Article about prayer

Part One: Prayer stranger twists and turns to what is the point.More difficult and more disaster, what is the solution to.Stumbled, fleeting.Over and over again, still empty.Love love love, broke our hearts.  No matter how time changes, but the heart is still incomplete sinking has not changed.Always so bleak, sad.Then the United States also belongs to the romantic memories, then melody will be ended.Autumn leaves, after all, is to return to their roots, and the sinking floating heart but do not know when to settle.  Fingers are always happy about the outcome, not on the match can not be avoided, he stumbled into the restricted area of love, over the body of phosphorus injuries last stabbed.Left behind indelible scars also do not wash, only occasionally feel bad about it already accustomed to such a dull pain, he lost not your fault but you do not know he has a treasure you spend the day how happy he was in people!So people have to learn to adapt to the reality of special social changes, rather than social revolutions around you.  Looking for a calm, looking for a truth.Dark night I accompany you, the fog of the night you stay with me for it?Always hovering in the darkness and fog, looking for a homeland of their own, who in the desolate desert playing the lute, heard disappeared away.    Part II: pray silently in the shade of sky-miss silently, the long arm of the church spiers touch the sky with.Some people move in sorrow, my heart’s blood are quiet, the stomach grass ah, ah meat, some of the unclean things are removed, in order to clean off day recently, in order to understand the thoughts of the soul.Devout men sat motionless, his head bowed.The elderly, there is youth, there is a little girl.I find an empty corner, the little open Bible on the table.I am not a religious man, it took me worship other gods, but not like you inside the “commandment people” this.Other precepts I have to follow the truth when.  Six years sow your fields, in the seventh year to rest, which is called in the rest, who have relaxed a stranger.After the people can not rest yet comfortable, but also after the rest of labor, but also with a reincarnation of it, so I understand, it’s that kind of set the.Sauna net God, you do not oppress an alien religion of the Jews, because they are also sojourned in Egypt, and they know how it feels heart.  God, my father was a stranger in you that I feel very comfortable, and I know the stranger’s heart, I will not oppress the stranger who, especially the poor and orphans, widows of those people, to hear their groaning.  I wanted to find a priest, talk.I know he would say to me, good or pious point.Long sit in the corner, a little cold, put the hat on clothes to wear, it is as a disciple.Before looking up to God, he is the uncle died, the cousin said: If believing in God, people have no pain.At that time always treat you as gods of the nations, belongs to the Jews, went to see the Buddha, after reading the Buddha found the door is open, the fee with great difficulty walking in a circle out of the back door only to find that a Buddhism.Later, his father passed away, I do not know where he went, I went, and later find you, you are my God.I firmly believe that your father was a stranger there, because Jesus Christ, you are not strange gods, and the gods are human.Desolately faint roof, I want to be close to you, put a lot of words to listen to you.If not say it, I tear it down first, and I bowed our heads in silence as a whimper.  Close the Bible, the church, days it began to rain, Lin Zhao green wall and green leaves, rain air like new to slightly wet, cool the pace of marching here, the sky is really a little cold, a little cold.    Part three: prayer, I use soul 1, pay homage, by the end of this autumn fall asleep, finally asleep.And I, like a patient suffering from uremia, the blood dialysis time, whether alive ten years Or twenty years, I have been unhealthy, like this fall, always go.Always sleep.  Warm, in the past time, indiscriminately rolled joy of weariness, climb the vicissitudes of the eye.You said that you wake up, wake up is a spring.I said, I’m tired.So I’m going to sleep.However, it just dragged on long tail of autumn, the same fear that I can not hear.Autumn, leaving a little tip, continues.I raised my palms gripping the day I do not know how many souls, standing quietly in the dark years each for their silence.  The reason why it is difficult to sleep, because I have severe insomnia.Insomnia, I put the word got clothes when sleeping pills.I hope I can sleep early.My heart, there is no reason not slightly raw so.  Morning, when I was reading, the warm sun through the windows overlooking the river, through the closed curtains of cotton linen, vigorously pouring in my face.I see myself in the sun, pale and lonely.I smiled to himself, strong and sad.At that moment, I think this eternal.  But, after all, time does not stop.The late autumn wind, cool, such as winter cloud, thick.Heart, suddenly grieved.In the torrent of life in.The dead youth, sit awake, little by little through my memory.My sorrow.Also, I have no reason lonely heart.  2, silence, waking early winter with three in the afternoon.I left my car in the inner ring road wear the right plug, rampage.Crazy traveling between traffic.Wind screwed into the car when overtaking, ostentatiously hitting my chest.Let me waves of nausea.I suddenly imagine the unrestrained in a sudden, all the cars rushing to me hysterical scene.  The phone rings, take me abruptly pulled out from the illusion.Her voice trembling slightly.She cried and told me he was dead.ICU ward in the hospital, he stayed for 11 days in pain, he was dead.  She has known him for 20 years.She loved him for 20 years.Love him, she can give up everything.The cause of the world, she can not.She also loved her as long as he.However, he does not love her.20 years, he only did one thing for her is that he let her tears flow for 20 years.  He was taken to the hospital because of a car accident in ICU.Before going to the hospital for a long time, he happily went to a unit of the ribbon-cutting project.Just after half a day, a speeding car suddenly opened the car hit him go, had a chance to respond, has been incredibly hard, bloody.  