Twelve constellation lack of love index ranking!

The following is a list of lack of love Index of twelve constellation for dear friends! When it comes to lack of love, it is because many poor children have not been loved by their parents since childhood. When they grow up, they are especially eager to be loved. I hope all children can be doubly loved.!   Top 12: Leo’s domineering Leo has nothing to do with lack of love’s feeling of being weak. Leo strong will is confident and his dream blueprint is greater than anyone else. All he needs to do is understand his supporters..   Top 11: Gemini Gemini is full of all kinds of Funny Fellows’s ideas. Sometimes I really think the big Gemini should go to see a psychologist.. But the next second, he became very normal, very reliable, take him can find no way out.   Top 10: Virgo is definitely one of the constellations capable of Self-reliance. Everything in life, big and small, can be arranged in perfect order and is a perfect detail control.. There is no need to worry about it at all!   Top 9: Capricorn Capricorn is a person who is locked up and immersed in his own world.. You said he lacked love, in fact Capricorn lived better than anyone else. He knew everything, big and small, and he was also a reliable person..   Top 8: Scorpio Scorpio has a cool exterior and a strong heart, and will not show weakness on its own initiative, and will find ways to solve any difficulties encountered.. But in the dead of night, I still need company..   Top 7: Libra Libra looks a little money-hungry, but Libra, hidden under material needs, also longs for someone to understand his inner world.. Sometimes, just need those things to kill loneliness.   Top 6: Taurus is born with pessimistic mood. Under its calm and pragmatic appearance, Taurus is often shrouded by loneliness.. He is eager to open his heart, but he cannot express it. He needs someone to knock on Taurus’ heart..   Top 5: Aquarius Aquarius is a bit of a maverick and will not fit in well with others. When you get along with others, you are very concerned about your position in their hearts.. ; Paying too much attention to other people’s feelings is a sign of lack of love..   Top 4 Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a free-wheeling Sagittarius who seems careless and doesn’t care about those loving children. In fact, they attach great importance to love and righteousness.. The care of others often moves the archer very much. He needs to be loved too much..   Top 3: Cancer’s Sensible Cancer is often caught up in a worrying mood and often cares about other people’s opinions. Paper Heart Ling is vulnerable and needs someone to accompany her all the time..   Top 2: Aries naive and simple Aries, seemingly brave and fearless, but actually vulnerable. When he is hurt outside, he needs the comfort of his lover most..   Top 1: Pisces is inherently sensitive and affectionate. Endless love is like the air on which Pisces lives.. Fish cannot live without water.. Pisces cannot live without love.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.