A hot search, several micro-channel group ringing message also.Circle of friends know her experience, waiting for her to return home to visit.

  She replied one by one by one, followed by another message is received Shen Jun meaning: “Brother, like peace, I will not come to visit you, lest you gave a non-trick, after all, your body has more than enough non.”
  Sheng Joe: “.Okay thank you.”
  Liang Xiaotang squirt wow cried aloud, and said: “Jojo You’re Starchaser sector model, model workers highest charting sector.I see you even recent data did not fall this time, hum hum really for you to tears.”
  Sheng Joe did not dare tell her it was all to play their own Horch.
  On the way to friends message handling, the car is also open to the nursing home.Sheng Sheng told Joe early mother made a phone call, the car, I saw Sheng mother standing at the door, saw her, tears suddenly came down.
  Sheng mother not go very fast, limping, but still walked quickly walked up to her, hugged her.Sheng Joe wiped his tears for her, choking back tears, consolation: “Mom, I’m fine ah.”
  Sheng mother cried speechless.
  The thing everyone around her fear for a while, have reported a square white martial arts classes began to learn fighting.Joe Chung Sheng met with them deep, Jia went to visit the parents, and so this series of things that have been processed, into the group already after four days.