Who turned out to be very insignificant.No matter how much love, how much money, how many rights in this fast-paced world how much brilliant or dark.But at the moment everything will be too late to take away, left.In fact, originally, I can not take any.Those who belong to him and not his.We have left people not to go.I do not know, when people die, how many will feel regret.Or sad, or painful, or calm, or serenity.But these do not belong to him, including her 20-year love.  I do not know, in the end was beautiful paradise.It is not also full of joy, full of lust for power, full of interest, full of intrigues.  I was her classmate and his four-year, 20-year friend.He died, her death would love it?I worry for her.He is gone, the warning of life left me.So I began to miss his smile in the dark past.I smile, for his silence, wake up with the early winter, wish him well in heaven.  3, fleeing with ice-cold night in late autumn night so Qinliang’s.I put the bathtub filled with cold water, soak them.Gasp.Cold water spread of the body, like most of the strong feeling of touch.Each of ice-cold water to a cell bar was sore, and then slowly through each vessel depth bone marrow.After arriving Heart.Finally, finally in exchange for the body numb.  I do not know how long, I climbed out of the bathtub.This escape from a violent physical stimulus.  However, stimulation of the body can be easily obtained, can easily escape.Numb the mind, but it is difficult to wake up.  Barefoot wandering in the huge room, drops down on the cheek drops landed on the floor, dark lighting sprinkled on top An exceptionally attractive.A cup of thick enough bitter coffee, without sugar.Indulge in the bitter.  Some unknown unusually strange music, listening over and over again.Little by little they are filling the darkness of night.I can not tell I was in panic fear of death, or the destruction of his firm will to live.  A Paganini violin solo, sounded very proud of.Paganini can really kill the people from the fragile souls.His violin string, brisk but strange jump, like a sharp knife, gently and constantly flashing light.Walk in between, inadvertently, people cut tendons.And it’s the melody, but it is something to do with the ease proud.Joy and the unspeakable nature.  Paganini himself may not know, he is kills.I feel like every head of the tendons in his intermittent sound of the piano, a piece of the cruel cut.Sharp and crisp, full of pleasure succeed.  I can not sleep.therefore.  4, prayer, the more middle of the night with a value of more lonely soul.I think of him.In fact, he is not willing to abandon the world of incomplete.I choose not to go out the illusion of light and perfect flying.In fact, he is short-lived pain, in exchange for his everlasting silence.The world is still in order to continue its way incomplete.He can no longer responsible, you can remove the burden of life.In fact, he is happy.At least, I think.  But when she, as his family, friends after a piece of the road when he was hit, and what would be a heartbreak?  original.Death is not our imagination so poignant.Suddenly I feel that they are close to death.then.Imagine a day is doomsday.Think so.There will only be two effects.Or actively seek the few remaining time.Or decadent survive.and I?My tomorrow, I can not predict.I only have the power, too good today.Or ride one sad night in shallow sadness.Or at the touch of joy in a quiet back tomorrow to do a fantasy.  I would like to make the world a night full weave.But I did not do anything.Can your day, is it not the greatest happiness to?  I was in the faint light, tapping the keyboard, others that write these sad words.But I write, is itself happy.In the quiet of the night, I sent word lonely call, every word in prayer.  I’m burning stove in the room, the aroma, mixed with bergamot, lavender, and mint.These strong smell, very fresh and weird.I like the fresh taste.  There was a time, I could not write words to.My rule is struggling to survive ban hoop.I have written a number of memorable people and events.However, I rarely write something for myself, ode, elegy, I have never written.I do not like other people elegy for my writing no feelings.My soul shall be as bullish as China’s housing prices.  Control late autumn night, I was always very warm smile.I was in my hand and my heart felt sad.  I rarely dream.However, it is always the same dream start.The dream of the most beautiful flowers bloom very beautiful, I’ll have no money to open around the decoration of tile-roofed house.To me the luxury of decorative tile.I’m starting a soul and death on the price.  wake up.Dream traces of very shallow.I know we are all God’s good boy.We will be happy.  prayer!Because, I use soul.    Part Four: Prayer “fair” North Piao, southern Japan Korea, with the Department of Earth, but has a big difference.  Ice is formed on the basis of the cold, cold is well away from the sun; the sun as is sunny.  North fluttering snow, people are going out wrapped in a thick “blanket”, hurried in the snow-covered “desert” where, leaving deep footprints and “creak” sound.Sometimes vaguely can see the view from the snowman, surely must come from the South, showing yearning for snow from their eyes, and continues to show surprising snow, think snow magical appearance of joy.  Southland sunny, formal recreation good season, some lying on the beach, enjoying the warm sun bath; some sitting in the shade, roll fan cool air, playing chess, for Poetry text, tea drinking..  I am the North, the North too cold, although occasionally with the sun “shining”, but do not bring any good will on earth the most tragic thing in the world – cold under the sun.  Southland occasionally have a little cloudy and rainy, but you will not feel the slightest chill, warm gods never far away, it just opened a joke to leave, actually just hid in the clouds.  .North-South gap, beneath it “fair” moral!  Sun God, Ra, on behalf of the North of creatures you bow down to pray, a little warmth to the North, the North gave a bright sunshine!  Sun God, Ra, Northland Southland are your people, left in the North, southern right, add them at the same time in my arms.Please give the same rights as the people of the north and south!