Twelve constellation Fat House Ranking Edition, where are you?

I believe everyone has such a kind of people around them, except for work, who stay at home.. Other people’s holidays may be various parties and tours, but for them, their holidays are always at home. Such people are called fat houses.. Then, who among the twelve constellations is called fat house?? Let’s take a look at today’s twelve constellation Fat House Ranking Edition!   First Cancer For Cancer, the happiest thing in the world is to eat, sleep and rest.. As long as every vacation comes, it is the happy fat Staycation that belongs to Cancer.. At this time, you don’t need to think about going out with cancer, because the cancer vacation only needs air-conditioning wifi watermelon and the same sofa in Ge You to satisfy cancer.. Cancer with special feelings for home can go to in days of old at home..   The second Taurus Niu Niu is not only a chowhound, but also very fond of stillness.. He would never move if he could not, and he would never sit if he could lie down.. Taurus is very afraid of trouble, and staying at home, not only can follow one’s inclinations, and also don’t have to consider what kind of planning to go out, and most importantly, for Taurus, don’t go out = don’t spend money. For Niu Niu, which values money, saving money is the king’s way..   Third Pisces If you want to use one word to describe Pisces, it is definitely the following: lazy! Those who have not lived with Pisces cannot imagine how lazy Pisces is.. In addition to moving your mouth when eating, closing your eyes when sleepy and pursed your buttocks when going to the toilet, you should not expect them to move at other times.! I like to stay at home and eat all the time.. Not even if you refuse to obey!   The fourth Capricorn, who has always been quiet, does not like too much useless socializing and, in his view, it will only restrain himself.. So they don’t like being tied down. Of course, they choose to stay at home and lead an unrestrained life.! This is the most comfortable for them.. However, Capricorn, who is motivated and responsible, will not stay at home all the time, but fat is always there.!   The natural elegance of the fifth Libra Libra is still recognized by everyone, but at the same time his laziness is undeniable.! When they have to go out when it is not necessary, they all choose to be lazy at home, except sleeping and playing with their mobile phones.. Between eating and not eating, they will definitely choose to eat. But if they were to be allowed to choose not to go to a place, his answer would definitely be no.. Fat house is capricious.!   Although Gemini Gemini is lazy, his laziness does not last forever.. When Gemini feels great pressure, he will give himself a proper vacation.. At this time, he will slow down his pace of life and enjoy his own slow time at home, which is very comfortable for Gemini.. When he is lazy to a certain extent, he will suddenly realize that he seems to be too idle, and he will end his lazy cancer life.!   Seventh Leo Although Leo seems to be a person with great leadership and social skills, it just hasn’t stimulated his potential as a fat house yet.. You know, if a lion can stay at home for a month, he can do it too.. And in the company of several friends, daily conversations will make him feel very happy.. So when the lion’s potential is stimulated, how lazy and lazy should he be!   The eighth Virgo’s pursuit of perfection is manifested not only in his demands on himself and the people around him, but also in the fat house.. In other words, Virgo should be a fat house and also a perfect fat house.. The sea of people during the holiday can be the reason why he became a fat house.. But for Virgos with plans, staying at home is also a way for them to reflect on their life.!   The ninth Aquarius Aquarius stays at home because there is something that interests him so much that he forgets to eat and sleep at home.. For example, if he is interested in a play, then he will definitely chase it to in days of old.! Don’t doubt, they really have this kind of perseverance.. However, since ancient times, water bottles have a high color value, while fat is rare. Homes are real..   No.10 Sagittarius Sagittarius is naturally bohemian and loves freedom, which everyone knows.! Sagittarius, who likes adventure and is curious about everything in the outside world, certainly cannot stay at home quietly.. The fire sign has a very low probability of becoming a fat house. They can’t stand always ordering takeout at home, so shooters always do all kinds of homework in Internet celebrity stores. That’s what attracts shooters most.!   The eleventh Aries, an optimist by nature, likes to play like a child. It can be said that he has nothing to do with homestyly.! He wanted to travel thousands of miles every day, where there is good food and fun, he must be the first to rush out. As long as he feels happy, he can even spend 24 hours a day surfing.!   The 12th Scorpio Scorpio hates fat houses and does not like to be fat houses..Although he looks so cold that it is hard to get close to him and does not like to socialize, he cannot always stay at home.. At the same time, he is also a constellation that pays great attention to his appearance.. He couldn’t bear to become a fat man.! When he is free, he will find himself a variety of things to do.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.