on the family, but also to accommodate my wayward youth.Father gone, and you’re wasting away, like a withered flower, exhausting all.  I regret my thoughtless.Every home from school, look at you in the streets, braving the biting wind, wearing dirty clothes, waving a broom, hard work, and stronger, I was ashamed of heart.I deeply remember, I see the students in order to escape your eyes, hiding the heart difficult subject.Now, whenever I think about it, my heart seems to be drew a knife, the pain of their own ignorance.Now, I want to loudly say to every person I know, this is my good mother, even though she was very ordinary.  I remember that warmth of your hands, helpless to accompany me through countless days and nights.I was young sky, covered with clouds of melancholy, and with thy wind, it blew away, I took my anger, arrogance, anxiety, depression vent on you, but you silently asylum, with a pair of manpower I hold.Because depression, I changed one after another school, helplessness struck me all the time.I used to hate ourselves, our lives can not afford the slightest interest in the fuel, you have to endure ill I rant for you, hold helpless cry because of me, encouraged me, helped me continue to piece together a complete self, let me re to find the direction of life.You pity me shed tears, and my heart dropped.  Regain memory fragments, as if I had stepped on the ladder of growth on each piece, I saw the childish own, wayward own, helpless themselves, appreciate their mother filling in the hearts of pain and hardship, from mother tears came to the eyes of a bit warm, all into my heart dolphin pearls, precious necklace strung life.  Mother, now, let me hold your hand, unhurried, through one after another Four Seasons.