The glory of the king Characters in twelve Constellation

The following contents of Aries: Xiang Yu’s Aries people can be summed up in one sentence as hot-tempered hot-blooded talents. They are frank, frank, generous, impulsive and careless. Completion is the only choice for their established goals. Aries people do not give themselves other choices and have strong determination and perseverance.. Such characteristics all point to Xiang Yu, who is fearless in charge, can push the enemy away and bravely protect his teammates..   Taurus: The real Taurus in Taiyi are conservative and slow-heating. They are not impetuous and rash. They are always steady and progressive step by step. They are conformist, do not like changes and are stubborn.. At the same time, they are also pragmatic and pursue the beauty of the material world, such as money and food.. The real person in Taiyi is Nezha’s teacher, knowledgeable and gentle in character.. Moreover, the passive saving of money by real people in Taiyi is quick, diligent and hard-working, and is a steady aid..   The following contents of Gemini: Zhang Liang Gemini is often in a state of unconstrained style. They are courageous, possess extraordinary delicacy, and are easily infected by people around them.. Zhang Liang, who has a lot of control skill, can consume each other and can quickly decide whether to give control skill. His strong logical ability enables Gemini to judge the enemy’s position very effectively and consume each other’s blood volume before or during group warfare..   Cancer’s following content: Sun Bin Cancer values emotion, is a solid person, and does not act rashly.. Bin Sun, the assistant, won’t fight with you, won’t fight with wild monsters and heads. He can help you in times of crisis and help you silently. When you are in crisis, he will give you an accelerated throw to the other side, help you get out of dangerous places, and will immediately stand up and sacrifice himself when you are in danger..   The following is the content of Leo: Sun Wukong’s Leo personality is clear and crisp, with flame-like enthusiasm.. The monkey is a hero with three sticks and one person. He is completely at odds with your nonsense. He is clean and neat.. In the game, it can always lead the rhythm, can burst into strong power, does not flinch when the war is at a disadvantage, and leads its teammates upstream to win..   Virgo’s following content: Virgos in The Story Of Diu Sim are too perfectionist, meticulous and picky in their work, and even find fault. They are kind and sincere, modest and prudent, and like to be strict with themselves. They can take care of themselves in an orderly way in both life and work.. The Story Of Diu Sim had a high explosive output in the group war, but it did high damage by flashing back and forth, making opponents unable to catch the sleeves. Perhaps this is their mental cleanliness.   Libra: Shangxiang Sun Libra is flexible and ambitious. Shangxiang Sun is a hero who eats equipment very much. Only after the equipment is formed can he do huge damage. Therefore, when he is pressed in the early stage, Shangxiang Sun usually chooses to develop silently, be flexible and stretch. In the later stage, the equipment is formed into one gun and one head..   Scorpio: Scorpio people in Yue Mi are gloomy, reserved, mature, cautious, possessive and vindictive. They are easily offended.. Yue Mi is a hero who plays in a strange and feminine way. He deceives the other side with all kinds of shifting tricks and tricks. It’s a cinch to deceive the other side..   Sagittarius: Li Bai Sagittarius has strong self-esteem and adaptability, and will deal with difficulties in an orderly way.. As a strong Jungler, Li Bai can not only come and go freely in the opposition areas, but also save the world in group warfare. At the same time, as the embodiment of justice, he can always cut in at the critical time to drive away the obscene source of evil..   Capricorn: Wang Zhaojun Capricorn doesn’t like publicity and is realistic. Capricorn heroes have the determination to assist their teammates, but their own survival ability is especially poor. They must determine the position of each other’s core output when fighting in a group, otherwise they will probably be regarded as the first target. Wang Zhaojun has strong spell control ability and can support his teammates in the rear..   Aquarius, Han Xin-Aquarius people show a state of alternating enthusiasm and apathy in their appearance. They are quiet as a virgin and move like rabbits, and can be released and released freely.. Is a very jumpy, maverick constellation. Han Xin, the hero, can play with the three-way, all kinds of broken lines, Back Door, and can’t play until there is no bottom line. Aquarius is so fickle..   Pisces: Wu Yen Pisces is humble, compassionate and patient. Pisces Hero is the most obedient hero in the game, who can obey the command and complete the task well.. Wu Yen can be the first to protect his teammates by petrifying them when they need help most. Such a good teammate must be Pisces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.