Twelve constellation men’s favorite Pick up hot chicks way

Chasing girls is really a kind of knowledge. It should be a very long process to develop friends and lovers with a girl from strangers, or it can be said to be a very rare thing. Although Man Seeking Woman is separated by a mountain, there are still some people who can skillfully and quickly climb over the mountain and make good results.. Next, let’s take a look at the ways of the twelve constellation male Pick up hot chicks compiled by Xiao Bian ~ Aries male Aries male although they are stronger in character and willful and stubborn, but they think simply and easily fall in love.. They are not experts in love and do not know much about how to pursue girls. They will only express themselves in their most straightforward way, that is, they will treat her roughly, treat her well, and give each other what they think is good..   The impression given by Taurus male and Taurus male is probably more realistic, which can only show that you are not a person whom Taurus likes or a friend whom Taurus trusts.. The way Taurus men chase girls is to buy them from buy buy. As long as it’s what you like and want, Taurus will not be stingy and will buy them all for you. Taurus will take care of you in every way and will be infinitely kind to you. It will make you indulge him a little bit..   Gemini male Gemini male really loves to play, is willing to accept the fast-changing life rhythm, has the exploration desire to the surroundings all fresh things. Gemini boys’ pursuit of girls probably doesn’t make you live in fresh inside, take you to the movies, take you to sing, take you to every interesting place, etc.. Every moment that keeps you with him is novel..   Cancer Male Cancer Male’s offensive in pursuit of girls is also relatively mild. They like to have nothing to talk to you, to be with you, to share your joys and sorrows, and to occupy your heart bit by bit. When you haven’t noticed it, they become the people you rely most on and trust most. When you accept the result gladly, Cancer will blow the horn of victory and begin to tell the truth. Compared with forgive others but not yourself, Lion Male and Leo Boys are very Saving Face, and are generally unwilling to give in. However, if they really like a girl, they will become Custody and superheroes to protect you for you.. In their world of inside, you are a fairy, a princess and a queen. Holding it in your hand, inside is afraid of losing it, and holding it in your mouth is afraid of melting it..   Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. When a Virgo boy pursues a girl, he will pay attention to everything around you. He will pay attention to all the places where you can see your dynamics. He will then ponder your thoughts and your thoughts and try every means to let you see his existence. Moreover, their obsessive-compulsive disorder will make them insist on doing this..   Libra men libra men are easy-going and honest, approachable, your every move is flashing personality charm, they can always find the most convenient way to impress the girl’s heart, at the beginning, they will listen to the girl’s voice, like a bosom friend, he hopes everything is the best, every date with you, every gift to you is perfect, does this libra make you very enchanted?   Scorpio male Scorpio male possessive is really very strong, in Pick up hot chicks on the road to play incisively and vividly, if he likes you, you are all his goal, he wants to know Tutto parla di te, Scorpio male think only in-depth understanding, have the opportunity to further exchanges. They also want to tie themselves to the girl’s side, eat with shopping with, no matter what you want to do with, is so sweet!   Sagittarius Male Sagittarius Male Pick up hot chicks Way.. It’s countless. They know girls very well and even girls feel inferior to them. They can know the characteristics of the girl at a glance, thus knowing the girl’s preferences.. Sagittarius men’s sweet words can also make a girl intoxicated, so Sagittarius boys never lack a girlfriend..   Capricorn male Capricorn boys is realistic and stable. He always has the temperament of a veteran cadre. He has a plan for everything and everything should follow their plan. Capricorn boys likes a girl and will use all kinds of means, good or bad, as long as he can pursue everything and use it..   Aquarius Male Aquarius Male If he likes a girl, he will start with a friend, and he will appear as long as you need him.. Will take good care of the girl, let you feel very happy. No matter what you have, Aquarius Man will come out to help you solve it and take on all the responsibilities, but he will not give a sound quietly and give it silently..   Pisces men Pisces boys are more affectionate. They know how to win the favor of girls and how to show their love for girls. They will send a scarf when it is cold and your favorite food when you are hungry.. Pisces men know how to master every detail. As long as they are together, romantic surprises are everywhere.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.