The Depression Index Ranking of twelve Constellation

Over the past two days, the term depression has received extensive attention, and we feel very sorry for what has happened.. Today, let’s look at the depression index list of twelve constellation from the perspective of constellation, and remind everyone to pay more attention to their family and friends, because company is the best gift.!   Top 12: Leo lions have always been unable to restrain the burning fire in their hearts. when the lion gets angry, the lion will ask, “where is my bomb?”? I’m going to blow up this son of a bitch! “People bombed by lions will be depressed!   Top 11: Aries in terrible anxious: Aries should cry whenever they want, laugh whenever they want, be angry whenever they want and never relent when they want to get angry. You have to say anything when you can’t help it. Drinking and singing are all right when you let it out..   Top 10: Sagittarius I am a Sagittarius loved by everyone. The world is so beautiful, handsome men and beautiful women are blind, and I can’t play with them. There is no room for depression.!   Top 9: Aquarius Aquarius If you have unhappy things, you will divert your attention to things that interest you, and you will usually recover quickly..   Top 8: Gemini, I Change, I Change! Gemini’s mood is as changeable and unpredictable as his people’s, so he won’t let himself be affected by bad emotions.!   Top 7: Libra Beautiful Libra is always in good weather. When it comes to heavy blows or major choices, it usually hurts a lot. Friends should pay attention to it.   Top 6: Taurus Niu Niu is usually a slow-burning cow, and it is not easy to confide in others. Although she is sometimes optimistic and casual, she may have a lot of thoughts hidden in her heart..   Top 5: Cancer’s sensitive cancer has some soft spots that cannot be touched, such as family members or especially important friends. If they are hurt, the cancer will be hit very hard, even unable to walk out..   Top 4: Pisces’ vulnerability is manifested in all aspects, and it is sensitive and affectionate. It is the kind that all emotions can be expressed, but it is too unbearable to be hurt, and it is easy to be influenced by emotions if you are too fond of crying..   Top 3: Scorpio: It may be hard for you to see a Scorpio who loses control of her temper. Even if she is hurt by 10,000 points, she will not show up on her face. She will only shed tears at night..   Top 2: Virgo’s ultra-strict standards often drive her crazy. It’s very difficult for Virgo to be particularly satisfied and happy. Long-term unhappiness can also lead to depression..   Top 1: Capricorn is a very kind Capricorn. He will be very sad whether others are hurt or he is hurt. Although he doesn’t show it, his heart is already in turmoil. When he is alone, he will be more depressed.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.