What does twelve do when it can’t sleep??

People always have Stressed Out, when it is difficult to fall asleep.. So how does twelve usually spend the long night?? Come with me to see what twelve is doing when she can’t sleep.!   Aries, who can’t sleep at night, wants to fall asleep very much, and usually chooses the most direct way to make himself fall asleep, that is to make a shot.! After Sexual intercourse, he slept like a cow.   Taurus can’t sleep. Taurus is usually a little hungry at this time, so he is determined to go downstairs to eat Lu string, sit on the bench of the stall, Lu string a mouthful of beer, and be happy like a fairy..   Gemini likes to talk. Gemini can’t sleep at night and harasses his best friend.. Ask your best friend to chat with you, or use your cell phone to fight on QQ. The more exciting the fight, the happier Gemini will be..   Cancer can’t sleep cancer thought since can’t sleep, then get up and tidy up your room, so drag everything out and fold it up slowly..   Leo Sahar el layaly, who feels so handsome that he can’t sleep, will jump up, take various selfies with his mobile phone, take his most handsome angle, and fly up to play selfies..   Virgo virgo literary virgo can’t sleep at night, will pick up the pillow thick literary classics such as the bible to read, and felt and wrote poetry.   When Libra can’t sleep, it will turn on the jukebox, and elegant classical music will flow around. Libra is like this. Even if you can’t sleep, you should be elegant..   Scorpio Scorpio will go through the history of all social accounts in her boyfriend’s microblog space and immediately call her boyfriend to wake him up for an explanation when she sees a strange account leaving a message for her boyfriend..   Since Sagittarius can’t sleep, Sagittarius chooses to call up his friends’ nightclub and cheer up.. Get up when you can’t sleep. Hi! Long night is the need for excitement and fun..   Capricorn can’t sleep in the middle of the night. Capricorn’s heart is still tied to work. Capricorn will sit at the desk, reflect on the mistakes in his work and make a great plan for his life.!   Aquarius Aquarius will go to the balcony and look up at the stars, fantasizing about what kind of things are hidden in the universe and the stars, and thinking about when a UFO will pick him up..   Pisces has already staged a dramatic love soap opera with itself as the leading role in the brain, savoring the pain and sweetness of Imagine’s love. Pisces’ brain hole soap opera can perform for one night.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.