Twelve constellation is kiss’s reaction, especially want to try Scorpio ~

If the twelve constellations are suddenly pressed against the wall, kiss, how will they react? Come and take a look at them, especially those who want to try Scorpio. What about you.   Aries Either give you another kiss or slap, don’t ask me how I know, my face still hurts a little now..   Taurus Taurus stared at the bull’s eye when it crashed on the spot, froze… Live… The Gemini was spitting technique is too bad, alas, it was a battle-hardened+poisonous words Gemini Cancer Cancer Cancer, blushing and covering her mouth Leo, in turn, was Leo embrace continue to kiss, hey, this operation is wrong Virgo Virgo brush your teeth immediately, spit, alas, I have no poison.   Libra Libra looks shy, but her eyes have already revealed her nature, and she is secretly enjoying herself. Scorpio, a really annoying goblin, is being tackled by Scorpio. She is so shy that Sagittarius licks her lips. Capricorn will be stuck for 1 minute, 10 minutes and 1 hour.   Aquarius ha? Aquarius must be silly. wait for a while asked why he kissed Pisces and Pisces started giggling. This. This is not a fool, is it