What should I do when I meet my predecessor!

There is a key word in the recent news that is very hot eyes, “ex-tear” this must be a war with full slots. the actor will not be happy if the tear is not brilliant. let’s see what a twelve man should do if he meets his ex-tear.!   Aries, who has a rich history of love, will inevitably meet with his predecessor. The last love affair was not clean and left behind future troubles. The Aries man must also regret it. He can only find his predecessor and the two sides to make it clear. I hope they will not owe each other in the future.!   Taurus Taurus has always been cautious in dealing with relationships. The chances of encountering a former are relatively small, but who has no one’s chance? Taurus won’t panic even if he meets it. He will handle everything well so that he won’t leave a word behind..   Gemini’s predecessor came and Gemini had a headache when thinking about it. For Gemini, some women are simply unreasonable.. So, simply out of sight, also ignore her, just play missing.   Cancer Cancer Male will be shocked if he meets his predecessor who tore it open.. Hurry up and ask your predecessor to a small secluded corner. Whatever she says, Cancer Male will listen. Maybe Cancer Male will be moved by your predecessor. So you care so much about me?!   It is absolutely intolerable for Leo’s predecessor to tear up. As the saying goes, one cannot expose one’s dirty linen in public, and one wants to make it known to all.? The Lions Men’s Club will chop off a phone call. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you make any more noise, you’re welcome.!   Virgo is mad. Virgo’s emotional intelligence is low. Virgo will be mad when he meets his predecessor. One side is the current play and the other is the former’s clamor. Virgo’s head will explode. He will only make things more complicated..   Libra’s Former Open Tear? Libra men feel that in such a dog-blood war, they can only ask their predecessors what conditions they want. As long as they can accept it, they will accept it and spend money to buy it..   According to Scorpio’s high emotional intelligence, Scorpio meets its predecessor, which is a one-thousand-year wait.. Scorpio asks himself to say everything clearly when he breaks up, and then entangles himself. Okay, then we’ll see.. I will accompany you to play.   The Sagittarius Sagittarius is smart and unrestrained. When the Sagittarius meets his predecessor, is it still smart and unrestrained?? He can play the friendship card, we can break up and be friends, if there is anything I can help, don’t make things so ugly!   Capricorn is a person with very strong family values. The ex-wife will definitely affect the present love. No matter what, Capricorn will always accompany the current wife and do a good job of comforting her..   Aquarius Aquarius chose to stand on the current side in the tear meeting of his predecessor, united with her and always supported her decision. What else could it be?   Pisces Sometimes, Pisces just wishes the world would be in chaos. If his predecessor tore it apart, who would come to bbk with stronger skills?. Anyway, no one can stop me from pursuing love.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.