: “If you do not want, you reject me.”

  Su Yuan hesitated a voice: “I.Well.”
  Just say a “I” word, the mouth was blocked Fu raw cold, dry wipe before being eaten, Su Yuan stumbled want, how he came again this move, obviously refused to give her the opportunity, just as the original she wants to try with him a debt of gratitude, he said, gave her the opportunity to go back, he said he wanted the opportunity, but never had honored.
  The next day.
  Su Yuan to the studio, a large summer to the neck with a scarf, but fortunately the play occurs in the fall, with nothing more than illegal and scarves.Until the back seating area, Gujiu An analysis of Su Yuan hot sweat on the forehead discontent, hand grabbed the edge of the piece of scarf, “so hot, what with a scarf -”
  I do not know what to see, looking for a stiff Gujiu An.
  He is not ignorant of what boys and girls, do not see where anything mottled red marks on his neck printed Su Yuan, he raised his eyes to the Su Yuan awkward reddish face, eye to help calm Su Yuan compiled scarves, good cover the traces of those ambiguous.
  Gujiu An Su Yuan did not expect a sudden move her scarf, boom! They blushed.
  ”That one.”
  She tried to ease the awkward opening, I do not know what to say.
  Gujiu An fairly calm voice, asked: “