What does twelve say in her sleep?

Sometimes people will unconsciously talk in their sleep, and the content of the talk in their sleep often has everything. Do you want to know what the twelve constellation will say in their sleep?? Then come and have a look!   When Aries talks in his sleep, he reads as follows: suddenly he gets up and yells, “my cock is hungry and thirsty.”. “,not the kui is a normally energetic sexual desire strong Aries, say talk in a dream is so high energy.   Taurus said in his sleep: “It’s delicious, ha . ha, I can’t eat any more.”. “Taurus, who loves delicious food, also doesn’t know which delicious shop he dreamed of and what he was eating in dream inside.   When Gemini talks in his sleep, he uses male voice to say, “sister, what’s your name, please?”? “Then she changed into a female voice:” My name is Xiaomei. “Precisely divided Gemini estimate is doing what seduce a sister’s dream.   When Cancer talks in his sleep, the following is said: With a wave of his arm: “Move aside, everyone.”! Let me use my bargaining skills.! “Not the kui is a type of cancer at home, life skills have been full, dream also thinking about buying vegetables bargain.   Leo said in his sleep: “Follow your eldest brother and eat meat every day.”. “Leo in dream inside is also very domineering, but this seems to be the plot of the Mafia in recruit younger brother.   When Virgo talks in his sleep, he reads as follows: “Teacher, you are wrong in solving this problem.”! “,next to the mouth owe answered:” what’s wrong, you can you up! “Virgo student bully returned a word:” cut. “Libra said the following when talking in his sleep: in his dream, he shouted the names of other girls, followed by words of confession, sincere words, intense emotions, tears, and emotion, but this is not the point, the point is that he changed three names in one night..   When Scorpio talks in his sleep, he turns over and suddenly groans, “Xiao Bai . don’t . don’t. “Murphy is doing what gnome male-“,the dream? It is really color.   Sagittarius said the following when talking in his sleep: the tone is intense, “I will tell you not to talk to this bitch about the object, what do you think, cheating! “Big night dream inside in education of his friends Sagittarius.   When Capricorn talks in his sleep, he suddenly sits up and slaps his friend casually: “Get up at 8 o’clock.”! “It’s already 8 o’clock,” a friend hit Capricorn’s face with his cell phone. Capricorn looked at the time: 5 o’clock and fell asleep.   Aquarius said the following in his sleep: anxious tone: “who saw my head?”? Where’s my head? “What is The Headless Horseman’s dream? It’s hard to find a change in dream inside..   When Pisces talks in his sleep, he shakes his head from side to side in agony. “Don’t leave me, please, what’s the good of teaching assistants?”? “and then covered with a quilt sobbing voice, dream is also doing the slag dog blood romantic dream. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.